How to Start Profitable Dropshipping From Aliexpress – WordPress Tutorial

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You’re among the others looking for alternative ways of making money online, Dropshipping from Aliexpress with zero capital start-up and beginner friendly.

DropShipping from Aliexpress is perfect business models, that didn’t require physical store, inventory or huge capital to start the business.

Dropshipping from Aliexpress

Recently the United States have witnessed an increment online store and small business in which most of the store is dropshipping store from either WooCommerce or Shopify store.

Thereby changing their shopping behaviours most preferred to purchase products from online stores rather than a physical store.

According to McKinsey Global Institute survey, the United States has increased 49% in the last 35 years – U.S. Small Business Administration also reports that more than 500,000 adults in the USA started their businesses each month in 2014.

Therefore we can utilize the population up to 162 million people across Europe and the United States (which is 20-30% of the whole working age population) are involved in some kind of independent work to start our own drop shipping business model.

Are you tired of the annoying charges of shopify store and would like to move to Create a professional Woo Commerce and save money. Then you read this article till the end will and it will work well for you.

What does Dropshipping mean?

Dropshipping is profitable and quick growing an online business. Its supply chain management model in which retailers don’t have to worry about managing their own inventory.

You’re going to use a Wholesaler who offers Drop Shipping you don’t have to worry about stocking or shipping products.

Instead, when you get an order from a customer on your website, you will purchase the products from the wholesalers or supplier and they ship it directly to the customer.

Thus your main task is to promote your supplier’s products and earn a handsome commission on arbitrage. Dropshippers work as intermediaries between the suppliers and customers.

This means you, as a retailer, can sell a variety of products without ever having to stock any inventory whatsoever. This makes drop shipping very appealing for new, small, home-based online businesses without location restriction.

How DropShipping from Aliexpress works

Dropshipping involves the supplier, the dropshipping store, and the customer. It’s follows through 5 Main process;

How dropshipping work
Image source is Credited to Oberlo

Step #1.

You (drop shipper) post pictures, and descriptions of your Aliexpress suppliers product on an online platform (your shopify or woo commerce website)

Step #2.

Drive traffic to your webstore and get customers interested in your product, places orders and pay for it

Step #3.

Fulfill your order in supplier store who stock this product, placed the same with the customer shipping details

Step #4.

Supplier will shipped directly with your customer address.

Step #5.

The Customer will receive the package and the deal is complete

What are the benefits of this type of online business?

1. Minimizes Risk: dropshipping from Aliexpress minimizes risk of stocking and organize inventories money does not need to be paid upfront to acquire the inventory, you can gain access to virtually unlimited inventory.

2. Beginner Friendly: dropshipping don’t really require website as you can sell at high-traffic marketplaces such as, or other online marketplaces. But advance dropshipping from Aliexpress requires you setting your woocommerce store.

3. Low Starting Cost: You can start selling without a lot of early investment because you don’t have to buy wholesale or cover the cost of manufacturing your own products.

3. Reduce Rate damaged: The number of goods that get damaged during shipment is generally lower when using drop shipping because it reduces the number of times that the product has to change hands

4. Reach Global Audience; Dropshipping means that your store is based on an online platform, or ideally, on your own website. With dropshipping your business gets an international reach – you can connect with any person in any place in the world, no matter how far away they live or what language they speak.

5. No Location Barrier. Since you do have your personal stock of items you can easily work from home in any location – you don’t depend on any location, anybody can dropship including Africa, Europe Asia North America ……..

6. Lower Shipping costs: shipping method like e-pocket and others give you access to better shipping rates through a drop shipper than you would as a small business shipping your own packages e.g e-pocket

7. Scalability: droppshipping from Aliexpress to give you the ability to test products and add new ones quickly without bearing the burden of ordering in bulk and having something fail (which ties up valuable time and capital expenditure).

What is Aliexpress and why you choose to Dropshipping from Aliexpress?

AliExpress is the one biggest international e-commerce platform arm of the Chinese retailing giant AliBaba, aiming to challenge online giants like Amazon and eBay.

AliExpress offers items at very low prices compared to its competitors like Amazon and eBay stores.

AliExpress shopping

They offer free and cheap prices rate worldwide free shipping which make the platform’s prefect for DropShipping business models

What features make  Dropshipping from Aliexpress suitable for dropshipper?

  • Dropshipper can import a wide range of products from Aliexpress to their own store.
  • Aliexpress offers their customers with the worldwide latest trending products.
  • Aliexpress offers a lot of cheap and best prices products.
  • They have several options of easy shipping method like Free worldwide shipping (UPS, FedEx, DHL) e-pocket for USA Residents and other first tier countries.
  • Dropshipper also have option to choose have a lot trusted, reliable and top rated suppliers to dropship from Aliexpress
  • AliExpress offers items at very low prices compared to its competitors like Amazon and eBay stores.

What is Woo Commerce? And why can it be interesting for dropping stores?

Woo Commerce is version of Content Management System online store platform by powered WordPress suitable for the creation of online store without any knowledge of coding or web development.

The Woo commerce themes and plugins are integrated to WordPress to give perfect design and customization to the store owners.

Woo Commerce store is perfect and best alternative to shopify store because of easy customization, easy access to millions of free and paid themes and full control of webstore that is easy to manage.

WooCommerce Aliexpress

Do you want to start dropshipping from aliexpress with lowest cost and avoid hidden charges of shopify store? If yes then Woo Commerce is most financial independence security store to start with, since you don’t need upfront capital to purchase goods from Aliexpress, you only contact the supplier and purchase the necessary item when an order is placed by a customer, and you ask them to deliver the item by your client’s address.

With the integration of WordPress to WooCommerce store there is higher chances of making 3x profits on your dropshipping business since you are not paying over $500+ like that of shopify for monthly fees, apps charges and others. This mean you can set up your functional and high converting web store with little capital.

You’re only paying small amount of on time fees payment for using woocommerce to push your business begins.

How to Start WooCommerce Profitable Dropshipping from Aliexpress Business Model

In general, I can argue accurately that WooCommerce store always give high conversion rates and profit margins,

WooCommerce dropshipping webstore

because WordPress resources give access to thousands of themes and plugins that help your outstanding ecommerce store and automate the dropshipping process.

Thus creating successful Dropshipping From Aliexpress store requires the following

  • Finding your Niche
  • Choosing your Niche Domain and Hosting Provider.
  • Installation of WordPress CMS Builders
  • Installation of Themes and Plugin
  • Import Products from Aliexpress
  • Promote your Website on Different platforms.
  • Fulfillment of Orders and Make Money

Finding your Niche

Choosing winning products for DropShipping business requires careful effort, there several methods to find winning product but I will recommend few of them

1. AliExpress search engines is one the toots to find your winning product just input your keywords to determine the number of monthly search, orders and trending products

2. Another method of product research is to choose products to sell on your store base the popularity and the yearly searching trends, tools like Google trends helps to determine keywords people are searching for from different countries of the world

3. The recent method of product research is the used Facebook search engine and pixels that recommend what products successful dropshipper website are advertising for Facebook. Some of recommend to search on Facebook are 50% today, Free shipping worldwide, et.c

4. My last recommendation is to determine your competitors, and top sellers products from other Giant e-commerce stores like Amazon, and eBay stores. There is high chance those sellers products maybe become winning products for you webstore.

Choosing your Niche Domain and Hosting Provider

Domain Names.
Purchase a unique domain name that is related to you niche, containing most of products keyword and easy to memorized by the customer. It’s better to avoid long domain names (2-3 words is good for business brand) Domain name is very important to any business, it tend to attract more customers customer to your store so you should choose your domain carefully. I am personally recommending HostGator Hosting and Free Domain because the company offers better deals of Free domain Name, SSL certificate, company Email hosting. you’re only paying for hosting services at Cheaper price, it helps you to save money on domain, ssl and business names and finally the hosting get you unlimited SSD, Cpanel to have full control of your website, Unlimited traffic and fast loading sites.


Choosing hosting providers requires reliable, high performance and affordable providers, because it determine your website loading speed and amount of traffic on your store, in turn increase conversion rate and sale. Among companies that offer best hosting services are

Installation of WordPress CMS Builders

Install WordPress
WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that you should install on your web server (hosting).

Installation of Themes and Plugin

Perhaps you might be wondering if you it’s possible to build professional store, without any knowledge of coding or web development? Obviously AliDropship Plugin offers you a comprehensive set of features that allow you to easily design and customize a professional and successful drop shipping web store, without web development knowledge or coding experience.

The plugin come with a lot of great features which other woo commerce plugin has not been able to offer till now with the Alidropship plugin you can easily search for any product on your webstore or Aliexpress, and easily import everything including the product description, product catalog, product pictures and product Reviews and more to your to your store with just one click, by specifying categories, keywords, purchase volumes and other filtering options to find the best products. The desired product will appear on your site instantly

Import Products from Aliexpress

After successful installation and setup of AliDropship Plugin on your webstore you can easily import any products from Aliexpress to your, there are no limits on the number or type of products you can add to your store.

hope you want to make online money online with CPA Marketing Learn CPA Marketing Ultimate Guide for Beginners 2019

However, successful dropshipping start from choosing right and reliable suppliers, in general, you are to choose suppliers with at least over 300 orders and a 4+or higher rating and e-pockets delivery (16-30) maximum. So you also can able to offer your customers Free shipping.

In addition, I highly recommend look for cheap products ranging from $1-$10 so you will able to sell ×3 of the Aliexpress prices on your store to increase your profits margin.

Promote your Website on Different platforms.

Building the world best store doesn’t guarantee you to get instant, even though it increases customers trust whenever they visit your store but the promotion of your store the potential customers interested in your product only allows instant sale and profit.

So what are the most converting channels to promote your business? Before choosing a niche it’s very important to understand the audience you want to target for the product you want to sell, so that you will not end up wasting your time and money.

The research has shown that every channel can be used to drive a lot sales to you WooCommerce store, among the channels highlighted below

AliExpress dropshipping promotion

SEOSearch Engine Optimization activities such as listing your website to search engines, optimize all the pages on your website and building high Authority back link your store to get better chances of Google ranking.

SMMSocial Media Marketing, activity such gaming a lot of traffic from social media site like Facebook, Twitter, pinterest, Instagram e.t.c

Facebook AdvertisingIt’s involved mainly the creation of Facebook Fan page for your business, paid ways of promoting your business on Facebook which is the most converting for DropShipping business models.

Email Marketingis one the cheapest method of promoting your webstore by targeting or re-targeting your both new and already existing customers. E.g sending coupons to all abounding cart customers.

Video Marketingaccording to Facebook Research is the video marketing is the most converting in any business because it allows you to generate instant emotional content with your audience and there is the urgency to buy your products.

Fulfillment of Orders and make money.

The fulfillment of order is simply the process of placing an order on Aliexpress with your customers name and details. He/she must have placed other on our own webstore.

Even this manual fulfillment process is very easy and fast, but the problem solving Alidropship Plugin it help to place the order automatically with just one click, it will redirect you to Aliexpress suppliers of that particular products and filling in you customers details and this important note we are dropshipping pls, don’t include any invoice or promotion materials in this packagewhich you would have done manually.

With this plugin, it’s has covered a lot dropshipping from aliexpress plugin you will have purchased like Reviews importer from Aliexpress, Counter Down timer, Tracking code plugin, and more of important plugin for DropShipping store.

So you are good to, you keep accumulating your profits without owning inventory or physical store because your suppliers will shipped the product directly to your customers as if you are the supplier of the product.

What is the best payment gateway for WooCommerce Dropshipping From Aliexpress Store?


Stripe is fastest growing payment gateway for both shopify and woocommerce business of all time to reach a billion dollar valuation. Stripe has no setup fees, no monthly fees, and no hidden costs. Pricing is approx. 2.9% and an additional 30 cents per transaction.

But limited to some countries although unsupported countries can create LLC in USA to enable use strip on their webstore, non USA residents can Read on how to create USA and Multiple Banks account to withdraw stripe payments.


PayPal – the most reputable and trustworthy payment gateway, is highly recognized among e-business professionals and non-professionals but prone to limitations and flagging of accounts if account received huge payment.

Authorize was founded in 1996. Come a long way to being known as one of the most sought-after payment gateways. You need to pay $49 as setup fees and $29 as monthly gateway fees

2Checkout has been in business for 15 years, and was founded in 1999. With hosted checkout and API options, accepts online payments all over the world.

What is Best WordPress Plugins for Dropshipping From Aliexpress Store?

Using automated WordPress plugins to help you handle all the necessary task in your dropshipping business models like fulfillment of orders, importation of products or Reviews from Aliexpress etc is the key to having a profitable dropshipping business.

Even through there are thousands of WordPress plugin for WooCommerce dropshipping out there , but the best among all the plugin is the Alidropship Plugin having thousands of customers satisfactory Reviews and active installation.

Thus have take our time to comprehensively reviewed this plugin if it’s good for dropshipping From Aliexpress,
You can check out our Alidropship WooCommerce dropshipping Reviews below

What are the unique benefits of alidropship?

Alidropship plugin is all in one plugin developed to provide comprehensive solutions dropshipping from Aliexpress some of it unique benefit of AliDropship plugin:

  • Affordable price without any impediments
  • Completely perfect with WooCommerce
  • Basic and easy to understand interface
  • Simple product search and instant upload
  • Live details and auto updating
  • Built-in themes optimized for high transformations
  • Free long lasting help and updates.
  • Import products effectively
  • Fulfil orders quickly
  • Automatic customer order following
  • Automatic product data update
  • Inventory management
  • Brush tools to Remove suppliers Logo or banner
  • Import Reviews from Aliexpress to your webstore

Are You Ready to Start Your Dropshipping From Aliexpress Business Today?

Do you want to start drop shipping business today? And you will like to use this powerful plugin to build your professional store, you can use this special link buy Alidropship Plugin to save 15% off today and apply this coupon STARTER15 so that you will save $13.35 out $89 actual plugin Price

Or you can hire me to build your professional webstore either with shopify or woocommerce send me info to get started.

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So far I hope you can start you dropshipping business method using Aliexpress today, if you have any questions kindly leave it below the comments section and kindly share our post on social media. Thanks for reading our post.

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