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NFTs are unique digital tokens that are on the blockchain. They can be any form of art. 

They are very suitable to be used in games to depict characters, rewards, and various items of trade. 

There are a lot of popular NFTs games in the world of gamers and people play these games as a way to earn income. 

You can trade the NFTs you collected from the games to other players and also earn more NFT tokens via the play-to-earn models. 

It is important to make use of a good wallet when you are transferring your NFTs so you don’t lose them. 

It is important to note that NFT games are primarily on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

You can get collectable characters to fight in battles on games like cryptoBlades and Axie infinity.

You can also get collectable cards at games that are so rare. 

Binance offers NFT mystery boxes which allow you as a holder to have a chance to own an NFT of a variety of rarities. 

NFT games are growing much more popular every day and they are gaining more attention every day. 

Many people often feel like they should have gotten into the NFT game world earlier than they are now. 

There are a lot of interesting games you can play in the NFT game community. 

How do NFT Games Work?

How do NFT Games Work?

It is much different when you play NFT games. Most individuals think it is the same as just holding NFT collectables in your wallet.

An NFT game basically uses NFTs in everything, its rules, and its whole player interactions.

 For instance, most of these games use NFTs to depict your avatar or a special character. 

You can also find some items while playing the game and these are also NFTs. 

Also, you can furthermore trade or swap your NFTs with other players and earn profits. 

In order for you to take NFTs and swap, create and make use of these NFTs, developers create smart contracts, and these make up all the rules for the NFTs used. 

What are Play-to-Earn NFT Games?

Play-to-earn NFT games are a new way to gain profits from NFTs while playing games. 

Typically you are rewarded with tokens and NFTs when you complete a task or while you play the game. 

The tokens are earned and are usually needed as a part of the gaming process. 

Play-to-earn games are becoming quite popular with users from low-income countries and this is mostly seen as a way to boost profits and incomes. 

Axie Infinity is becoming one of the most popular play-to-earn games in the community. 

This game basically requires an initial investment of three Axies or you get a free scholarship from another player of the game. 

Breeders use SLP to breed new Axies, and this grows the economy and increases the profits for the item. 

Axie infinity became highly popular in the Philippines as many people from the Philippines started making a living through its play-to-earn model. 

Many of its players made around $200-$1500 every month and some people even made some more which was dependent on the market price and when you invested. 

What are In-Game NFTs?

What are In-Game NFTs?

In-game NFTs basically offer you a way to generate income while playing the now popular NFT games. 

Some people earn fungible ERC-20 tokens like SLP in Axie infinity, some also earn NFTs that represent characters or avatars. 

The NFT games generate income using the traditional gameplay mechanism. There are various items that may differ in terms of rarity, and utility based on the game. 

How do NFTs Gamers Make Money?

There is no specific amount of money you can make in the NFT gaming community.

 The amount of money you can earn while playing an NFTs game varies on the particular game you’re playing or the market demand at the time. 

The amount of money you earn is dependent on other users who are interested in your tokens or the value of cryptocurrencies you earned in the game. 

You can sell cryptocurrencies or NFTs on the markets to earn money. You can also exchange them for better tokens. 

Top 10 Most Popular Best NFTs Game Right now?

Below are the top 10 Most Popular and Best Selling NFTs with the highest value: 

Game #1 Axie Infinity V2:  

Axie Infinity has become the most popular game in the NFT community and it has an average of 2.7 million active users every month.

In the game of Axie, you play in 3vs3 matches with your Axies ( Pokémon like characters or NFTs ) against a group of the other Axies.

When you win, you’re going to earn $SLP and if you finish in the top 300,000 at the end of each season, you are going to earn $AXS which is a government token. 

Also, you can play adventure mode by yourself against the computer.

Game #2 The Sandbox:  

The Sandbox nfts game

The Sandbox is also a popular voxel-based gaming metaverse and one of the best NFT-based games where the players can make huge amounts of profits if they play it right.  

You also get NFT tokens like LAND which is very useful and is highly sought after. 

There have been over $10 million in sales of LAND in just a month of April. 

Game #3 CryptoFight:

CryptoFights is a Play Earn Crypto Multiplayer PvP Game in Beta Testing.

 You can join a group of over 350,000 players and enjoy the game and earn more NFT tokens and make profits.  

Game #4 Leagues of Kingdom: 

Leagues of Kingdom nfts game

League of Kingdoms is known to be a strategic game.  In this game, you get to own all the lands as they are NFTs. 

You develop your kingdoms as you see fit and you can also earn NFTs while at it. It is a pretty awesome game. 

Game #5 Illuvium:

illuvium is just getting popular recently and in this game, you are going to battle with monsters, or illuvial as they are called, and capture them. 

You get to play in groups and you can earn rewards for completing games. 

There are different elements in this game and you can pay to get a premium experience since most of the in-game assets are NFTs that you can buy and sell when you wish. 

Game #6 Guild of Guardians 

Guild of Guardians nfts game

Guild of guardians is based on fantasy where you can build a team of heroes and complete quests in different dungeons and earn different tokens when you complete each game.  

You can turn these in-game items into profits as in every other NFT game. 

Guardians compete against all challenges present in the game as a team and you can get GEM, which is the base currency of the game.  

You and other players can also team up to compete against in-game enemies. The game developers made it possible for you to earn in this game but not at the expense of other players. 

You don’t get the chance to compete against other players. This game is currently under development and it is actually a very interesting prospect. 

Game #7 Splinterlands: 

Splinterlands is a free game and it is a tradable card game where users can earn money as they play. 

This game is similar to God’s unchained and you get rewarded when you win card games. 

To start playing Splinterlands, you have to first buy a set of cards as a starter pack, register a Steam account, and then register the cards which you purchased on  Splinterlands. 

You may get lucky in some cases and discover some rare cards during your first time purchasing.  

Once you become familiar with the cards you can then proceed to participate in quests and battle with other players for rewards. 

Game #8 Last Expedition: 

In the last expedition, you and a group of other players fight a strong and violent alien who is trying to kill them alongside other things. 

You have to build and create good weapons to guarantee your safety and it is very important that you act as a team so you can all survive. 

It is very important that you are very resourceful as a player as there are many tests which you would face.  

Game #9 Forest Knight: 

Forest Knight nfts game

Forest Knight is a combination of normal, usual gaming and blockchain gaming and the result is a special and amazing adventure. 

A wonderful story and also a unique set of heroes who have special abilities and are non-fungible NFTs for every hero. 

You can play against other opponents and against computers. The value of the NFTs depends on their rarity or their strengths. 

Game #10  God Unchained:

Gods Unchained is another free game that was designed to promote the concept of NFTs as a popular trading card game. 

Players can earn various types of cards from other players when they win in the player vs player matchups. To be successful in this game, you need the right skills and strategy. 

You become a Victor in this game if your opponent’s life drops to zero before yours does. Every time you win you are also rewarded with experience points. 

As soon as you complete a bar of experience points, you are going to move up to a new level and gain a new pack of cards to add to your collections. 

Can I Lose Money Playing NFT Games?

Of course, it is possible for you to lose money when you are playing NFTs games. 

The amount you gain or lose depends on what game you’re playing or the value of the NFTs in your possession. 

You may be a little bit sceptical right now but losing money on NFTs games doesn’t necessarily mean you were scammed. 

The values of NFTs are different and it is dependent on the forces present in the market. 

However, the chances that you are going to lose money while playing NFTs games are very few and next to nothing. 

But it is always important that you stay careful so you don’t fall victim to such things. 

Can I Lose my NFTs?

Can I Lose my NFTs?

Most people are scared to lose their NFTs because they are very expensive and can earn you a lot of profits. 

You may end up losing them while playing the game. 

You have to keep your NFTs safe and secure regardless of whether you purchase them or whether you earn them in the game. 

You may end up losing your NFTs if you don’t take care of them.

 The chances that you may lose them are very minimal though and you shouldn’t be highly concerned about that. 

You may lose your NFTs if you don’t take note of these. 

  1. You may lose your NFT if you decide to transfer it from your wallet to another wallet that doesn’t make use of the NFT’s token standard.
  2. You may send NFTs to a scammer and get scammed in the process. 
  3. You may lose your NFTs as a part of the game.

Some games have rules that mean you lose your NFT when you fail to succeed in a game.


NFT games take digital tokens and use that to create rules for users and also create means where players can interact with each other. 

Most people value NFTs because they are collectable and others make use of them because you can use them anywhere and they make you a lot of profits. 

Most of the NFT games are mostly competitive trading card games but there are some people who collect cards without the intention of participating in the game.  

However, it is important to note that now the rules have changed with regards to how people can earn from NFT games. 

You can’t just earn by luck and collecting anymore. You have to actively participate in the games. 

This is most likely everything you need to know regarding NFT games and you can choose from one of the games listed above as they are the best choices for you if you are serious about going into the NFT community through gaming.

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