Top 5 Banks That Approve a New LLC for $50,000 WITHOUT Proof of Income!

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Establishing a new company may be thrilling, but getting the money you need to start can sometimes be challenging.

 Traditional banks and financial institutions usually require a tonne of documentation, such as tax records, financial statements, and evidence of income

You may get company capital without the burden of proving your revenue. 

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This post will explain how to use stated income loans and list the 5 banks That Approve a New LLC to get up to $50,000 in business finance.

 The Distinction Between Business Funding and Business Credit

Understanding the differences between business finance and company credit is critical before getting into the specifics. 

Although these names are sometimes used interchangeably, they refer to different ideas.

Establishing credit lines with other businesses, such as suppliers or vendors, is known as business credit. 

These credit lines are restricted to particular retailers or suppliers, and their main goal is to raise your company’s credit score

Which is frequently determined by the Paydex score

But in contrast to what many people think, your Paydex score has no bearing on your application for a loan from a typical financial institution.

Contrarily, business funding entails using your personal and business credit to get capital from banks and other lenders.

 Herein lies the application of the stated income loan idea. 

Although most banks demand comprehensive financial records and evidence of revenue, 

Some have launched stated income business credit cards, which let business owners declare their income without providing much supporting documentation.

Why do Banks offer Stated Income Loans? 

You may be wondering how banks can provide money without requesting income documentation. 

They do understand the difficulties experienced by newly formed LLCs, independent contractors, and small company owners and this holds the key to the solution.

Banks That Approve a New LLC

 These people frequently need standard income records like profit and loss statements, tax returns, or bank statements.

Banks have issued stated-income business credit cards to close this gap.

 These cards allow entrepreneurs to indicate their expected revenue, even if they are starting or haven’t yet made a sizable profit. 

Your capacity to repay the loan and your willingness to do so are the two main variables that banks take into account. 

Your personal and corporate credit histories mainly influence your desire to repay; however, your capacity is somewhat influenced by your anticipated revenue.

Top 5 Banks That Approve a New LLC – $50,000 Without Any Income Proof

1.  Chase Bank Company Credit Cards

 Chase Bank Company Credit Cards

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for company capital, Chase Bank offers an appealing alternative without requiring you to show evidence of income. 

They provide unsecured company credit cards with up to $50,000 funding options.

 These credit cards frequently have interest rates of 0% for a set amount of time, which is a good deal for startup companies. 

Notably, Equifax Business, Experian Business, Dun & Bradstreet Small Business, and LexisNexis are just a few of the significant business credit agencies to which Chase Bank submits information.

 This guarantees that your company credit profile will increase when you correctly handle your credit limit.

2. Bank of America Business Credit Cards.

Bank of America Business Credit Cards.

Bank of America has joined a group of financial institutions that make it simple for new businesses to obtain capital. 

They provide business credit cards with stated income, which lets you declare an anticipated income even if your company is just starting and has a short sales history. 

These credit cards are an excellent tool for new and small enterprises since they may offer up to $50,000 capital. 

Important business credit bureaus, such as Small Business Financial Exchange and Dun & Bradstreet, get information from Bank of America regarding your credit activities. 

This implies that maintaining good credit will help you establish a strong credit profile for your company.

3. PNC Bank Business Credit Cards

PNC Bank Business Credit Cards

PNC Bank partners with growing business owners who want capital. 

Their business credit cards with stated income allow you to get up to $50,000 in finance for your new project. 

Important business credit agencies like Experian Business and Small Business Financial Exchange get credit data reports from PNC Bank. 

In addition to getting access to much-needed cash by using their credit cards, you can establish a solid business credit history that will eventually help your company.

4. U.S. Bank Business Credit Cards

U.S. Bank is a valuable option for startup company owners looking for funding without the usual hurdles for proving revenue. 

With the help of their stated income business credit cards, you may anticipate your expected income and obtain funding even for companies without a track record of revenue generation. 

U.S. Bank is a significant funding source offering credit lines as high as $50,000. 

Moreover, they provide credit information to major business credit agencies, including Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax Business, and Experian Business.

 This implies that you will develop a solid company credit profile that might be crucial for future expansion as you handle your credit responsibly.

5. American Express Business Credit Cards

American Express Business Credit Cards

For company owners needing capital, American Express, a well-known banking organization, is a tempting choice.

 Their business credit cards with stated income allow you to obtain financing of up to $50,000 without conventional evidence of payment. 

Experian Business, Dun & Bradstreet, Small Business Financial Exchange, and other major business credit agencies get credit activity data from American Express. 

You can help your business get financing and improve its credit rating, which will pave the way for future financial prospects, 

by using their credit cards and maintaining them appropriately.

The Limitations and Possibilities

These banks will fund businesses up to $50,000 without requiring a lot of documentation proving their revenue, but there are restrictions. 

The financing amount may be limited to $50,000 due to a lack of thorough financial records.

 Even so, this can provide a new LLC with a big boost.

Recall that this cash is obtained using your corporate and personal credit histories. 

Your willingness to repay is shown in your credit history, and banks evaluate your capacity to repay based on your anticipated income.


Funding for your new LLC doesn’t have to be obtained through a difficult procedure that requires a tonne of paperwork. 

You must provide substantial evidence of income to get up to $50,000 in business capital by learning about stated income loans and working with the proper institutions. 

Several financial companies, including Chase Bank, Bank of America, PNC Bank, U.S. Bank, and American Express, are helping new company owners get the required capital.

 As you go out on your entrepreneurial adventure, remember that you may still obtain finance if you have a short history of success.

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