4 Ultimate and Untold Backlinks building Guides for Bloggers

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Have you ever read online about SEO (search engine optimization which is the ability for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc to crawl your website contents.)? If yes then should be seen or read many times about Backlinks knowingly that there’s no way a writer will write about SEO without mentioning the word “Backlinks” as far as SEO is concerned.

Are you confused about the term? and you’re still wondering what is backlink or How you can achieve good success in building links to your website? Then this article is definitely for you.

HIGH Quality Backlinks building

By the end of this article, you will understand the meaning of backlinks and How essential they are to your blog success and you will also learn how to build successful links to your websites. so let’s kick off.

What are Backlinks In SEO?

When you see your fellow bloggers ranking googles front page for their well researched keyword like Social Fire Starter you should know there’s no magic to front page ranking instead you only get that when you follow the due processes involved.

Without a doubt, there are many factors which google put into consideration before Ranking any website top in whatever keywords and among them we have Backlinks as a very essential ranking factor.

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The Internet is a place of competition as there’s almost nothing you would blog about without having a competitor. Just like in the school days “You can’t be sleeping when you see your competitors reading all day” Instead you will also try your best to meet up with them.

Every of your competitor understood very well the power of backlinks over google ranking so they will do everything to get them. Here’s how it goes.

BackLinks simple means the number of other sites linking to your own website. When your site link appears on any other website Google will interpret that as a backlink.

What about Quality Backlinks?

Quality is also relevant to Google. In that case, it’s important you get your link presented on high-quality Blogs/websites this will also add more to your ranking (not just Getting links)

Two Quality links can be better than 10spam links. That’s Google for you. So when building links, you should also consider where your links are pointing to. Are they quality websites or spam sites? This will also help.

Here’s how it goes: Let assume you’re a competitor and we both wrote about “How to make money online free” Google will gradually move the blog with more relevant links above the one with less relevant or no links. (Therefore if you must elevate your blog posts to Google’s front page then you should learn to build links)

Don’t forget we say: Backlinks simple means when your blog links appear on other website/blogs. and now you’re like “How can I get my links on other blogs? That’s what we call link building.

How to build backlinks the Easy Way.

There are many ways to build links, there are so many ways to get your links on other blogs. Some are easy while others are somehow difficult especially for newbies. However, I will be showing you some easiest methods to build links here without spending thine so let’s roll on.

Each time I want to get more links to my blog below are the exact practices I adhere to.

  • I write on other Blogs

    This process is what’s generally known as guest posting or White Label Reviews. (It gives you spam free chances of posting and sharing your own ideas on other blogs perhaps blogs of the related niche for free)

    When you write on other blogs, you will surely gain backlinks depending on guest posting agreements of the blog you’re writing for. But normally almost every website which offers guest posting opportunity allows you to link back to at least one of your posts or any destination (provided your links aren’t referral or affiliate links). In that case for every website you write for you will surely get some backlinks to your blog.

  • Though guest posting might not be very easy it will not only help you build links but authority and Traffic as well.
  • I Comment on Other Blogs

    Yes: Another easy method to build links if not the easiest is blog commenting. You don’t need to spam to get these links. All you need to do is find authority blogs precisely the ones of same or similar niche. Read their posts and drop helpful comments while you leave your own link in the URL field.

    HIGH Quality Comment Backlinks building

    As soon as admin Approve your comments, that link you’ve got in the URL field will be counted as a backlink. Most of the comment backlinks are No-follow which is not too powerful unlike the “Do-follow Links” But it’s not a good SEO practice getting only Dofollow links, in other words, these links also count and they are effective to your ranking.

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    If you blog about Health and you want to build comment link, all you need is Type in Health-related keywords on Google, E.g How to remain healthy, Healthy foods for sick fellows etc When you google such keywords, you will get more health-related blogs from Google.

    Visit the blogs and comment on them one after the other (only the ones with URL field in their comment sections since we are looking for links)

    Don’t make it too often: With this, I do get like 15 backlinks or more every week. While I also explore other strategies written here.

  • I build Profile Links

    Profile links are the type of links you get when you register on websites that allow you to fill in URL in your profile page. Forum websites usually get this function in common.

    Profile HIGH Quality Backlinks building

    After registration, you will be prompted to edit your Profile where you’re also giving chances of adding your site link or Signature as called by many forum websites. These links gotten via such processes are called profile links and they are very relevant to SEO.

    Below resources are some of the places I get websites to build in my profile links. All I do is visit them one after the other, Register and fill in my profile including my URL that’s all. You can also search for more.

  • I write Quality Articles

    When you write Quality articles on your blog, Other bloggers will link to you without your notice because they love what you offer. Such links are Usually dofollow links and since they come in a natural way Google will always count on them.

    Organic Article HIGH Quality Backlinks building

    Other bloggers will only link back to your blog when you offer great articles. This is one reason why you must be authentic in your blog articles as this will attract more links which you don’t even need to struggle for.

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    Like you already know, These quality articles aren’t just made to earn you links but will also increase your ranking and earn your blog authority from search engine and also create more credibility between your blog readers. so don’t joke with quality contents.

Wrapping Up: Building links in the easy methods

So far you’ve learnt about link Building, Am sure you can now build some links to your blog using the above methods.

Remember: There are many other ways to build links and you can also sort them out as you keep exploring the easiest methods mentioned above. Kindly subscribe to our newsletter and comment below. Don’t forget to share this article with others who might want to understand link building the easiest way. You can also check out my blog

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