Google Cloud Platform Reviews: 10 Advantages Of Choosing Free Google Cloud Hosting

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Google Cloud Console is free hosting under Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a collection cloud-based services offered by tech giant Google that allows you to create anything from blogs such as WordPress, Coding website or large websites to complex applications.

In this article, we will be looking at why to host your WordPress website on Google Cloud Hosting under operation Google Cloud Platform and the advantages of choosing this hosting option.

Google Cloud Hosting is one of the best choices for WordPress web administrators looking for a reliable hosting service provider to host their website for free with any capital for the dedicated hosting services.

Google clouds platform Review -

The Cloud Hosting service owned by Google offers many benefits including The $300 Free Trial Plan that lasts for the first 12 months (1 year), after that you can choose to continue with the Google Cloud Hosting service by opting for any of the Hosting Pricing Plans.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the google free product that allows users start a new project on free trial without paying any fund at the start, all you need is to install any application on the platform within a period of a year.

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Comparison To Other Cloud Hosting Service Providers

Google cloud platform Review

There are many other relevant clouds hosting service providers like Amazon Web Services, HostGator, Microsoft Azure and Namecheap These other hosting service providers offer most of the tools and applications offered by Google Cloud Hosting but when comparing the pricing plans for the same disk space, security, and bandwidth, Google Cloud Hosting takes home the trophy.

Google Cloud Platform offers one of the flexible payment systems providing new users with a 12-month Free Trial Service. After the expiration of the free trial, the user can either opt out of the service if unsatisfied with the service or pick any pricing plans or easily migrates to other hosting services like NameCheap, HostGator et.c The user can also update and switch to any pricing plans other than the current pricing plan.

However, in other platforms, pricing plans are on the high side and users are unable to switch to other plans at any time.

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Another advantage of the Google Cloud Platform is the storage and database. Google Cloud Stores supports all kinds of databases including MYSQL and SQL. It also supports large data, allowing storing and access to data in both structured and relational types.

Other platforms don’t support this type of data storage and provide temporary storage. They also don’t support SQL and MYSQL databases. Most importantly google cloud hosting can accommodate Unlimited Traffic worldwide.

Advantages of Choosing Google Cloud Hosting

Better Pricing Plans

Google Cloud Hosting plans are cheaper compared to that of other hosting Platforms, this is due to the billing system of Google Cloud Hosting Service. Google Cloud Hosting service has per sec and per usage billing plans which means you only pay for the time you use. That also means you can increase or stop your subscription and switch to different plans at any time.

Zero Capital Startup

Google also offers you $300 for the hosting valid for the 12-months free trial period this offers to enable you to host an unlimited website on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for free of charge

99.9% Uptime

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According to Cloud hosting experts, Google cloud engine has one of the fastest network speeds compared to other cloud hosting service providers. This is important as site speed is a factor that will influence your ranking in Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).


With a 99.9% uptime, we can certainly agree that Google Cloud Hosting is quite reliable. According to several sources, the Google Cloud engine uses the same infrastructure as Gmail and YouTube which are one of the most reliable services on the internet.


Google has one of the most advanced web security models which ensures security for its products and services like Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube. Choosing Google Cloud Hosting Platform puts your website in the most secure hands as Google employs hundreds of full-time security professionals to protect data on their servers.

Also, all data on the Google Cloud Platform services is encrypted to ensure security.

How To Host Your Website (WordPress) On Google Cloud Platform

Hosting your WordPress website on Google Cloud Hosting is quite easy. All you have to do is to sign up directly on the Google Cloud Platform or through a third party for a managed Google Cloud hosting.

When signing up you can pick the 12-months free trial which offers you access to all Cloud Platform Products and a free $300 credit to spend on the Google Cloud Platform during your 12-months free trial period.

Google Cloud Hosting Pricing Plans

Google pay as you go service means that you would only be paying for the service as you use, immediately you turn off the services you will no longer be billed until you make use of the service again. Also, Google Cloud Platform does not require any upfront payment or commitments to get discounts.

However, Google offers 30% discounts for workloads that run for a significant length of time during the billing month of Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud SOL

Free WordPress Cloud Hosting on Google Cloud Hosting

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Google Cloud Platform Pricing Plans

Google Cloud Platform Pricing Plans
Google Cloud Platform Price
Mobile App Backend $2,083 / month
Storage BackendPrice: $1,758 / month
Data Warehouse$79,995 / month
10PB Photo App $209,715 / month
Multi-Region$272,630 / month

Google Compute Engine

Google clouds hosting -

Google Compute Engine charges based on your network usage, the disk size and machine type memory, to check the estimated cost of hosting on and using the Google Compute Engine, you will have to sign up on the Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Storage

Google clouds hosting - zenithtechs

The Google Cloud Storage pricing is based on your data storage, network usage, operational usage (actions performed within the cloud storage) and retrieval and early deletion fees. You can find more information on the cost by checking the Google Cloud Platform website.

Google Cloud Platform Conclusion

That concludes our article on Google Cloud Hosting which is one of the best choices for web administrators looking for a more affordable, faster and secure hosting service provider.

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The fact every technology and innovation is good but they its own disadvantage among is that user must have little or advance knowledge of coding for the installation of the hosting service, in nutshell I will help you to cover most of its disadvantage.

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