New Tricks to Get Free Instagram Followers FAST in 2023 (Instagram ALGORITHM Changed)

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Do you want to get more Free Instagram Followers without paid advertisements on Instagram or other social media platforms or online forums? 

A lot of people always think that they need to run paid Instagram advertising to increase their Instagram followers. 

 It’s true to some extent but you can also grow your Instagram account without paid advertisements. 

If you follow the strategy and tricks we highlighted in the article it will help to grow your Instagram account without paid advertisement.

Common Mistakes you should Avoid in the Process of Growing your Instagram Account

What Happens When You Buy Free Instagram Followers?

#1. Don’t buy fake likes, comments, or engagements on Instagram: Most of the Buy and Sell Instagram Followers vendor that sells fake Instagram comment likes or engagement will never give you the neck of the traffic.

#2. Don’t remove or block your Instagram followers: regardless of what happened between you and your Instagram followers, if you really need Free Instagram Followers, make sure you don’t block or remove them. 

You need to know that when you begin to remove or block your Free Instagram Followers it will send a red flag to the Instagram algorithm and this will reduce your Instagram views engagement and others. 

#3. Not using relevant tags: some users are not using tags at all, while some are using irrelevant Instagram tags.

 Try as much as you can to use at least three Instagram-relevant tags for each Instagram post whether it is a photo or video or other content. 

#4. You need to know that Instagram does not reduce your engagement: when you enter or get the reel play bonus program. 

A lot of content creators always assume that Instagram algorithms will stop putting up their content because they have a reel play bonus program.

 It is not true, you will only get less engagement because you stop posting relevant content, 

So you need to continue to post high-quality and relevant content that will go viral on Instagram to increase your Instagram engagement. 

Fast Free Instagram Followers Method in 2023 (Instagram ALGORITHM Changed)

New Tricks to Get Free Instagram Followers FAST in 2023

#1. Posting Attractive Memes and Relevant Content

Using memes regularly in your Instagram content because of the best method of going viral on the popular video-sharing social network. 

You can download the available memes and edit them and put them in your Instagram video so that you will be able to increase your engagement as soon as possible. 

Make sure you make use of popular memes that are funny and also related to your niches as well. 

This will help your free Instagram followers to share your content with their friends, family, and colleagues.

 You can hire a graphic designer if you find it so difficult to edit memes. 

#2. Upload Short video

A lot of Instagram influencers complain about the time that they invest to create their Instagram content. 

I’m very sure you are on this table as well. If you are, then you need to start creating short videos, it will reduce the time that you invest to create your Instagram content 

Add CTAs To Turn Views into Followers.

because it has a higher chance of going viral on Instagram because a lot of people love short videos on the video-sharing platform. 

#3. Attractive Call to Action Strategy in all your Instagram Content

If you want to grow your Instagram account without paid advertisement then you need to attach a call to action to all your Instagram content. 

Promise your followers valuable items at the end of your video, this will allow them to watch the video to the end so that they can have access to the valuable items. 

You can promise them a new product, topic, giveaway, uncommon discount, and others.

 It all depends on your niche or business niche. This will increase their trust in you or your product. 

#4. Shorten the Length of your Instagram Content

Posting short-length Instagram videos are one of the things that you need to do if you want to increase your Instagram followers. 

Try as much as you can to reduce the length of your Instagram videos so that they will be suitable for the Instagram reel.

You don’t need to give room for unnecessary stories and your Instagram videos. 

You just need to go straight to the point so that you will be able to reduce the length of the video and pass on valuable information within that short time. 

#5. Repost of one Instagram Video

You can repost an Instagram video. In case you want to post a lengthy video, then you can cut it into different parts from 2 to 4. 

Instead of posting one left Instagram video, you can post part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5, and more. 


This uncommon strategy will increase your number of Instagram video views because everyone wants to watch the video to the end, so they will watch from parts 1 to 5 or more. 

#6. Analyze your Competitor’s Instagram Account

You need to analyze your competitor’s Instagram page so that you will be able to know what is working for them and do the same.

You can’t understand how Instagram algorithms work completely. 

You can learn a lot of things from your successful competitor. If possible you can hire professionals to take on some of the jobs that are more than your capacity.

Competitor analysis will allow you to understand what you don’t even know and begin to apply it so that you will be able to grow your Instagram account within a short time.

#7. Post Consistently

One of the most effective methods of growing your Instagram account is posting high-quality content regularly. 

Aside from posting relevant content, it is very important to post regularly so that you will keep your users or followers updated. 

This will increase their trust in you, your brand, or your business.

#8. Engage with your Audience

Like, comment, and follow users who engage with your content. This can help you build relationships and grow your audience.

#9. Use Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories allows you to share content that disappears after 24 hours. 

This can be a great way to engage with your audience and show a more personal side of your brand.

#10. Collaborate with other Users

You can collaborate with other Instagram users, especially those with big followers.

Reach out to them and they will be able to help you to read more Instagram users that you can easily convert to your followers although you may not get any Instagram influencer that can do it for free.

#11 Utilize Instagram Live

Instagram Live allows you to broadcast a live video to your followers. 

This can be a great way to engage with your audience in real-time and build a stronger connection with them.

#12. Optimize your Profile

use relevant keywords and hashtags. 

Make sure your profile accurately represents your brand and includes relevant keywords and hashtags. 

A well-optimized profile can help you show up in search results and attract new free Instagram followers.

#13. Use Instagram’s New Features

Instagram regularly releases new features, such as Reels and Guides. 

Stay up-to-date on these new features and consider using them to engage with your audience and share your content in new ways.

#14. Share Behind-the-Scenes Content: 

Showing the behind-the-scenes of your business or personal life can help you build a deeper connection with your audience and show a more personal side of your brand.

#15. Instagram Video Size

You need to make your Instagram photo and video a 5.4 ratio this is suitable for the Instagram reel. 


A lot of Instagram videos are not available on the reel because of their size. Some of these videos are on the Instagram reel but they are not suitable for reels. 

So the Instagram algorithm will not put it to the people as those videos that are suitable for an Instagram reel.

In Conclusion

Now you know the new trick to get free Instagram followers fast in 2023, the Instagram algorithm has changed and you need to change your strategy as well so that you won’t be left behind by your competitors.

You can use these strategies to grow your Instagram account without sponsored advertisements.

 It has worked for a lot of people and it will work perfectly well for you if you follow all the necessary instructions

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