How to Get a Virtual Business Addresses for Entrepreneurs (A Full Guide)

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You own a business or company but you’re tired of people tracking you with your physical address? With a virtual address, you can own a series of offices with just a little token.

Moreover, a virtual address makes it possible for people globally to have access to your business; send and receive feedback from you.

Knowing what you can achieve with a virtual address can save you from security risks that may arise, 

Whenever you share your office physical address with touts who may, in turn, steal your office equipment.

switching  business to the virtual address

There are several reasons why a lot of businesses, most especially entrepreneurs, are working from home. 

Are switching to the virtual address which we are going to give you more insight into in subsequent sections.

Do you know that some popular companies like Amazon are already using virtual addresses for their businesses to reach a wider audience?

In this digital age, everyone is planning to take their business to the air to ease communication between clients and business owners.

Moreover, as it’s difficult to eliminate a physical address, using a virtual address will give you more insight into how to boost your business.

Here, the virtual address has a lot of benefits over the physical address which has been in existence since ancient times.

What is Virtual Address?

What is Virtual Address?

A virtual address can be seen as an address you can get for your business, which can help you to receive packages, mails, and services that will be delivered for your business.

Most times, especially in this digital age, virtual addresses serve as an alternative to physical offices.

In the past few years, technology began to advance and a lot of people realize that the usual PO Box will limit people in some aspects of their businesses.

Also, the rise of online business pushes people to think of virtual business addresses, since one can convert his resting room to an office and work smartly online.

Moreover, a lot of big companies have moved their business to the digital world. And to reach out to a wider audience, they purchase a virtual address instead of opening their branches in all the streets of the world.

Hereunder, some people often ask “is it bad to use our real home address as our business address?” since most people are using their homes as their shops and offices.

From our research, we have seen a lot of disadvantages of using your real home address as your business address.

So we won’t advise you to make the same mistakes that we have seen people make in the past, because they used their home address as their business address.

How Does a Virtual Office Address Work?

How Does a Virtual Office Address Work?

The virtual address has lots of advantages over the traditional physical address that we have been using right from ancient times.

With a virtual address, you can hide your personal information from displaying in your business address.

 By doing so, your privacy is intact as no one can track your location through your business address.

Also, your physical address will no longer be used to send or receive packages for your business.

The virtual address allows you to have a pro administrative support team that can be able to handle all your emails when reaching out to your business.

How Much Does a Virtual Business Address Cost?

Like every other business plan, a virtual address comes with different pricing plans regardless of the company you’re shopping from.

For the basic virtual office, this plan is mainly for starters and it includes your business address, the receipt of your mailing address attached with your local backup, etc.

Moreover, getting a virtual address will demand you to pay an initial setup fee that covers other background settings that are required for your business to be seen globally.

The setting up fee may cost you about $100 to $150, depending on the company you’re shopping from.

After that, you will begin to pay a monthly fee for your virtual address which ranges from $50 to $100 depending on your taste and what you may need in your virtual address.

Meanwhile, the cost of getting a virtual office address also relies on how competitive the location of your virtual office is.

From research, we found out that virtual offices in New York are cheaper than in some cities in the U.S.

Why Choosing  Ipostal1 (Best International address)

Why Choosing  Ipostal1 (Best International address)

Below are some core reasons why we recommend iPostal1:

#1 It is Very Convenient – with iPostal1, you can manage and view all your mail from everywhere in the world. 

They offer 24/7 services through their app or web browser. You will save a huge time when forwarding and receiving mail packages regardless of the location. You can as well scan your mail content.

#2 It is Quite Cheap – with iPostal1, you can use their starter package which starts from $9.99 a month. So the cost will no longer be an issue for obtaining your virtual address.

#3 They Have More than 2,000 Addresses – Users can select any virtual address that is closer and more conducive for them from iPsotal1 assorted virtual addresses.

#4 They Have a Real Street Address – every location that you’ll find in iPostal1 is a real street address. There is nothing like PO Box. With this, your delivered packages will come to you without any delay.

#5 Their Customer Support is Amazing – If you have any challenge that will demand their customer service attention, they are always there for you.

 Even when you report an issue at midnight, it will be taken care of with immediate effect.

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How to Get a Virtual Address for Business (Step by Step Guide)


We have elucidated cool ways to get a virtual address for your business. They are discussed below:

Step #1. Select Your Desired Plan

While planning on getting your virtual office, the first step is to select your desired plan.

If you’re just starting, you can choose the starter plan. Your plan will help you to know what you can achieve with your virtual address.

Step #2. Employ the Right People

For any business that will be successful, you must have the right people for the business employed.

 They should work with passion, not just for money alone. You should be specific as some people don’t enjoy office work.

Also, study their character to know who is willing to grow your business.

Step #3. Get your Phone System and the Address for your Office Ready

Then search for a good and affordable phone system that can handle the task in your virtual office.

Unlike physical addresses that use landlines, virtual addresses need improved features.

While setting up your virtual address, you still need to have a business address to where your packages will be sent to.

Step #4. Get a Domain Name and a Custom Email Address

A custom domain name will help your virtual address to be located easily.

When you have purchased a domain name that describes your business, the next thing is to create a custom email address for your business.

For instance – [email protected] This custom email address will make your virtual address look authentic and mature.

Best Features of Ipostal1

Digital Mailbox Location – iPostal1 has over 2,100 virtual address locations from which users can choose their favourite ones. 

Forwarding Mailing packages to any Address – With their integrated functions and personnel, they forward mail packages to any address regardless of the location.

Value – If you are searching for a cheap virtual address for your business, here is one.

 Not just that they are cheap. They also offer quality services that are worth more than the price you will pay.

Customer Support – Are you facing any challenges in your virtual address, iPostal1 customer support service is there for you; whether in the day or night.

Yes! Regardless of your role in your business – be it a sole proprietorship or maybe you are operating your business as an LLC (Limited Liability Company),

 You have the legal right to use a virtual business address. So the virtual address is not only for your in-house business office.

It goes beyond that and established companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google are making use of these virtual addresses to reach customers from every region of the world.

Can I Open a Bank Account with a Virtual Address?

Can I Open a Bank Account with a Virtual Address?

The answer to this question is a big YES! Your virtual address is not only limited to sending and receiving your business packages only.

In the U.S, you can use a virtual address to open a bank account.

Moreover,  you can use agents in the United States or you have to go to the bank in person before doing this; as there is another data bank will collect from you.

Pros And Cons of Virtual Address

Pros of Virtual Address

Cost-Saving – with a virtual address, you can save huge money that you will use to hire an office for your business. Setting up a virtual address is quite easy as the requirements are not much.

It is a Professional Business Address – As users have the right to customize their business virtual address, it always looks professional.

Cons of Virtual Address

It May Attract Home Distractions – As this virtual office address can be your house, there is the possibility of getting distractions from home.

Integration Difficulty – Sometimes your virtual address may not fit your business/company culture. This is one of the major benefits of physical offices over virtual office addresses.


This guide detailed all you should know about virtual business addresses, how to get them, how it works and FAQs.

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