Can You Hide Home Address with Virtual Address Services for Privacy?

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Do you have an asset in your house that you intend to protect or do you want to protect and hide your privacy from the public?

Then hiding your home address with virtual address services should be your surest way of achieving this.

Luckily, we know that you may have been thinking oh how you’re going to hide your home address from the public!

We’ve got you covered. 

There are several ways you can hide your home address from the public which we’ll show you diverse means you can use to achieve this. You can choose the best that suits you.

While planning to make your home address hidden from the public by using virtual address services, also plan on making your phone number private as well.

Moreover, we’ll give you detailed info on how to hide your home address with virtual address services and other related info that you need to know.

What are Virtual Address Services?

What are Virtual Address and office Services

A virtual address is simply an address that you can register, which is located at a certain location where you are able to get postal mail as well as packages that you might purchase online.

Virtual address equally means the same as virtual mailing address or virtual business address.

Do You Really Need This Virtual Address?

Yes! The virtual mailing address will serve as a true physical address to your home as well as your business when receiving packages or mail.

If you’re planning to open a small business, instead of renting an office and getting it registered, 

you can purchase a virtual address while using your home as your business office.

One of the advantages of this virtual address is that while using it, you can easily preview and manage your mailing preferences with your computer or even with your smartphone.

Using it for your business is quite cheap and very secure as people will never locate your real home address.

If you use your home address as your business address, it brings a lot of disadvantages as;

All sorts of people will be bombarding your house; even thieves will intentionally visit to know if you have a valuable thing that they need.

 Although this address is not physical, it’s quite safe and legal for any kind of business. 

Are you aware that when using a virtual address, you can easily choose the most impressive address that best fits your business rather than the available address in your locality? 

The virtual address remains the best address for you if you own an LLC or other businesses you’re managing through a legal entity that uses a street address.

With a virtual address, your customers can easily contact you; to make inquiries, purchases, etc.

One of the most interesting things about obtaining a virtual address is that Google can easily advertise your business for free through their global map known as Google map.

Why Should You Hide Your Home Address?

Why Should You Hide Your Home Address?

There are so many reasons why you should hide your home address; of which we all know in this digital world. 

 Anybody regardless of your country can operate as a private investigator in any digital field of your career.

If you’re using your home address for any office or job you find yourself in, you can easily be tracked as some of your documents like passport, driving license SSN, etc. 

bears your real home address and it cannot be changed sooner or later. We recommend that anyone running his/her business in his home should hide his home address from the public.

Moreover, when registering your business to obtain a virtual address, it’s illegal to use a false address as your business virtual address; as this may attract the government of your locality to fight you.

Today obtaining a virtual address for your home or your business is quite easy and you don’t need to be a tech guru to do so.

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PO Box vs. Virtual Mailbox – Why You Might Need One?

PO Box vs. Virtual Mailbox – Why You Might Need One?

PO Box simply means a physical address that provides mailing services for individuals, business owners, and organizations.

This PO Box address is very beneficial to people as it stands out as an official mailing address where you can receive important files, packages, documents, etc.

While PO Box has all these advantages, there are also some hindrances that you might encounter while using the PO Box for your businesses.

On the other hand, a virtual address is a virtual office that enables you to have a physical address both for your home and for your business.

Moreover, the virtual address has more advantages over PO Box physical address as some packages can easily be delivered to your virtual address at no additional cost, 

while the same package will attract some cost when shipped to your PO Box.

Today several companies such as Apple, Amazon, AliExpress, Microsoft, etc. use virtual addresses because it helps them to reach a wider audience at ease.

Some pros of the virtual address and also the reason why we recommend virtual address are:

  1. By using a virtual address, you won’t be tied down in a single location. 
  2. It will enable you to have an office even without paying for it
  3. virtual addresses serve as a mailing assistant. 
  4. You can easily change your virtual address if there is any need for that with a virtual address, 
  5. You can have 24/7 access to your services.

How to Keep a Business Address Private? (Use Virtual Address)

As a business owner, it’s advisable to keep your business address and email private, so that only interested customers can come for your services.

When your business address is open for everybody, it will surely attract unserious folks to your business and they may, in turn, cause harm to your existing business. 

For instance – a spy can locate your business through the public address you provided and plan how to steal your business properties.

Below steps will help you to keep your business address private:

  1. Get a virtual address for your business (make sure it’s not related to your home address). 
  2. Exclude your home address from your business address
  3. Don’t allow people to share your business address with the public anyhow
  4. Get a business bank account (this will hide your business address even when your customers want to make purchases). 

Can You Use a Virtual Address For LLC?

Can You Use a Virtual Address For LLC?

Yes! You can use a virtual address for LLC because the virtual address is a normal true physical address that helps you to register your business at any location.

Using a virtual address for LLC will give you more advantages over the PO Box as your home address is not attached to it and people can’t easily locate you anywhere.

By using a virtual address, you can customize your location at any time you wish to do so without the need to bypass government protocols or obtain a legal document from the law court.

You can easily scan your virtual address and this hastens your delivery service duration when customers send packages to your virtual address.

Can You Register Businesses With a Virtual Address? 

Yes! Since virtual addresses are equally physical addresses, one can register his/her business with a virtual address regardless of the location of your business.

Also while using a virtual you can register LLPs and limited companies without including your real home address in your business or company’s address.

The most interesting thing about this is that your home address will be off from any of your company’s virtual addresses.

Even your customers won’t be able to track your home address unless you reveal it to them.

Can You Open a Bank Account With a Virtual Address?

Can You Open a Bank Account With a Virtual Address?

From the research we carried out, some users reported that one can use a virtual address to open a bank account, 

As it is acceptable by U.S banks to use a virtual mailing address while opening a bank account.

Moreover, when opening a bank account in the U.S, you need to go in person (physically) or used  “company agencies” 

if you’re outside the United States to present other documents that identify you or the company.

How Much Does a Virtual Address Cost?

Although pricing for obtaining a virtual address for your business differs from one company to the other, the cost of getting a virtual address ranges from $9.95 to $35 per month.

Moreover, if you demand additional services from your virtual address provided, it may likely increase your monthly billing. 

How Long Does it Take to Get a Virtual Address?

Getting a virtual address doesn’t take much time as your details will be documented and published to the governmental offices within some minutes of application.

Meanwhile, you have the right to select several addresses from different locations when registering a virtual address. 


We elucidated all you should know about the virtual address, PO Box address, how to hide your business address from the public, what virtual address is all about, etc.

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