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The cryptocurrency market is quite popular and it is known to be highly volatile and possess different movements in the trajectory of various digital coins.  

Also, the cryptocurrency community is very diverse and this is good as it helps strategic investors to take part in all the trading processes available.

This diversity is not always good as sometimes it makes the investors unable to respond swiftly to their digital coins,  

when there is a swift change in price which may have fetched them some money from successful trades. 

Also, there isn’t enough time given to cryptocurrency trading and time is very necessary if you want to make the best out of cryptocurrency trading. 

You have to monitor your cryptocurrency exchanges 24 hours a day to obtain optimal results. 

However, there is an easy way that can be solved. 

You can make use of automated tools to start and close your trades for you instead of waiting for 24/7 to do it by yourself. 

They are called  Crypto Bots. 

Trading bots allow you to automatically trade cryptocurrency and set technical indicators on when the trade should be executed. 

What is a Crypto Trading Bot and How Does it Work?

What is a Crypto Trading Bot and How Does it Work

A crypto trading bot is a program that works directly with one or different cryptocurrency exchange platforms and helps you buy or sell your coins depending on the time you set your conditions. 

These bots track the market moving and when it is right, they act according to a number of pre-programmed rules and execute your trade. 

Types of the Crypto Trading Bots

There are different types of crypto trading bots as they all do not carry out the same job: 

Trading Bots: 

  • These are the simplest and most common types of bots.
  •  They help you make money by strictly buying and selling cryptocurrency tokens.

Advanced Crypto Trading Bots: 

These bots are more advanced than the normal trading bots and are meant for professionals. 

Market-Making Bots: 

These sets of bots help you carry out a good strategy by ensuring liquidity and helping users execute their orders anytime.  

Crypto Signal Bots: 

These types of bots collate different predictions on the cryptocurrency market from various sources and then create trade recommendations that are based on all the data they have gathered. 

Top 4 Popular Crypto Bots Platform. 

Top #1. The Plan Trading Bot: 

The Plan trading Bot is an amazing trading Bot that you get when you subscribe to the “The Plan” course. The plan trading bots are amazing for newcomers. 

You can use it if you are looking to make some money on cryptocurrency market platforms and you can’t watch out for all your coins 24/7. 

Type of The Plan Trading Bot 

HODL Bot: 

HODL bots are one of the most used bots in the cryptocurrency sector now. 

They can help you hold your crypto tokens over a long period of time, this may also span for a couple of years.  

They only release the coins to you when the coin has reached the level you want it to reach and you have made substantial profits. 

Standard Coin Bot: 

These types of bots are useful for carrying out analysis on popular and stable coins that have stable prices. 

This helps you save as much as possible and not lose money on volatile coins.  

Pro of Using the Plan Bot: 

#1. Start Training Bot Trading in Demo Mode: 

You can get a demo account on this platform to help you get familiar with the concept of trading bots so you can be a pro easily. 

#2. 100% in Control of Your Account and Income:  

The Plan does not take your control away from you and they ensure that only you have a say on the affairs of your account. 

#3. It is Automated: 

The bulk of the affairs of this trading Bot is automated and you don’t have to stress yourself while you make some cool profits. 

Cons Of Using The Plan Bot: 

It is quite expensive and not everyone can afford it. 

Top #2. Kucoin Trading Bot: 

Kucoin Trading Bot: 

The kucoin trading Bot is quite diverse and has some pretty effective strategies. 

You can make use of spot trading which involves making profits from the change in market prices.  

This trading Bot buys the coins when the prices are low and then holds them until the prices go high before selling. 

This ensures that it makes profits by correctly predicting the market price movements.  

Also, the kucoin trading Bot carries out another type of trade called Dollar-Cost averaging. 

This is typically a long-term investment plan. 

If you are looking to invest a large amount of capital in a crypto token, let’s say $20,000, you can instruct the trading Bot to invest it in a small amount over a period of time. 

This strategy is not very easy if you plan on carrying it out personally. This type of trade is beneficial to you in the long term. 

It is important to note that the kucoin bot is entirely free of charge and they don’t charge you for a single thing and there is nothing like subscriptions for anything. 

Type Of Kucoin Bot

Classic Grid Running Lage — Provided by KuCoin user): 

Like a lot of the popular trading strategies, the classic grid bots work by buying at low prices and selling at a higher price to benefit from the change in prices. 

This is a good strategy for volatile markets. 

Classic grid is a very low-risk strategy but it is very tactical and can yield a lot of profits if you do it right. 

Future Grid Running Page — Provided by KuCoin user) 

The futures grid bot is quite similar to the classic grid bot. 

However, the kucoin trading Bots are used when trading futures as you can use them to long or short the position of a token on kucoin futures. 

This means that if you feel like the price of a particular token would go down, we can use a trading Bot to short the position of the token and earn profits. 

Pros of Using Kucoin Bot: 

#1. Reduce Repetitive Work:  

Trading Bots can help you copy repetitive tasks and help you execute tasks instead of doing them all over again.  

This helps you save time and calls for a job well done.   

#2. Seize the Trading Opportunity:  

When trading, it is very important that you get the timing right as timing is very very key in things like this.

 The timing of your trades has a very huge impact on the number of profits you will or will not make. 

Instead of sitting at the computer for many hours waiting for your trade to reach a particular threshold, 

you can easily instruct a trading Bot to look after your trade options and execute a trade at any time of the day. 

#3. Reduce Trading Risks: 

The market fluctuates a lot and trading bots are quite useful for tracking these fluctuations. 

You can implement trading bots in order to drastically reduce the number of risks you take on every trade. 

Cons of Using Kucoin Bot:

  1. The kucoin bot is not allowed to be used in the US. 
  2. It is a bit technical and this may be a problem for new traders. 
  3. They do not have adequate educational resources. 

Top #3: Crypto Hopper Trading Bot: 

Crypto Hopper Trading Bot: 

Crypto hopper is a crypto trading Bot that basically makes the entire cryptocurrency trading process ten times simpler than it already is. 

This helps you maximize profits while reducing the risks incurred. 

Type Of Crypto hopper Bot 

Trading Bot: 

This bot basically helps you trade on this platform. 

You can instruct this bot to buy the particular crypto token at a particular time and also tell it when to execute the final trade so you can earn some money. 

Market Maker: 

Crypto hopper bots can help you execute trades any time of the day. 

Pros of Using Crypto Hopper Bot:

This bot doesn’t overly charge and you don’t have to pay any extra commission after your monthly payment.  

When you make use of this platform, you gain access to very efficient analysis tools. It is very secure and keeps you in absolute control of your finances. 

Cons of Using Crypto hopper Bot: 

They don’t have a phone customer care representation.  For you to be allowed access to the most useful features of this platform you have to pay first. 

Top 4: Pionex Trading Bot: 

Pionex Trading Bot: 

Pionex offers a total of 11 free trading bots to make sure you have the best experience when you are trading cryptocurrency. 

The best part is that these trading bots are available 24/7 and you can leave them to work while you sleep and do other things. 

Type/Features of Pionex Bot  

  1. Grid Trading bot
  2. Reverse Grid Trading Bot
  3. Leverage Grid Bot
  4. Leverage Reverse Grid Bot
  5. Rebalancing Bot
  6. Margin Grid Bot
  7. Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot
  8. DCA Bot (Dollar-Cost-Average Bot)
  9. TWAP Bot (Time-Weighted Average Price strategy)
  10. Infinity Grid Bot
  11. Smart Trade

Pros of Using the Pionex Bot: 

  1. These bots can be used on basically all crypto tokens and it does not select. 
  2. There are free trading bots on this platform. 
  3. The platform is very user-friendly. 
  4. You get a live chat and an email for customer support. 

Cons of Using Pionex Bot: 

Pionex fails to give you a demo account on which you can practice.

When Crypto Cashing, Why You don’t Lose Money Using Crypto Trading Bot: 

When Crypto Cashing, Why You don't Lose Money Using Crypto Trading Bot: 

Before making use of crypto bots, you have to carry out studies first and know the particular bot you think would work for you best. 

Each bot has different requirements for work. Cryptocurrency bots are very efficient because they carry out some very important actions to ensure they get the best out of the market. 

Here is a few features of a quality crypto trading Bot: 

Market Data Analysis: 

This means that all the data for a particular coin must be dug out and checked before you decide to trade the crypto token.  

Prediction of all the Risks You May Face: 

This is essential for all trading bots because this largely determines whether or not the coin is worth investing in. 

They make use of various information gathered from different sources to tell you if the coin you are planning to invest in is safe. 

Act of Buying and Selling of Assets: 

  1. This is useful for day traders and also long-term investors. 
  2. It helps you buy and sell your tokens automatically. 

How Can You Learn To Make Profit with a Crypto Trading Bot? (The Plan Course): 

How Can You Learn To Make Profit with a Crypto Trading Bot?

The Plan by Dan Hollings is a very effective online course that gives you an insight into everything you need to learn concerning cryptocurrency investments, 

and how you can gain a lot of profits just by putting in a minimal amount of time and effort. 

The plan shows you different strategies you can use in order to maximize the efficiency of the crypto bots. 

Also, you learn about very conservative plans on how to earn a modest but adequate revenue in the cryptocurrency community.   

If you want to register for this course straight away you can visit and it is right there for you.  

Crypto Trading Terminologies & Techniques 

Crypto Trading Terminologies & Techniques 

#1 Crypto Arbitrage: 

Crypto arbitrage trade is the act of purchasing a crypto asset on one exchange and proceeding to sell it on another. 

#2 Spot Future Arbitrage Bot:  

These mean holding a position in the perpetual futures market and also holding the same amount of position in the spot market. 

#3 Funding Fees or Rate: 

Funding rates are payments made to traders that are in a long or short position over a period of time, 

depending on the difference between the perpetual contract market and the spot market.  

#4 SAFU: 

The Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) is an emergency insurance fund that was created by Binance in July 2018 to ensure security for its users. 

Disclaimer; we are not financial experts, we are just recommending tools we personally used and it’s for educational purposes only…


Crypto trading bots are essential to ensure the protection of your tokens and also ensure maximized profits.  

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a novice trader. 

Also, you need to study how bots work before using one to avoid silly mistakes to their digital coins 

when there is a swift change in price which may have fetched them some money from successful trades. 

Also, there isn’t enough time given to cryptocurrency trading and time is very necessary if you want to make the best out of cryptocurrency trading. 

You have to monitor your cryptocurrency exchanges 24 hours a day to obtain optimal results. 

However, this is a viable easy way through which it can be solved. 

You can make use of automated tools to start and close your trades for you instead of waiting for 24/7 to do it by yourself.

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