The Plan Dan Hollings Review – Crypto Trading Bot Profits Even When Crypto Crashing

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Most of us already have an idea of how to make passive income on markets like stocks, dividends, and also real estate. 

However, there is a new player in town and it is only a very small number of people realize how much money can be made from cryptocurrency.  

Crypto trading bots are a group of programs that are created to help you trade your cryptocurrency automatically even when you are not with your device. 

As usual, you still have to take note of the entire market statistic as this is very pivotal when you want to trade or select a currency to sell.  

Crypto trading bots basically carry out your technical analysis on your behalf and help you gather all your market data.

Crypto trading bots

They also calculate all the risks you may face and carry out all forms of trade on your cryptocurrency assets. 

Making use of cryptocurrency trading bots can be likened to hiring a cryptocurrency expert to carry out all cryptocurrency trading for you while you just relax and watch your profit grow. 

You can tell your Bot to do anything, for example, you can tell your Bot to buy more Ethereum when the price goes down and sell when it gets higher than a certain amount. 

These bots save you a whole lot of time and they are much more cost-effective than the error-prone human experts. 

Trading bots basically make sure that the whole process of investing in cryptocurrency is as easy and smooth as ever. 

They take in all metrics for consideration like the current prices of the coins you want to purchase and also the volatility levels at the given time. 

In Dan Hollings’ plan, you would be introduced to a very new strategy that no one else has gotten their hands on and it is very easy to learn if you are a devoted student of his lecture. 

n Dan Hollings' plan core principle

Crypto is an ever-growing commodity and would always be wanted and it is no surprise that Dan Hollings has put his best into this. 

He believes quite a lot in the activity of these crypto bots as they are much more efficient than humans and may have a lot fewer errors than humans. 

Trading bots are becoming more popular every day and they now constitute at least 65-75% of the total crypto market volume.

Dan Hollings Crypto Bot The Free Webinar is live Click Here to Join now

What is the Plan by Dan Hollings? 

What is the Plan by Dan Hollings?

For those who haven’t had a previous encounter at all with this course, The plan by Dan Hollings is basically an online cryptocurrency learning course. 

It teaches you everything you need to know about cryptocurrency investment and how you can enjoy the best benefits while putting in a very little amount of work.  

This cryptocurrency event ensures that there is a fresh opportunity for everyone to learn about cryptocurrency trading.

It gives real demonstrations of how individuals of various levels in crypto trading can get to higher levels and make more profits than they currently do.  

In The Plan, Dan Hollings shows his strategy which makes use of a technique known as the wiggle factor. 

This particular algorithm takes note of the timing of all the rapid movements of the cryptocurrency market and this helps to create profits with a minimum of fuss.  

It is a very conservative approach according to Dan Hollings and it can help you gain a modest revenue from trading cryptocurrency.  

To register for this course you can only make use of and make sure you set up your profile so as not to forget. 

Also, there are lovely prizes to be won as Dan has promised $2500 to all winners throughout the course of the event and you can’t win if you’re not in attendance. 

Why Should You Trust The Plan Dan Hollings Creator: 

Why Should You Trust The Plan Dan Hollings Creator: 

You may be a little bit skeptical about joining the plan because you probably haven’t heard of its creator before but I assure you, he’s quite popular. 

Dan Hollings has been nicknamed the crypto wizard by quite a lot of people and he is also a marketing genius. 

He was the mastermind behind the marketing of the mega-hit movie titled ” the secret ”. 

The movie was a very huge success and it went all around the world in the shortest amount of time. 

It sold at least $400 million worth of copies in its first year alone. Crazy right?  

The Plan is now available in over 95 countries and it only began less than a year ago.  

You do not need to have any special skills to be a beneficiary of the masterpiece that the plan is. 

The plan works for everybody regardless of the size of your capital. 

Also, according to Dan Hollings, he had no interest in getting life in crypto in 2017 and he claims to have been convinced by his friend to take a look at crypto.  

Although not being interested, his friend kept disturbing him and he had to just buy some cryptocurrency so his friend would stop disturbing him so much. 

The value of the coin kept going up and that was what drew him into the world of crypto. 

Dan Hollings began making small trades here and there and he made some money. 

However, Dan Hollings is not perfect and has also had his own failure stories. In 2017 when bitcoin took a dump 2017 and Dan lost quite a lot of money. 

He then came up with a theory and a plan to ensure that he makes a profit irrespective of the outcome of the market. 

Why Do They Plan Trading Differently from Other Crypto Trading Bot? 

Why Do They Plan Trading Differently from Other Crypto Trading Bot? 

The Plan is a very unique trading Bot as it gives you a level of control over all the dealings of your account. 

Your funds aren’t just completely taken from you by bots but you are in control and you are the one in command. 

You do not get that from a lot of trading bots out there and this makes the plan trading bots unique and better than other regular trading bots. 

Different Types of The Crypto Bot & Setup: 

Different Types of The Crypto Bot & Setup: 

There are different types of trading bots and you have to tell them what to do according to the system and strategy you wish to follow. 

Let’s take a look at some of them: 

HODL Bot: 

HODL bots are basically bots that would help you keep your cryptocurrency for a longer period ( often a couple of years) and ensure that the price has risen to a certain level before giving back to you with a large amount of profit. 

The HODL bots are wonderful and perfect for long-term investors and you should definitely check them out if you are interested in being a long-term investor. 

Standard Coin Bot: 

Standard coin bots help you carry out analysis on stable coins with less volatility and ensure that you do not lose your investment and gain as much as possible. 

These bots are useful for both investors who are interested in going short term or long term. 

How Does Trading Bot Work? – The Plan Dan Hollings Review

Basically, you as an investor would search for the trading Bot that would be best and most effective for you and proceed to download the code from its developer. 

How Does Trading Bot Work? - The Plan Dan Hollings Review

The majority of the bots have some fees you pay as a user but they’re usually low. 

Each bot also has a different requirement when it comes to software and hardware. 

If you want to make the best out of whichever you decide on, you should also learn how best to make use of the particular code. 

For example, you must have the right accounts supported by bots set up across various cryptocurrency exchanges and you must have some cryptocurrency in those accounts. 

Crypto bots are not get-rich schemes” so you should take that very seriously if you want to succeed in trading cryptocurrency by using crypto bots. 

Here are some of the components every functional crypto bot must have: 

Analysis of Total Market Data: 

This ensures that all the market data on a particular coin from various sources are saved and are thoroughly interpreted before deciding whether it is the right time to buy or sell the particular coin. 

Most of the bots available also allow you to set up the type of data they should check for if you wish to do so,  so you can get refined results. 

Prediction of All the Market Risks Possible: 

Prediction of All the Market Risks Possible:

This one is very very important in every cryptocurrency trading Bot. 

They also make use of the market data but in this case, they use it to calculate the potential risk you may face in the market. 

Based on the information gathered, the bot can then determine how much is safe for you to invest in the said coin. 

Act of Buying and Selling of Assets: 

This is very helpful if you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency assets strategically. 

It helps you avoid having to buy tokens in bulk especially when that wasn’t your plan. It is very effective. 

Can You Lose Money Trading with the Plan Trading Bot: 

Can You Lose Money Trading with the Plan Trading Bot: 

There are quite a lot of cryptocurrency trading bots you can find on the internet.  

The plan is one of the best trading bots you can find anywhere in the world and this often begs the question, are the trading bots perfect?

The answer is NO. 

It is possible to lose money on even the best cryptocurrency trading bot as the bots are not 100 percent automated. 

You still get to control quite several things and mistakes can be made. 

Your chances of losing are reduced drastically when you make use of a trading bot though and your chances of losing depend on which trading Bot you choose and which strategy you choose also. 

If you end up choosing the wrong plan, there is nothing the trading Bot can do about that. That is why it is often advised to ensure you have a good strategy before diving into the market. 

The Plan Pricing:  

The total pricing for the first phase of the plan costs about $2500. Also, you can opt for installment pay which allows you to pay $1000 for three months. 

The Plan Pricing:

Whichever works for you. It’s a little on the high side but it is totally worth it as you are going to learn so much from this platform. 

Benefits of the Plan: 

Get Started as a Complete Beginner with No previous Crypto Experience: 

The Plan ensures that you start your training from the very beginning irrespective of whatever experience you may have in cryptocurrency trading whatsoever. 

Easy to Understand Teaching and Straightforward to the Point: 

Dan Hollings is a very great teacher and this is evident from this course as it is so easy to understand and you can never get confused. 

Start Training Bot trading in Demo Mode: 

You are also presented with a demo account so you can test all your training and see how the bots work. 

100% in Control of Your Account and Income: 

The Plan offers you bots that leave you in control of all your income and also your account while they just help you make a profit. 

It is All Automated System Hand-Free: 

It is All Automated System Hand-Free: 

You spend a maximum of five minutes setting up your Bot and the rest is automated. 

You end up making money without even working at all and you can make money anytime, even in your sleep. 

You can basically do nothing else and just watch your money grow. and join a lot of the Plan students to share your testimonies

How To Join The Plan & Setup The Trading Bot

The Plan is quite easy to join and set up. To join the plan, all you need to do is log in 

Sign up with your email and once you verify it you are good to go. Setting up the trading Bot is also quite easy as it is automated. 

All you need to do is create an online account with a trading bot and make you have a working strategy in mind that you want to make use of. 


If you aren’t already into the cryptocurrency community, there is quite a lot of chance that you would get involved in the near future.  

You are either missing out on a lot of potential money, or you already lost some money in the cryptocurrency market before. 

Whichever it is, Dan Hollings has created a low-risk plan to ensure that you can make as much money as possible from crypto while taking on the minimum amount of risk. 

Finally, you need to know that this is all based on the personal experiences of customers and you should still carry out your research and make personal consultations too. 

This is so that you can get the best output for your investment. 

Cryptocurrencies are high risk just like any other investment and although Dan Hollings is showing you a way to make profits with little risk, endeavor to invest what you can afford to lose

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