How To Make Money With ChatGPT –  3 Jobs ChatGPT Will Replace In Future

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Do you want to make money with ChatGPT? If you want to make money with ChatGPT, then you need to read this informative article to the end so that you will be able to make money with the latest AI software from OpenAI. 

ChatGPT is the latest newly launched AI that is designed to carry out several operations for all Internet users and online business owners. 

To start making money with ChatGPT, you need to create an account on the Open AI website. 

Which is very simple and easy to create aside from that it is completely free to create a chatGPT account on the chatGPT official website

At the moment of writing this article, it is completely free to use ChatGPT. Take advantage of the AI Before it turns into a monthly paid subscription, take action now. 

Immediately after you have created an account you need to verify your email so that you will be able to login into your chatGPT account. 

How To Make Money With ChatGPT As A Beginner In 2023

There are several methods of making money with the latest robot in the market which is chatGPT. 

Although chatGPT AI software will be replacing numerous jobs in the future, you can still make money with it, especially when it is free because it will be a paid premium tool in the future. 

#1. Write E-commerce Product Description With ChatGPT

An E-commerce product description is one of the best methods of making money with ChatGPT. 

There are numerous e-commerce business owners that need the services of professional product description writers. 

Even if you don’t have any writing experience you can take on a commerce product description writer at the moment with the help of ChatGPT. 

To get started with e-commerce product description writing you need to sign up on any of the available freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and other related and popular freelance platforms. 

You need to sign up and create an e-commerce product description writing gig. Once you get a client then you can easily make use of chatGPT to write the product description. 

Within a few minutes, you will be able to write a highly-catching product description and submit it to get paid immediately. 

ChatGPT will help you to write high-quality product descriptions within a few minutes for free so you don’t need to pay anyone. 

All you need is to make use of the ChatGPT AI software and get paid as soon as you deliver your gig to your customer. 

#2. Copywriting Jobs With ChatGPT

Writing Long Content 

Copywriting is one of the most popular jobs at the moment and it is among the well-paid category. 

Business owners are ready to pay thousands of dollars for a professional copywriter to write good copy for their product or service. 

So that they will be able to reach out to more customers with better and more attractive captions to sell their products to their potential audience or customer. 

Do you know that you can write a good copy with ChatGPT? YES, it is possible to write sellable copy with ChatGPT even if you don’t have writing or copywriting skills. 

All you need to do is to input the product description and details in the available space in chatGPT, then it will be able to write an attractive copy that sells any product or service for you within a few minutes. 

You don’t need to stress yourself about writing or hire an expensive freelance copywriter, you can Make Money With ChatGPT and also make use of the software if you are a professional copywriter because it will help to make your job easier and faster.

To start making money as a copywriter without any experience, you need to create a copywriting gig on Upwork, and Fiverr. 

 And then make use of chatGPT to write your copy immediately after anyone orders your service on Fiverr or Upwork.

 You’ll get free money because chatGPT is completely free at the moment. 

#3. Content Writing Jobs With ChatGPT

Content writing is also one of the most effective and popular methods of making money with ChatGPT.

You can provide a service of a content writer such as blog post articles, press releases, and scripts on Fiverr, Upwork, and other popular freelance platforms even if you don’t have any content writing experience. 

Once you create a content writing gig on the available freelance platforms, then make use of chatGPT AI software to write your content once you get a gig.

 One of the advantages of using ChatGPT is high-quality jobs within a short time. You don’t need to worry about plagiarism if you write your content with ChatGPT. 

But if you would like to change the word structure or rewrite the article then Quillbot is recommended for that. 

Likewise, grammatical error is not the issue because this AI is designed to write correct content without grammatical errors. 

3 Jobs Chat GPT Will be Fully Replaced in 2023

3 Jobs Chat GPT Will be Fully Replaced in 2023

ChatGPT will change SEO game (forever). I’m not joking or Will open Ai’s GTP CHAT to replace developers, we discuss how AI will gradually replace jobs over time, starting with entry-level positions

#1. Copywriters Job

Copywriting is one of the jobs that chatGPT may fully replace in the future because this incredible AI robot can write accurate copies that will take an average professional copywriter a week within a few seconds.

At the moment chatGPT is completely free, so business owners and those who need the service of a professional copywriter now or in the future will not need to hire a professional copywriter to work for them. 

Now, most business owners can easily make use of chatGPT to write sellable and better copies that professional operators may not even be capable of writing. 

ChatGPT has proved to be able to write perfect copy for any product or service, regardless of your knowledge. 

With ChatGPT you will be able to make use of this AI software to create a credible copy for your product or service within a few minutes. 

Will Human Copywriting Become Obsolete?

If you are a professional copywriter, then you should be very worried about your chances of getting a copywriting job because chatGPT and other numbers of the available AI are ready to fully take your job now or in the future.

The more this AI software gets popular the fewer business owners and other organizations need your copywriting service.

 Even most of this AI software can write better copies than most writers. 

Aside from that, they are fast, and within a few minutes, they will be able to write an incredible copy for any product or service, the same job that might take human writers two weeks or more.

You need to know that AI software is going to take over copywriting jobs in the future, but it is also important to know not everyone or organizations will trust AI. 

There will be several companies that will still be patronizing professional copywriter services, especially professional copywriters that have been around for a long time and build trust among thousands of people.

AI robots can only replace copywriters at the entry level. If you are an entry-level copywriter, then you need to step up your game so that AI will not be able to replace you in the future. 

#2. Programming or Developers

Programming is one of the most popular and most demanded jobs at the moment.

But the truth is, it’s going to be replaced by robots in the future. AI like chatGPT is capable of replacing programming jobs now or in the future with the available features that are designed with this incredible software.

You should be worried if you are a junior or entry-level programmer because chatGPT can do the same thing you will learn for months or years with a few minutes. 

With the available features that are designed with ChatGPT AI software, it can write code in any programming language, fix bugs, and carry out order programming operations within a few minutes.

Will Chat GPT Artificial Intelligence Replace Programmers in the Future?

Even though AI will take over some programming jobs, it cannot and will never take over senior programming jobs even in the next 10 years.

 If you are a junior or entry-level programmer, then you should step up to become a senior and professional programmer. 

so that you will be able to offer your services without fear of AI taking over your job now or in the future. 

#3 Customer Support Jobs

Customer Support

Customer support service is also one of the jobs that will be fully taken by chatGPT and other incredible AI in the future.

The major duties of customer support in several organizations or companies are to check and reply to emails, phone calls, social media messages, or comments. 

Likewise, they are companies’ customers in other platforms where customers can reach out to their companies or organizations.

ChatGPT is designed with the necessary features that are needed to answer almost all customers’ questions. 

So it can easily replace the service of a customer care support or representative.

You should be worried about your job now if you are a customer care representative because this incredible robot can do better than you. 

After all, it can work perfectly well any time of the day which is not possible for you as a customer assistant. Likewise, it is faster and currently, it is completely free.

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AI Page BuilderYesNo
AI Content WriterYesYes
AI Video CreatorYesNo
AI VoiceoversYesNo
AI Stock LibraryYesNo
AI Email WriterYesYes
AI Logos & BannersYesNo
AI Text To ImageYesNo
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Long ContentYesYes
AI SEO Content BriefsYesNo
Writes codeYesYes
AI Image CleanerYesNo
AI Image ColourizerYesNo
AI Image AnimerYesNo
Crazy Youtube IdeasYesYes
TikTok Brainstorm TopicsYesYes
Hashtag GeneratorYesYes
Hook GeneratorYesYes
Instagram CaptionsYesYes
Book IdeasYesYes
Book TitlesYesYes
Book OutlineYesYes
Book ForewordYesYes
Book IntroductionYesYes
Book BlurbYesYes
Product Launch IdeasYesYes
Product PitchYesYes
Blog Post IdeasYesYes
Blog Post Titles-ArticlesYesYes
Blog Post IntrosYesYes
Blog Post OutlineYesYes
QUEST CopywritingYesYes
Company value propositionYesYes
Company MottoYesYes
Company MissionYesYes
Marketing AnglesYesYes
Marketing IdeasYesYes
Product Launch IdeasYesYes

In Conclusion

Now you know how you can make money with ChatGPT and the job that will be fully replaced by chatGPT and other effective AI robots in the future. 

You need to start planning about the future if your job is among the jobs that may likely be replaced by AI robots in the future.

ChatGPT AI software has made life easier for a lot of people and it allows them to make money from the comfort of their homes even without any experience. 

With the available features of this incredible AI robot, you will be able to provide a lot of services and get paid even without any experience. 

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