8 Tips for Using Temporary Virtual Credit Cards To Avoid Scam

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The rate of cybercrime is getting more alarming. 

While some find it easy to get over the shock of losing their money, some lose their life due to no hope or recovery. 

So, the introduction of temporary cards has been life-saving for many people. What are the tips for using temporary cards?

The virtual credit card allows you to make purchases online that you would normally need to input your credit card information. 

With this option, you can purchase items without disclosing your personal information such as your social security number.

Also, It will protect you from identity theft since the credit card information is temporarily used once and then locked out immediately after use.

There are some tips you need to know about using temporary cards. It will help you in having easy access or operation with the cards without any hassles.

1. You need an Existing Account to have a VCC

You need an Existing Account to have a VCC

Your Virtual Credit Card is a fast way to pay online without having to enter your personal credit card information. 

However, it looks almost impossible for you to get a VCC without having an existing account.

Once you have an account, all that is left is for you to request a virtual credit card. 

Once it has been issued, you can use it for online shopping, paying for utility bills, and many more. 

The VCC will be linked to your existing credit card and therefore lower your chance of misplacing your card.

2. Virtual Credit Card Only Works Online

Also, one of the things you need to know about Virtual credit cards is that it only works online. 

You can only use it for purchase or payment for goods.

 Take note that not all online stores accept VCC because of records and experience with fraud.

It is the reason most online stores approve the use of PayPal as their payment option. 

It is one of the reliable and trusted payment gateways and for you to make use of Paypal for online payment, you must have a valid Paypal VCC attached to the account.

3. Easy Monitoring Of Transactions 

One thing you can always do with a temporary card is that you can always monitor your transaction. 

If you ever become a victim of fraud with your VCC, you can always trace to know where the fraudulent activity takes place. 

So, it thus gives you a high level of security over your money.

4. You can Set Limits for Transaction

Your ability to set a limit for your online transaction using your temporary card thus gives you an edge over anyone who tries to fraud you. 

You are the only person that can lift or extend the limit and that means you can always be confident that no one will rob you of your hard-earned money.

5. Generate VCC With Your Mobile Phone

One of the safety measures with VCC is that you can always generate one whenever you need it. 

You do not have to store the card code on your phone. Anyone who has access to your phone can use the code.

Therefore, with the use of some online apps which allow you to generate VCC in seconds, you can always do that whenever you need one for any transaction. 

This way, you are so sure no one will ever find it easy to fraud you.

6. Pecfect for Recurring Monthly Payment

Some websites are designed in a way that once you enter your credit card details, they save them automatically. 

So, using VCC for such websites will ensure you are safe with your money. 

You should create a limit for the number of transactions you can make with a VCC you generate.

Once you exceed the limit, there will never be a future charge on your account. All effort to do so will be abortive.

7. VCC is Not Available to All

You should know that some issuers do not give out VCC. Some banks offer VCC, and some do not. 

So, if you are interested in VCC, you need to make your findings of the issuer. Some issuer will go all out to recommend the best for you too.

 Therefore, the choice is all yours to make the decision.

8. VCC is Not Expensive

You might be surprised to find out that some people have more than one VCC.

 It is because it is not expensive and sometimes easy to get. It all depends on the issuer. 

Sometimes, you might have to use more than ten VCC within a year if you are an online freak shopper.


Here are tips for using temporary cards that you need to know.  Whether it’s a last-minute hotel reservation or an online purchase, a temporary credit card is perfect for several transactions. 

And virtual credit cards are very easy to set up with no plastic required.

 If a merchant has a Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code online service, you can add your card on file within minutes.

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