5 Easy Ways Take a Screenshot On Windows 10 Computers.

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There are tons of ways to take a screenshot on windows 10 computers and most of them are very easy to use.

You can take a screenshot by using a Microsoft edge web note tool, web browser extensions, or a third-party screenshot app.

Screenshot On Windows 10

Some of these methods are very fast and won’t require much effort while others would require several clicks. If you’re in a hurry or you’re going to be handling many screenshots, you won’t want all that long process.

In this article, you will find 5 Easy Ways Take a Screenshot On Windows 10 Computers. These processes are short and straight to the point and should work for all windows 10 computers regardless of their make.

1. Print Screen

On your computer or laptop keyboard, you should find a key with the inscription, Print Screen. This key is just after the F12 key and right beside the Scroll lock key. This method is very easy as all you would need to screenshot the page is to press the button.

however, this method doesn’t automatically save the file so you would have to paste it into an application.

Print Screen Screenshot On Windows 10

To capture your screen with the print screen method, press the print screen button on your keyboard. Open the Paint application and right-click in the empty space, click on paste.

You can also press Ctrl + V. You can also use other computer programs to paste the image including Photoshop and Snip and Sketch.

Once pasted, you can edit the image as you like. After that, click on the save button or press Ctrl + S on your keyboard to save the file. When saving screenshots, it is recommended that you create a folder for them.

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This way you can easily access the screenshots you’ve saved. Also, save your screenshots with something related to the screenshot. If you took a screenshot of an amazon lawn mower shopping page, it is better to save that screenshot as “amazon lawn mower” rather than saving it with a number or something unrelated.

2. Alt + Print Screen

This method works just like the Print Screen method, however, it helps you save only the active/in-focus window rather than all windows as with the Print Screen method.

Alt + Print Screen to Screenshot On Windows 10

To use this method, press the Alt key on your keyboard, then press the Print Screen key. When done, you will once again have to paste it into a computer program like Paint or Photoshop and save.

3. Windows + Print Screen

If you’re saving a lot of screenshots as I do, you won’t want to have to open Paint or Photoshop every time you want to save the screenshot. This process is quite long and could be time-consuming. Luckily, other methods of taking a screenshot on windows 10 computers are faster and even easier to use.

Windows + Print Screen to Screenshot On Windows

To use the Windows Key + Print Screen method, press the Windows key and then the Print Screen button.

Make sure you hold down the Windows key while pressing the Print Screen button. When done, your computer screen will blink. This is the computer capturing the screen. The image will automatically be saved in the Pictures >> Screenshots folder.

The only issue with this method is that your screenshot will be saved with a random name, like Screenshot (1).

If you want to change the name to something else, you can navigate to the folder and right-click on the screenshot you want to rename. Click on “Rename” and then type in the name you want.

4. Snipping Tool

The snipping tool is one of the most popular methods of capturing screenshots on windows 10 computers.

As with other methods, using the snipping tool comes with its own pros and cons. With the snipping tool, you can capture a section of the screen that contains what you’re looking for. This means you won’t have to edit the screenshot later to crop out the unwanted parts as with the Windows key + Print Screen method.

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Another pro of this method is that you can save the screenshot with any name you want and in any folder, you want rather than the automatic saving and naming process of the Windows key + Print Screen method.

The only con here is that the process is a bit longer, but since you won’t to worry about editing the picture after saving it, you will enjoy this method best.

Snipping Tool to screenshot on windows

To use the snipping tool, you will have to open the application. Once open, click on the mode button in the menu bar to bring up the snipping options. The rectangular snip is usually the best option to go for, but you can try all of them out till you get one that gives you the results you want.

After choosing the snipping method, your computer screen will turn foggy. Click on the area of the screen that you want to snip and drag.

A rectangular box (if you choose the rectangular snip) will form. The area in the box will be clearer than the area outside it. The clear area is your screenshot. The more you drag, the wider this clear area becomes. When you’ve snipped as much as you need, release the click button. With that, your screenshot has been captured.

To save the screenshot, you will have to go back to the snipping tool application where you will find the screenshot. Click on File and then Save As and save the screenshot with whatever you want.

5. Snip and Sketch Tool

Snip and Sketch Tool to screenshot

This method is similar to the snipping tool method. To use, open the application and press on the new button to capture a screenshot.

Screenshot On Windows

From here the process is just the same as snipping tool. After dragging around the area you want to capture, you can go ahead to save the file in any location and with any name of your choosing

Wrapping Up

Those are the five easy ways to screenshot on windows 10 computers. There are tons of other ways, but these ways are the fastest available.

Overall, using the snipping tool or the snip and sketch tool is the best way to screenshot on windows 10 computers.

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