Best 20 Most Popular Gift Cards to Give Loved Ones [Best Holiday Gift Ideas]

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Receiving a most popular gift cards from a loved one could be very exciting. However, it could be very disappointing when such is not appreciated.

To avoid this, more people are now opting for gift cards to give to their loved ones.

Studies show that several people end up not using gifts received from loved ones. People appreciate being loved, and gifts are a way of showing our love for that special person.

Gift cards create a great way of personalizing a gift given to a person with the luxury of allowing them to pick what they want.


They have become more popular among shoppers these days, and it is one of the most bought items during festive periods like Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, etc. You can use many factors to determine the best gift cards to give to a

loved one. They include popularity, the value of the gift card, resale value if the recipient doesn’t like the card, shipping cost to send the card and shopping experience at the retailer.

Types of Gift Cards

1. Closed Loop Gift Cards:

 A holder of a closed-loop gift card can only purchase items of a gift card from a specified retailer or store. They are only used in the store or website of one single merchant.

However, Gap gift cards can be used in other of its affiliate’s stores such as Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, and Gap itself. Closed-loop gift cards are popular for weddings and baby registries.

2. Open-loop Gift cards

Open-loop gift cards are in the form of a credit or debit card used in the merchant of where the card is accepted.

Companies such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover all issue an open-loop gift card. The cards are often reloadable gift cards and allow the recipient to add funds on their own if they so desire.

Digital Gift cards: Today, gift cards can be received via email. A major advantage of this type of gift card is that they cannot be lost and can also be purchased quickly.

20 most Popular Gift Card to give to a Loved One

If you are at a loss over what gift card to buy for a loved one, you can take a look at some of the most popular gift cards.

#1. Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards have gained quite a huge prominence among shoppers. The fact that you can find tons of items on every single category has made it a shopper’s delight.

You can find also get Amazon Gift Card through the gift card exchange site.

#2. Starbucks Gift Cards


This online Gift card is a great gift for coffee lovers. They are quite easy to send and very wonderful to receive.

#3. Walmart Gift Cards



Walmart gift cards make a great gift for that special person who desires to shop for a huge variety of items.

#4. The Gap Gift Card



If you seek an apparel gift card, then you must look out for the Gap gift card. It can be used in all stores associated with Gap.

#5. Victoria Secret Gift Card



Quite a number of women will love to receive Victoria’s Secret gift card. It’s a woman’s delight anytime.

#6. Visa Gift Card



Visa gift cards are more popular because they can be accepted almost everywhere credit cards are accepted. This level of convenience makes it one of the most popular gift cards available today.

#7. American Express Gift Card



A perfect gift card for the office settings. The American Express Giff card is a great choice for employees, friends, and family. They are accepted everywhere American Express is accepted. You can get them locally at that drug store or supermarket close to you.

They can also be bought through the American Express Gift card Webpage.

#8. Whole food Gift Cards



As one of the most popular supermarkets in the country, Wholefoods gift cards are an excellent gift for a friend.

#9. Target Gift Cards



A target gift card allows you to shop a variety of items from any of the target stores littered across the United States.

There are no fees or expiration dates attached to Target gift cards, making them quite popular.

#10. iTunes Gift Cards


One of the popular gift cards today is the iTunes gift cards. You can have the iTunes gift card delivered to the email and account of your loved one.

The iTunes gift card can be used to purchase apps, music, books on the app store.

#11. MasterCard Gift Card


MasterCard gift card can be used to purchase merchandise and services from anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted in the world.

#12. Apple Gift Card


Apple is one of the largest tech companies in the world. The company provides online services, computer software, and computer electronics.

Apple gift cards are listed among the most popular gift cards in the USA today.

#13. Nordstrom Gift Card



Nordstrom gift cards rank as one of the most popular gift cards in the clothing line industry.

The US gift cards can be redeemed at any Nordstrom store around the United States and Puerto Rico.

#14. Best Buy Gift Cards


Best buy is a platform where people can purchase cell phones, computers, video games, electronics, and other innovative tech products.

You can pay for services online and pay for merchandise via best buy gift cards.

#15. Kohl’s Gift Cards


Kohl’s gift card is a digital gift card preloaded with monetary value that can be used to purchase Kohl’s merchandise at Kohl’

#16. Netflix Gift Card



The streaming platform is known for dishing out great movie content and TV shows. With a Netflix gift card price range of $25 to $100, you can give that loved one great experience of top-notch content on Netflix.

#17. Roblox Gift Card



Considered as one of the most popular gift cards in the US, Roblox is a platform where gamers and users can play and program games other users have created.

The Roblox gift card is sure to give enhance the gaming experience of users.

#18. eBay Gift Cards


The online commerce retail company offers everything you need on its platform. eBay gift cards are an excellent fit for a wonderful shopping experience.

#19. Disney Gift Card


Disney gift cards provide users with the opportunity to buy their favourite Disney entertainment as well as merchandise.

The Disney gift cards come with lots of benefits for users, and they are a great option to give to friends and loved ones.

#20. Sephora Gift Card


Sephora ranks among the best beauty companies in the US. So It is not surprising why Sephora gift card is ranked among the most popular gift card available today.

Respected for their impressive service, Sephora gift cards are well cherished by women who desire that great look.

Best Gift Card 2020


We have accessed a number of factors that determine the best gift card to give a loved one this 2020. These factors include the following:

  • Discount
  • Resale value
  • Retailer rating
  • Shipping fees

The best gift cards to give a friend or loved one this year includes:

#1. Target

The discount value of Target gift card is quite encouraging. At 5.76% discount rate, coupled with a very good resale value, Target gift cards are one of the best gift cards you give a loved one.

#2. Walmart Gift cards

Walmart gift cards have very good resale value making it among the best gift cards to give this year

#3. Apple gift cards

With a resale value of $85 for a $100 gift card, Apple gift cards are among the best gift cards to give out.

#4. eBay gift cards

You can get a very good discount while purchasing eBay gift cards, making it among the best gift card to buy for the year.

#5. Sephora gift card

Sephora gift card is ranked among the best gift cards for the year and is an outright favorite for many women.

Best Restaurant Gift Cards


Many top restaurant outlets in the country have a gift card that customers can take advantage of.

Here is a look at some of the best restaurant gift cards available presently.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

Buying a $50 gift card would see you get a bonus of $10 that lasts until September.


You can save more money by buying a Snuffer’s gift card for $25 and get a free burger.


A gift card of $20 or more would earn you a gift card of $5.

The Cheesecake Factory

You can get a gift card of $50 and get another worth $15. The gift card does not have an expiration time to it.

Best Selection of Gift Cards

You can find the largest selection of gift cards from the following stores and website:

  •  Amazon; offers the widest selection of gift cards. You can also find discount gift cards from other brands on Amazon.
  •  GiftCardmall; You can find a variety of gift cards on
  • eBay: You can find a wide selection of gift cards on a number of products on eBay.
  • GiftCards: The website offers some of the most popular merchant brands gift cards in the United States, and of course, you can find them at great discounts. The website offers gift cards for brands as Sephora, iTunes, Applebees, Gap stores, etc.
  • Grocery Stores: You can get a wide variety of gift cards at your local grocery stores. Buying gift cards from your local grocery store is quite convenient and effective.

What are the best gift cards to give for Christmas?

best gift cards to give for Christmas

One of the most perfect and thrilling time to give a gift is Christmas. So, deciding on a gift card to give to that loved one might be quite an issue.

Everyone has different preferences and tastes, so the thought of them not liking your gift can be disturbing.

To be on a safe side, you should opt for a Christmas gift card. Several gift cards are a perfect choice for that special friend or loved one.

By giving out a gift card at Christmas, you give your loved one the power to choose from whatever they desire to have for themselves. Some of the most valuable gift cards are usually given during Christmas.

A look at the list of gift cards given during Christmas indicates a reflection of individuals’ moods during this period.

Travel gift cards

The Christmas period is a time where there is usually a peak in the number of travels. Travel gift cards are easy to use and very convenient.

They can be used just like any other gift cards of your favourite store or restaurant. If you want to endear yourself to that loved one, then you should give them a travel gift card for Christmas.

Popular travel gift cards you can buy are Uber gift cards and Airbnb gift cards.

Hotel gift cards

Travel and vacation go side by side. You can give your loved ones some great hotel gift cards when they make them take that vacation.

You can find a huge selection of hotel gift cards on Amazon, Fandango gift card,, Cooney Island gift cards, etc. are some hotel gift cards you can buy for that loved one going on a vacation.

Clothing, shoes, and accessories gift card

The rate of shopping for clothes and shoes is quite high during the Christmas season. You can give your loved one gift cards any of the gift cards for shoes and clothing.

Gift cards from Nike, Ok Navy, American Eagle Outfitters, etc. are great Christmas gift cards for that loved one.

Restaurant gift card

Christmas is a great time for family bonding. A restaurant gift card could be that perfect gift card that loved ones may have just been waiting for.

Cheesecake factory gift card is a popular restaurant gift card.

Movie gift card

The Christmas period is one where many people would be looking forward to catching the latest Christmas movie or binge-watch on their favourite TV shows.

Movie gift cards such as AMZ theatre, Regal cinema, and Netflix gift cards are great gifts for that loved one during the Christmas season.

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