How Does an Xbox Work with a VPN

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Xbox is undoubtedly considered as the God of the gaming world, it has much more than you can even think of. With your Xbox, you can be more connected with the games and entertainment but, there’s something that you’re missing out.

We are talking about a VPN connection that is essential for a secure Xbox experience. In this guide, we will shed light on why do you need a VPN for Xbox One or Xbox and how does an Xbox work with a VPN. 

setting vpn for xbox one

Read on to find out the details and make your Xbox experience a bit more thrilling without compromising the security it needs. 

Why do you need a VPN for Xbox? 

Using a VPN with Xbox is a great idea and it offers a great deal of benefits which you can actually avail. First things first, VPNs are great for securing your online connection.

It means that if you’re using a trusted VPN service like NordVPN, Surfshark, CyberGhost, ExpressVPN and FastestVPN then your data will stay safe from web sniffers.  

Also, gamers can enjoy more pleasurable online gaming with a VPN. A high-quality VPN reduces the gaming lag-time with its wide server range available in multiple locations. 

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There are VPNs available that connect gamers with P2P gaming servers which automatically transfer your traffic through data centres and reduce the lag. 

Aside from a flawless online gaming experience, there’s much more to expect with an Xbox VPN. It enables you to access region-blocked games. All you need to do is change your server location and effortlessly, access games that are blocked in your region. 

Moreover, with an Xbox VPN, you can also get early access to a game that is about to rollout. It means that if a new game is launched in America before rolling out in your country, then you can play it before your family and friends. Thanks to a VPN. 

You can change your server location to America, and soon, you’ll appear as an American gamer on the server, and the game will automatically be available to you.

Now, you have clearly understood the perks of using a VPN with Xbox, it’s time to know how to connect your Xbox with a VPN. 

How to Connect a VPN with Xbox One 

Setting up a VPN with Xbox one is easy. There are two approaches to do that either you can buy a Wi-Fi router that is compatible with VPN and connect it with your Xbox One. Here’s how to do it: 

  • Hit the Live/Home button on your Xbox one to see the menu 

    vpn for xbox one

  • Move ahead to Settings > System settings

    Network Settings | VPN with Xbox

  • Pick “Network Settings“, select Wi-Fi connection and enter password

    Wi-Fi connection | vpn for xbox one

  • Accept settings and go for a test connection

    test connection for game consoles

  • Log in to your Xbox one account 

    Xbox one account

  • Now, you’re done. 
  • You can also connect a VPN with Xbox One via VPN sharing. Here’s how to do it: 
  • Use a crossover cable to connect your Xbox One with laptop

    Xbox One with laptop

  • Switch on your laptop and Go to “Network connections” (open it by entering ncpa.cpl  in the Run field)

    Network connections

  • You’ll find an option “TAP-Windows Adapter V9” search for a driver here, and  open TAP-Windows Adapter V9 properties 

    TAP-Windows Adapter V9

  • Now, in the properties section, go to “Sharing” and enable “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”.

    connect through this computer's Internet connection

  • Move to Home Networking Connection’ and select Xbox from the drop down menu 

    Home Networking Connection

  • Open your VPN app 

    Fastest VPN app 

  • Go to Settings and select your Protocol

    Fastest Settings Protocol

  • Select your server location 

    Fastest server location

  • Move to Settings > System settings 

    System settings vpn for xbox one

  • Select Network settings > Wired Network 

    Network settings > Wired Network 

  • Accept settings for the test connection 

    the test connection vpn for xbox

  • Log in to your Xbox One. 

How to use a VPN with Xbox One using PC

In case, if you find it daunting to connect a VPN via router or sharing then you can also use a PC. Follow these simple steps and connect an Xbox One VPN.


  • Laptop/PC
  • Ethernet cable
  • Xbox One
  • Valid VPN subscription


  • Download any VPN software on your system

    Download VPN software

  • Attach the Ethernet cord into your Xbox one and the back of your computer/laptop

    Ethernet cord for Xbox one

  • Let’s get connected to the home Wi-Fi network

    Wi-Fi network settings for xbox

  • Go to Control Panel Settings > Network and Sharing Center, now change adaptor settings on windows left-hand side

    Network and Sharing Center

  • Click right on your VPN icon, then click on properties

    vpn settings for xbox one

  • Open Sharing Tab, make sure to select “other network users to connect to this computer’s internet connection”

    test connection settings for xbox

  • Now, check that your internet is working fine on the Xbox. If everything is running well, you can now continue using Xbox One using VPN.

    Xbox One using VPN.

How to connect Xbox One VPN on Mac

If you are using a Mac device still you can connect your Xbox One to a VPN. The process of connecting Xbox One VPN on Mac is similar to connection Xbox One VPN on PC.


  • Mac device
  • Ethernet cord
  • Xbox One
  • Valid VPN subscription


  • Again, start from installing the best Mac VPN software on your device

    connect Xbox One VPN on Mac

  • Attach the Ethernet cord in the back of the Mac device and Xbox One

    Connect Ethernet cord to Mac device and Xbox One

  • Go to System Preferences > Sharing and internet appearing on the left side of the window

    System Preferences > Sharing and internet

  • Select “Wi-Fi” from the Share your connection drop-down menu

    Wifi settings for xbox

  • Select Ethernet from the To computers list. Since you’re using Ethernet cord for connecting to the internet on Mac, therefore, share your connection via Wi-Fi

    Ethernet cord for connecting

  • To enable internet sharing between Mac and Xbox, mark check on the box to the left of the internet sharing list. If everything is rightly done, you will see a green icon

    enable internet sharing between Mac and Xbox

  • Launch VPN software on your Mac device and connect to the selected server

    Launch VPN software on your Mac device

    Check your Xbox One connection. If you have set up everything right then you will now use VPN on Xbox One.

Test connection vpn for xbox one

What to look for in an Xbox One VPN

When you are buying an Xbox One VPN, then certain things should be in the top of your mind. It is important to see specific elements otherwise; you will really miss out the goodness of an Xbox VPN.

The core purpose of connecting an Xbox VPN is to bypass regional blocks while maintaining a high speed and low latency rate.

Therefore, always try to look for a large number of servers to connect to anywhere with minimum speed issues. Also, pay special attention to gaming servers, it means that you must select a VPN service that provides you with various dedicated servers optimized for gaming.

Since the router is an important part to set up a VPN on Xbox therefore; router compatibility should always be in your list while selecting an Xbox One VPN.

Last but not the least, always select a VPN service with robust encryption and DDoS protection to keep your gameplay secure from attacks and interruptions.

Wrapping up

Xbox One is a powerful gaming device and you can make the most from it by connecting it with a VPN.

Using a VPN with your Xbox will not only secure your online connection from prying eyes, but it will also let you access all the region-blocked games and will give you a chance to enjoy early access to newly released games.

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