How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post For Free

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What’s the point of posting on Instagram if no one is seeing it? When you put in all that effort and upload an awesome photo, you’re probably wondering who saved your Instagram post and how you can thank them. 

Luckily, the process to find out who saved your Instagram post is pretty simple. 

You can follow along with this guide to learn how to see who saved your Instagram posts so you can express your gratitude, or use this information to gain a competitive advantage over other businesses. 

Why Should Know Who Save Your Instagram Post 

How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post For Free

Who knows, maybe one of the people who saved your posts will become your new customer!

Instagram is a visual platform. People enjoy scrolling through pictures and videos of their favourite celebrities, models, and bloggers. 

What people love even more is what they can relate to. If you have a brand on Instagram, you’ve likely received many hearts on some of your posts by now. 

Did you know that every time someone saves your photo or video, it means they want to see more from you?

 Well, you need to know what your audience likes, with just a few steps, anyone can find out who saved their post on Instagram!

Can Any App Show You who’s Saved Your Picture on Instagram? 

Instagram has a function that allows you to see how many people saved your posts on the app.

 You can also find out if someone saved one of your posts even if they have their account private. 

Is it possible to Check Who Exactly Saved Your Instagram Post?

No, You won’t be able to see exactly the individuals who saved your Instagram post for the same reason that other Instagram users won’t be able to know that you saved theirs.

Only the number of individuals who have saved your Instagram post is shown. 

How To Check Many Times Your Post Has Been Saved?

 Here’s how:  Follow these instructions to learn how many times your Instagram post was saved:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app: and tap the home icon.

Step 2 On your main Instagram feed, tap your profile picture.

On your main Instagram feed

Step 3: Scroll to the post you want to see who saved.

Step 4: Tap the post.

post you want to see who saved.

Step 5: On the left corner of the Instagram post, you’ll see View Insights.

 left corner of the Instagram post

Step 6: Tap view insights.

Tap view insights.
Tap view insights.

 There you will be able to see how many times your photo has been saved! Pretty cool right?! Save it so you never forget!

Can Your Followers See Your Saved Posts or image on Instagram?

You may have saved some content on Instagram but are you worried that others can see your list of saved posts or images?

The fact is Only you can see the posts you’ve saved. When you save someone’s post, they’re not able to tell that you’ve saved it.

You do not have to worry about people snooping because the only person that can see what posts you have saved is you. 

However, If you’re using a public account and someone has saved one of your posts, they can see your post even if they’re not following you. 

If you’re using a private account, people have to be following you to see your content.

  Unlike on Twitter, there’s no way for anyone to find out who has saved your post or followed it. 

So feel free to enjoy all those likes, knowing that nobody will ever know that it was their comment that inspired it (unless they follow you).

How to See What’s You Have Saved on Instagram

First Open Instagram, 

Then click on profile, 

How to See What's You Have Saved on Instagram

Then click on three line option, 

How to See What's You Have Saved on Instagram

Then click on saved, 

How to See What's You Have Saved on Instagram

Now you can see all saved posts from here.

How to See What's You Have Saved on Instagram


There is no way to know who saved your message, unfortunately.

 However, you can view vital metrics and insights through your professional Instagram account, such as how your readers are engaging with your Instagram content and how many people have bookmarked your posts.

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