How To Make Money From Auto Traffic Topbuzz For Postings Article, Video Per Day ( YouTube Alternative )

Are interested in to how to make money online by writing Article or video from home?

I’ve found fast making money online tips,
there is many way to earn money online but many of you interested in creating content on youtube only which is very frustrating.

Good means I have found Topbuzz best a Youtube Alternative where  you can earn  $100+ within 24hour all you need to get started is ensure you enhance your Freelance skills career. I mean your writing skills and sources for trending video.

What is TopBuzz Apps?

TopBuzz is an app which supposedly helps content creators reach more people, and the best earning money website that gives publishers money through paypal or bank transfer in order to drive more revenue.

After a barrage of ads directing us to the platform, and always being open to new opportunities to develop

How to make money online

Topbuzz Earnings Tips To Make Money Online

Topbuzz is now available worldwide but USA UK & many foreign country were given more priority before they First world but unfortunately the service is not available for India..

**Kindly Note This**

Read This article about how to Make $6k From Dropshipping Business without With zero capital…. Then you continue Reading……

Topbuzz Payment Method

TopBuzz has a better CPM Than any other platform like YouTube, so far topbuzz is the best YouTube Alternative ( You can earn 1$ or more for 1000 views or reads for your videos or articles ).

You can request your payment when it reaches 100$ as minimum by PayPal or Bank transfer

Bank transfer is available when you earning will reach 100$ minimum treashold.


Is it possible to make $100 within 24hours? its absolutely possible and easy to earn such within 24hour, because topbuzz has the super powerful Traffic base, their is there already waiting for your content.

Topbuzz Sign Up Procedure

Are you ready to sign up for topbuzz? You should navigate setting options and make sure to choose payment option PayPal, don’t choose bank transfer if you choose bank transfer they will block you because Indian bank & USA bank is not the same.

Secure payment processor PayPal.com for USA ,UK and Nigeria used to withdrew earn from Topbuzz..com

So choose  PayPal option only to get successful payment 💪

Requirements To Make Money Online With Topbuzz 

Those tools are Required  to Download content such as video, Articles, and Pictures for TopBuzz

  • Download instagram video dowloader For Content Instagram Save
  • Download YouTube videos Downloader For Content Video Downloader player
  • Download Facebook video and pictures save Here
  • Active Facebook profile or page (note that Facebook page with 50k follow will get $100 for sign up)
  • Twitter account.
  • YouTube channels. (optional)

Topbuzz Sign Up Bonus Tips To Making Money Online

Head straight here and create your account create 3 using a Facebook, twitter and YouTube account with subscriber this will enable you receive sign up money from topbuzz as a boost in your account and also received instant sign up bonus

Claim the topbuzz sign up bonus


* The value of your bonus is calculated based on your number of subscribers of their YouTube/ Facebook/ Twitter as the chart below:

Number of Sign-up Bonus

100-5,000. $1

5,000-9,999 $5

10,000-49,999 $20

50,000-99,999. $50

100,000-999,999. $99

≥1000,000. $500

Click on this link and open it with puffin web browser

Activate desktop view It will help you access all the full feature of the website

After creating the 2 accounts go to settings and change the the name and picture to that of a girl and save you can use Any IP address there is no rules for that .

Note that Creating account via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will make you article or post go viral unlike using ordinary Email And you get Sign up bonus.

How to get Content source (Note this apply to Nigeria other country can source for content via google search engine)

Then head straight to naijaloaded.con.ng
And click on others and copy a good article from the website, you might be wondering what you going to do with the content or how to upload on Topbuzz.

Its very easy to upload it on Topbuzz you just need to paste it on the topbuzz content section with best trending pictures from Instagram.

Good things about Topbuzz is that Copyright is not always apply here unlike YouTube.

Head straight to Instagram and download funny videos and upload them using topbuzz official app download from PlayStore.

Follow this instagam to get the content to post on topbuzz

Then login and upload the video you downloaded

At least Recommend 20 video daily

You can now go through step I promised you will get good result I have tested it and it working perfect fine.

But in case you have a question drop your question here And I will surely response to you question in few second

thanks for Giving me your listening ear.

How I Make Money From Topbuzz?

Firstly i got the mail from Topbuzz creator that join our network i go for that network so i uploaded all types of video not from my YouTube channel i uploaded video from other Youtube CHANNEL because many Youtubers doesn’t know that they can earn from the Topbuzz.

So I upload mostly funniest video or experiment video via using other Youtuber video links 😝

***If you want to see how you can use this copy paste system on Topbuzz watch this video

Where Is My Earning Proof?

I have been working on Topbuzz for just 3days it very encouraging after seeing my is 200$, I would have earn more than that but I have other program I am running like freelancing and blogging.

But not withstanding that is my payment proof below

How to earn free money online with topbuzz.com to Nigeria Bank account and PayPal

Other’s publisher from my groups are able to earn more that $100 daily with that method explains above.

Earn $1000 from online via Topbuzz

Rules For Making Money Online From Topbuzz 

Topbuzz gives you there creator studio dashboard which is so damn cool & guys if you’re uploading other youtube video then please make sure that the video is old because topbuzz also have copyright & community guidelines rule like youtube so be careful…

How Can You Make Money From Topbuzz 

You can earn money by writing article copy other articles but creating you own article more money.

You can earn money by uploading Youtube video other Youtube video or our Youtube video depending on you…

Earn money by uploading gif

How To Cash Out Money From Topbuzz?

Topbuzz gives money through Paypal or via bank transfer

Bank transfer is available when your payment reaches 150$

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Check out out how to make Residual Income by just performing few task online I mean learn CPA marketing from Scrap to making $10k

Topbuzz don’t give the money about ads they give money from view the more your view the fast your money will increase.

Once again the link to claim and register for an account HERE

Sharing our posts will encourage us to do more and provide more creative content

Working Make Money Online 2020 Related Articles

Is Topbuzz Legit or Scam

In 2020 everyone is curious to know and get answers to the various questions about Topbuzz apps Legitimacy and its operation they are as follows

  • Is Topbuzz Legit?
  • Is Topbuzz reliable?
  • Is Topbuzz still paying?
  • Is TopBuzz real or a scam?

Topbuzz, it is one of the most trending app in Google Play with over 10 million downloads, and a staggering 4.7 rating.

But  doesn’t follow the regulations in the United States that lead to its shutdown topbuzz earnings platform, right topbuzz has become general apps where published articles or content without getting paid. But anyway

Is TopBuzz real or a scam?

From different reviews online from different sources, it’s concluded that the website has been listed as listed as a scam site, having runs into huge debt of Payments reported on NBR‎: $‎3 380,70

Is Topbuzz Legit

although Topbuzz Apps has listed to scam apps, because the fail to pay their publishers outstanding debts, but to my own opinion the fact that they unable to pay their outstanding debt doesn’t necessarily means Topbuzz is not legit,

I am of my opinion that topbuzz is 99% legit because the company are still in operation till today, and moreso main reason why most publishers account got suspended is that most of them accumulated the money using topbuzz earning trick to the extent that a publisher can use to earn $10 within 24hour

So I want to leave my audience what this question do you expect them to pay this kind of earnings?

Is Topbuzz Still Paying?

Before I will answer this question like you read and learn more about Google AdSense for both YouTube Video creator, App developers and Web Site publishers.

Google AdSense is such monopoly company that give the highest priority to the advertisers at the expense of the content creator its, getting approval to use Google AdSense is very difficult likewise publisher adsense account can be suspended without even violation any of the terms and conditions.

Having understood Google AdSense operations let linked it with the question Is Topbuzz still paying? to my option I will yes and likewise No.

By yes if you have accumulated your topbuzz using the right according to Topbzz terms and conditions then you will definitely get your payment into your bank account or PayPal

While on the other hand, if you are from unsupported counties like India, or you are the publisher that always look for shortcut, or want to use topbuzz earning trick I am very sorry you should expect any payment because topbuzz keeps updating and upgrading their system.

Wrapping How Make Money with Topbuzz

Topbuzz is a good platform for earning with much stress, like other platforms like YouTube so you need to take action today.

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