Comprehensive Admob Self-Clicking Tutorial Kits for Beginners.

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One of the untold method to make money online is through android application Monetization with Adsense/Admob through only few people knows of the best tricks to make 6figure for your android application with little or no experience about coding, you can make some money from Admob Self-Clicking application, both for app developers and Non App developers.

You have come to the right place. In this article I will teach and explain how you create any country AdSense, Verify the address and ways to Earn from high CPC Admob Apps By the end of this article you will know how to operate Open Any Country Adsense account, ways to Earn from Admob different types of ads in your application, Banners ads, Interstitial ads and Rewarded Video ads.

What Is Google Admob High CPC App for Android?

Google Admob, is a platforms solely for App Development and App developers, they earn a lot of money when Google display Ads on their App, Admob account of the App owner is credited whenever you get ads clicks, from your published (play store) and unpublished apps.

So is it possible to make money from the App by yourself ….. Yes! This method is called Admob Self – Clicking

Understanding the Google Admob term CPC, Cost per click, indicates the amount we can earn from a user clicks on the ad each time in the apps. high CPC is solely determined and depends on the advertiser’s decision and countries in the clicks occurs. Some advertisers are willing to scale up advertisements budgets for better display and results. Developers/publishers, only have minimal role in ads displayed because all the ads are returned by Admob.

Even though high CPC is of many factors and consideration but in real sense we can predict the high CPC ads from some certain industries. There are some the advertisers which always pay a lot on their ads. such financial institutions, Law, schools etc providing very high CPC ads. Therefore, if your apps are severing for financial features, you will get high CPC ads for sure.

Top best high CPC Industry Admob apps

  • Scholarship website
  • Law
  • Domains – Blogs on Internet Domains Like GoDaddy, Namecheap etc. It pays highest CPC.
  • Gadgets – Tech Gadgets like Apple products
  • Google – Google Products
  • Microsoft – MS Office
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Banking
  • Automobile
  • Health
  • Real Estate
  • Home Loans
  • Jobs

How To Create an Admob Account for UK/USA or Any Countries

1. Go straight google Admob application page and click on Sign up. Make sure you have signup for new GMAIL ACCOUNT already or if you don’t have Gmail account, that bear your real name or business name ensure you use a browser to create and verify your phone number. You can skip the creation process if you have an old Gmail account.

2. The page will redirect you to the next stage to fill in your details such as the Country, Address, Phone number etc.

3. Ensure you Select Preferred Country (United Kingdom, United States Italy, Germany, Canada etc.) this depends on the country you want to apply for.

I do recommend United States for a Start and more importantly it has higher CPC and RCMP, also Good for Self-Clicking, pin always Arrives within 4 business day but it’s minimum payment threshold is $100 unlike United Kingdom ads 60 pounds is the minimum payment threshold but lower RCMP and prone to banning due to high volume of users.

  • Then select your Time zone, for me, I will choose New York city , then select US dollars or otherwise choose your preferred currency which you want to pay you
  • Read and understand the terms and conditions. Accept the terms and condition. Scroll down, to the next form, randomly choose YES and Click continue,

6. Before you get approved you have to filling your United Kingdom or USA your address. Now in the field for address, city, zip code etc. It requires you to enter you United States or United Kingdom home address which you do not. For the sake of getting instant approval I recommend that you used this Free Address Generator to get free address for the application.

Although most bloggers/developers used shoptomydoor services but I personally perform the using free address generator because of the following reasons;

  • Google sees any address generator by free address generator as fresh and new address thus there is high tendency of instant approval
  • shoptomydoor address take months or years to get AdSense verification pin because it’s virtual address whereas I have clients in both UK, US and Germany that received pin for me within 6 days.

7. The next field is the verification phone number for US, you don’t need to worry just input your Country Code and your phone number that can receive call or text e.g. +234 8167817552 and finally click complete registration.
Finally, after adding follow the instructions above Google will review your application and get approval within an 1hour

How to create and setup Admob Ad units

Go to AdMob dashboard > Select your application user Apps > Click on Ad Units > Click Get Started.

Now it ask you what kind of AdUnit do you want to create.

Select the type of AdUnit you want create. Here I have created a banner ad unit.

Once the ad unit is created successfully it will show you the AdUnitId.

Fast Ways to Start Earnings with Admob Account

Earning process from Admob involves two different methods first involves building and publishing a mobile Android apps or Microsoft apps on publishing on Google play store or Microsoft Store that displays google served advertisements. Or self-clicking Admob apps

Perhaps if you are apps developer, or beginners don’t know how to code or develop apps you can still hire freelancers to help you develop an apps from Fiverr to publish your app on Google play store Console and help you integrate your AdUnit to the apps to start getting Ads served to your app once your Admob account is approved. Because approval of your Admob account is very fast compared to Google AdSense for blog publishers.

I am very certain that Once you create your account and set up your payment info, it will be approved within 24 hours.

However if beginners and interested in Self-Clicking you can send us an email requesting us to guide you on how to use it.

Finally if you will like to earn via Self-Clicking method and you want us Implemented App Development in Android Guide to Build High Auto impression Andriod App for you

We zenith techs offer such services at cheap prices

For either Account setup / App building alone, it cost #20. or #6000

Then Send us your information and request to our email address


Including your App Name: Money Android (We only create App for Android phones).

Your Banner Name and ID: Banner1


Your Interstitial Name and ID: Inter1


After Sending us your information in this format, within the next 24 – 48 hours, your App will be created and sent to your Email.

Then App development Guide will help you can start using the App to view Ads… And Google will pay you



Comprehensive Admob Tutorial Kits for Self Clicking for Beginners.

Have understood Self-Clicking method and you will like to earn high money these follow the procedure below;

Google is high security innovation tech company existing for years thus have devised an ecosystem that will ensure that both their publisher and advertisers are the saver ends, so from research it’s observed that any self clicking publishers are to Start work after 15-20 days to avoid quick banning by Google bot. Before you start working ensure to reset your advertising ID after end of clicking Don’t reset your advertising ID after every click as Google is not a fool.. Their algorithm is very strong! Secondly you won’t get good CPC also if you reset AD!

Web Cookies are powerful tools that sent data or information search engines data based especially Google so its important Keep your location off and disable every Google apps and products in your mobile to ensure that you are activity are Anomenity

At the beginning of starting self clicking ensure that your click real and without VPN….. After 5-7 days start VPN but only one click from VPN and target only 1-2 country first month and DON’T CLICK ON SAME AD! For example: You clicked on a Samsung company AD, don’t click on that ad for at least 10 days!

Google always frank at bot click or invalid click so in order to ensure your click activity are valid you are to give 3 click per mobile device with minimum intervals of 2-3 hours for each click, with Clicking breakdown of 2 real and 1 VPN

Another criteria that is very important is your impression and Pages Views you must work towards to ensure that your impressions needs to be half of your pageview. If you are having 100 pageview then 50/60 impression this formula with give good and low ctr.

CTR= page views/impressions

Google Chrome are very risky for self clicking so you need to use 3/4 browser like Inbrowser, Dolphin Zero and Mozilla Firefox..You have to change your default browser after every click.

Always check your IP after connecting to VPN..note down your IP so that if you click next time or impression then not from same IP.

From Research it’s was discovered that social media app like Facebook WhatsApp etc identify your real location in the mobile phone you self clicking from because when you work with VPN and if you get any notification or message that time Google might detect your server! So it advisable to Uninstall those app.

There are lots of paid, creaked and free VPN for Android self clicking member are not to continually clicking from only VPN Download 3-4 VPN like Speedify, OpenVPN, Cyberghost etc..after every click change your VPN click to get how free vpn reviews. Always abide the of giving 50/70 impression and 1 click..Don’t give more than 100 imp from 1 IP.. This practice ensure the safety of Admob from banning.

After you finish clicking the ads in of the recommended browsers with VPN, then don’t disconnect VPN! First clear data of your browser and application and then disconnect VPN!

Finally You to strictly implement this Guides to ensure that your invalid activity is below 50% If otherwise your invalid activity is more than 50% your account will disable! INVALID ACTIVITY is for eg: CLICKING ON SAME ADS. Surf website for 5-6 mins and fill up forms like Contact Us etc..

Therefore I do recommend that you can use Fake Address Generator for fake to fill up forms on the advertiser website, minimum 2-3 mobiles are advised for safe work on self clicking
In first month keep your earning within 50$ only and still mlore than 15-30mins on the website.
we are affiliated to google admob and also Self-clicking is illegal and against the terms and conditions of Google privacy policy therefore such account are prone to banning anything. But with this method you make alot cash and withdrawal it instantly to your Payoneer account

How To verify Any Adsense Address verification Pin

Another certarial for you get paid via Payoneer Mastercard is to verify you address home Address you have input during registration once you reach $10 verification thresholds

As mentioned above that you must used fake address during the registration or application after you Admob account have being approved you have to change your address with valid address that can receive pin thus you need to get a valid address for your Adsense Address Pin Verification. We at Zenith techs we do Pin Verifications Service’s at Cheaper price for United Kingdom, Germany and USA Adsense

Benefits of verifying Adsense pin verification pin with us

  • Our client are legal Residents in UK and USA
  • You will get your pin maximum of 7days
  • You will get surely get your refund if you the code is incorrect but it’s on condition that your account is not verified
  • We are very certain that you will get your pin on time.
  • We guide and mentor you on Google Adsense Earnings trick and how Withdraw Adsense Earnings with Payoneer



I hope we have able to capture 2019 comprehensive Admob Self Clicking tutorial kits for Beginners. If you have any question kindly drop it the comment below we response to every comment and also share it to you love once

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