Top List of 2018 Best Free VPN services for Anonymous Browsing

In this article, We shall be discussing Top free vpn for 2018 but before then, Capture this.

The web itself is gradually becoming the largest planet on Earth as it grows swiftly everyday with various developments and new updates.

As the Internet becomes popular so new inventions in relationship to the Internet world also emerge. Just like we already know, we are in a computer age and now the computer age is gradually becoming even more advanced on daily basics.

The Internet at large is now like a community itself where there’s no King, no judge. and as as such, it becomes a peaceful harbour for scammers and thieves.

Websites are been created by Hackers and Scammers to steal data like Password, Locations, Contacts and other relevant informations like bank details.

Just like the Scammers are becoming wiser and advance, new security development also emerge to make sure people using the Internet can sure data and stay anonymous on suspicious and dubious websites even on regular visits.

How is top free VPN for 2018?

The Use of VPN is the best and secured method to stay anonymous on every suspicious website on the Internet.

With the help of VPN, You can brows from UK IP address even when you’re in Nigeria and with this, you have yourself and data secured in some instances where locations can be relevant.

There are many VPN services online among which some are paid while others are free. However, in this article we shall be discussing some Top free vpn for 2018 am sure you will love them.

Best and Top free vpn for 2018(Internet Users)

All of the below list of top free VPN for 2018 have both premium and free plans with various features for both mobile and PC users.

  • TunnelBear VPN Services With tunnel bear VPN, you can brows 500Mb usage totally free of charge after which you may decide to upgrade if you love their services.TunnelBear VPN ServicesThis VPN service allows you to pick any country of your choice and stay anonymous on every WebPage. You can even access some pages blocked from users from certain countries. You can get this VPN to brows over 20+ Countries.
  • WindCribe VPN service I love that the fact that you can easily use this VPN service to unblock UK and USA Netflix if you’re a movie free VPN for 2018With WindCribe, you can brows anonymous on over 50top countries and 100 Cities without pay. hmm sounds good. This VPN is available on both Desktop and ordinary browser extensions with various features.
  • Hide Me VPN service Just like other Top free vpn for 2018, with Hide me you get both paid and free version. However, am sure the free version can serve you better since it has about 2GB space monthly.That’s just enough to block certain websites and stay anonymous on the web for a month.With this free VPN service, you can brows anonymously from over 20 Countries without monthly access fee.
  • GooseVPN service This is also among the list of Top free vpn for 2018 since it has a free 30 days trial before you can opt for the paid version at free VPN for 2018You can get Goose VPN on Appstore, Google Playstore and Microsoft. Goose VPN is fast, easy , secured with excellent customer support.
  • ProtonVPN service Fast secured and easy to use best free VPN for 2018 and beyond.There are also amazing features in their premium plans which may want to try at low cost with 30days full money back guarantee according to their refund policies so you have nothing to fear and you can also cancel your premium subscription anytime.There are three plans available with various features: Available for Free plan,Available for Basic plan,Available for Plus and Visionary plans.
  • SurfEasy VPN service:This is one among the top free VPN for 2018 which you can get on both Google Playstore, Appstore and Chrome extensions.SurfEasy got Over 1000 servers in 28 different countries.Connect to a region to access the web like a localtop free VPN for 2018With this VPN service you can easily unblock every locked website, Block every spammy advertisements, Torrents secured with peace of mind, Unprotected WiFi issues solved and many more.

Need More Free VPN Free VPN

Reasons why You Should Not Use VPN services online

Just like you’ve learnt some good reasons why you VPN and anonymous browsing is good, it may also please you to learn some of the reasons why VPN services aren’t advisable for Internet users.

top free VPN for 2018

  • Performance Problems:

    If you’re a regular VPN user you will notice that as soon as your turn on some VPN services your load time of most webpages becomes very slow.

    VPN services in most cases might case slow loading time making your browsing experience critical.

  • Illegal in some Countries

    Yes: This isn’t a story that most countries bann the use of VPN and it becomes illegal using VPN. You can check out some countries where VPN are illegal here

    In a case like this, The use of VPN can equally lead you to jail.

  • You might Monitored

    Did you know that if you mistakenly jam the wrong VPN services, your data and informations might be captured easily all in the name of finding security?

    This is one more reason the use of VPN services is bad and unadvisable even with the fact there are many legitimate VPN services out there just like the ones listed above.

  • It might Add Cost to your Internet Usage:

    Remember, most of these VPN services do charge if you must get all the features with smooth experience.

Wrapping Up: Top Free VPN for 2018 internet Users

Why have you chosen to stay anonymous? that’s best known to you.

The above list of free VPN for 2018 internet Users can help you stay anonymous on the web with or without cost.

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Just like VPN seem good for all internet Users, you may also consider some of the disadvantages before using VPN. Have you tried any of the above listed VPN services? What’s your say about them. you are free to share your opinions in the comment section.

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10 Responses to “Top List of 2018 Best Free VPN services for Anonymous Browsing

  • I have been traveler and communicate alot with traveler and a person from EU was in united states. He doesn’t use VPN and had no idea of unblocking. Anyways he posted about how to get EU content on netflix as he was getting US. Someone suggested PureVPN chrome extension to unblock UK netflix.

  • Mendosito
    12 months ago

    One thing for sure, you shouldn’t expect security and good service when you’re not paying for it. There’s a lot of good cheap VPNs so go ahead and do your research. Here’s an article with some good suggestions: Otherwise, just use a coupon for NordVPNs subscription, I’m sure it’s still valid. Stay safe.

  • I have never used a free VPN, maybe it’s fine in some cases, but I’m just a bit paranoid. I’m using Surfshark currently, have looked for a new reliable provider and found their product to my satisfaction. At first, I hoped they will have a feature to set it up directly on my smartTV (I use it for Netflix frequently), but instead I had to set it up on my router. On the bright side, Netflix works fine and the speeds are great, all in all, I’m happy with the product.

  • Hernandez
    12 months ago

    How about using Ipvanish paid they also cool.?

    • Thanks for the the question ipvanish paid version is pretty good

  • It’s good to read such interesting stuff on the Internet as I have been able to discover here. I agree with much of what is written here and I’ll be coming back to this website again. Thanks again for posting such great reading material!! To get new information

    Best free VPN

  • David Michaels
    12 months ago

    Using free VPN for any purpose is not a good idea. They are famous for keeping logs of their users and later selling them to 3rd Parties. There are number of paid VPNs like SurfShark VPN that provide amazing discounts i.e. 83% off on their VPN services, also their services are great I have been using it and I am really happy and satisfied with this VPN.

  • Emilly Lynn
    12 months ago

    PureVPN gives you a special 73% discount on the monthly pricing for the yearly plan. This lowers the pricing from $131.4 all the way to $35.88. I think this deal is the real value of money. Follow this link

  • Valerie Evans
    11 months ago

    Ivacy VPN has a great deal on Black Friday. 5 year Plan for just $80. Really worth the money isnt it.

  • Valerie Evans
    11 months ago

    Ivacy VPN has a great deal on Black Friday. 5 year Plan for just $80. Really worth the money isnt it.

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