How To Withdraw UK or US Google Adsense earnings in Nigeria Or other countries

Google Adsense

Condition For Operating And Withdrawal Google AdSense Earnings

Nigeria blogger, Freelancer or Non-UK or Non-USA resident, or legal Residents Residing Aboard can own and operate from any of United kingdom, United States, Germany among others Adsense account from their Respective home countries or any location, This tutorial will explaining how you can receive your US or UK google adsense earnings. Through Payoneer revenue MasterCard provided that you have home verified adsense account and reach the minimum payment treashold.

How Payoneer handle and Operates Online Payment finances.

Payoneer is an globally Internet based financial services providing company that allows users to receive payments through Prepaid Debit Cards (MasterCard). They provide services and debit cards to over 200+ countries in the world.

Payoneer offers Free MasterCard without having an International or local bank account. You can also received from different freelance marketplace and publisher companies such as google adsense earnings Fiverr , Upwork and Freelance, it look as if you own a bank in the United States, You can SIGN UP FOR A PAYONEER DEBIT CARD ACCOUNT TODAY AND GET A $25 REWARD!

How Google Sent Payment To Their Qualify Publishers

Google pays in dollars and other hard currencies. If you have UK Adsense Account, then your payment in your Adsense will reflect British pound, likewise if your account is Nigerian or US Adsense account, then you’d be credited in dollars ($). Interestingly Adsense has added Payoneer as payment processor to receive UK, and US, AdSense Funds From Aboard Such as from United State, Canada, UK and China.

What is the minimum withdraw google adsense?

Google AdSense minimum amount threshold is the total amount of money publishers accrued and gather in a row of months before getting paid. The minimum threshold varies as the different respective countries
However, the payment threshold is different by currency. And countries Here are some sample values.

U.S. Dollar$100
Germany [Euro] €70
British Pound£60
China Yen ¥10000
Australian DollarA$100

Where to Locate your Payoneer Account Details

To view the details of your receiving accounts, please follow the steps:

===> Log in to you Payoneer Account

===> Click on the Receive tab and select the Global Payment Service

===> Select the relevant currency from the menu on the left

NB: USA Bank checking account is always available by default to all Payoneer holder but in case you are using AdSense from other countries like UK, China Japan, Germany. Check how to apply for Euro, UK and China bank account with Payoneer

Step To Withdraw UK or US Google Adsense earnings in Nigeria

Step #1 Copy US Checking Bank account

Once successful located Global Payment area, Copy the details of the account your a US Checking Bank Account details which gives a US checking account number, routine number, debit card, Name of bank, etc.

Step #2 Locate Google Adsense Payments Settings

Goto straight to Adsense Google Login => Payment Settings at the top corner, then select direct bank transfer.
Paste the details copy from Payoneer to the appropriate Area on the Adsense payment form
=> Name of the Bank account Holder
=> Type of the Account
=> Account number”.

NB: Its Mandatory that your Adsense is the same with the name on Payoneer Account if otherwise change the details

Step #3 Complete and Submit the Form

After Accurately Form the Form with you payment details Make sure you read terms and condition and click save.

Step: #4. Google AdSense account verification

To enable Google Adsense ACH, withdraw from US Bank Payoneer User Need to complete the process of linking the two accounts, Google will like to verify your Payoneer account. To ensure validation of the submitted information, After 3days Google will credited your account with small amount of money like $0.3 and 0.2 the amount is not certain.

Steps #5 withdrawal of money with Payoneer Debit card

After verification and Validation of your provided bank account Google will sent your payment on 21st of the next month, which can be withdrawn at any ATM Machine in Nigeria. And worldwide.

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