Here’s How to Enhance Your MacBook Usage Experience

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With more than 100 million active MacBook users in the world, there are only a few who know how to tenfold their MacBook usage experience. Whereas setting up the MacBook and personalizing it with all the preferred features and apps is as easy as 1,2,3, on the other hand, exploring how you can improve your overall experience can be a bit challenging. 

While launching the long-awaited MacBooks, Steve Jobs said “It’s the world’s thinnest notebook.,” and with this, he changed the future and perspective for laptops forever. As we all know, MacBooks are somewhere different from the other branded laptops, then why not use it differently and add a lot more to your convenience? 

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MacBook Features – Let’s Open a Gateway to New Exposure 

  1. What are ‘Gestures’? – Now some of you must be using a MacBook for a long time and may have no idea about gestures. It is a kind of feature hidden behind your Trackpad zone in the MacBook. For this, you need to go to ‘System Preferences’ option via the Apple menu button.

Now, select the ‘Trackpad’ area to find out how ‘Gestures’ work for you. This encompasses three tabs having multiple shortcuts to explore. Click or hover on any of the three tabs to see how gestures work. This will display a quick video helping you get a complete overview of gestures. 

  1. Take care of the battery – At once, it may sound like a tip to preserve your MacBook, but it is an essential part of improving your user experience. Poor battery backup and other related issues end up in hampering surfing time. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a watch on how you maintain the MacBook battery.

 Keep the battery in good condition by keeping it away from ‘exercising’ and extreme heat. Here, ‘exercising’ means the practice of keeping your MacBook plugged to the charger all the time while using. This can hamper the battery backup too. 

  1. The Spotlight feature – This is an ideal feature for those who have stored a heap of documents, pictures, videos, and other data formats in their MacBook. Search with Spotlight tool scans all apps, chat transcripts, folders, drivers, etc. to get you the desired file in seconds. 

Click on the menu bar, now press ‘Command-Space’ bar. Enter which file, folder or data item you want to see, for instance – ‘emails from Emily,’ ‘my Europe tour pictures,’ etc. and you will get the results on a blink of an eye. 

  1. Expand vision with Sidecar Apple – It is one of the coolest features or innovations by Apple to give MacBook users a million-dollar experience without making them change the MacBook hardware. Having a sidecar apple can help you expand your MacBook screen in no time.

 It works as a secondary screen for your MacBook with a touch screen feature adding a lot more to your convenience. The sidecar Apple feature is available for macOS and iPad. Users can connect two screens with or without wire to improve their MacBook usage experience. 

While connecting two screens, make sure to enable ‘Bluetooth’ on both Apple devices. Generally, people from the corporate world prefer using it to simplify their work operations. 

  1. Get Security Browser Plugins – You can hop on to different browser plugins which make your surfing experience easier than ever before. At searching out the different security browser plugins, you may get to see some 3rd party browsers or apps. Make sure to check the authenticity of such apps as it may contain malware files affecting your machine. 
  1. Relish multiple uses of QuickSilver – If you find Search with Spotlight, an ordinary way of reaching your particular file destination, look upon QuickSilver. It works as a one-stop solution for multiple features and tools. 

From helping you find out multiple files in one go to giving you the liberty to create shortcuts for frequently searched documents, QuickSilver makes your MacBook surfing experience fast, effective and easy. 

  1. Get some Caffeine for your MacBook – Just like the caffeine in your coffee keeps you awake and active, there is Caffeine for your MacBook too. It is a tool that never lets your Mac sleep and manages the brightness accordingly. 

The Bottom Line

MacBooks are made to give you an overwhelming experience that’s more than just using a machine. Besides a unique body, swirling performance, and impeccable speed, MacBooks are infused with some unexplored features to tenfold your experience. All you need is to discover and use them the most. If you are finding it difficult, we suggest exploring the internet for different ideas. 

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