Blog2social Vs Revive Old Posts Plugin; Auto Publish WordPress Posts On Social Media

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Blog2social and Revive Old Posts are two amazing WordPress plugins for bloggers to auto publish WordPress posts on social media and increase their social media presence with ease.

These two tools come with many features that take the work off your hands and help you connect with your followers on all social media platforms including Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Medium, Instagram, and Pinterest.

auto publish WordPress posts on social media

While these two tools are pretty amazing, you can only use one of them on your blog.

So in this post, I’m going to review the features and benefits of both WordPress plugins and in the end, you will find out which plugin will help you build a stronger brand and gain more followers from social media.

Blog2social Vs Revive Old Posts: Best Old and New Blog Post Auto Share

We have taken our time to review both the popular plugin tools that help to auto publish WordPress posts on social media. Since blogging is all about getting traffic, blog2social and Revive Old Posts help to generate social traffic and leads. So which Plugin is best to use in your WordPress site?

Blog2social WordPress Auto Share Plugin

Blog2social auto publish WordPress posts on social media

Blog2social is a WordPress plugin that allows you to auto publish WordPress posts on social media. With this plugin, you can schedule blog posts on social media and auto-post on all your social media accounts.

You can also share your posts with groups or with other people with just the click of a button.

Blog2social Free WordPress Plugin

One of the best things about Blog2social is that it offers a free account that gives user access to some of its features. Unfortunately, those features are pretty basic and you won’t make much progress with them.

Blog2social Premium

Blog2social Premium auto publish WordPress posts on social media

Blog2social Premium is the paid version of the plugin and it comes with three pricing plans. Not all the pricing plans give you access to the tools and the freedom to post as many times as you want.

Fortunately, you get a 30 days free trial period with one of its plans to try out all the tools.

How to Use Blog2ssocial on Your WordPress Site

In this part of the post, I’m going to give you a basic rundown of how to make use of Blog2social to post and share content on your social media accounts.

Before you can do anything, you’d have to first download the plugin. You can do that directly from their official website or install it right from your WordPress admin

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you will have to enter your license key to give you access to all the features of the plugin.

Download Blog2social

After that, you can start sharing and posting on social media

How to Share Your Blog Post Automatically on Social Media

  • To share your blog posts on social media using blog post:
  • Log into your WordPress admin dashboard
  • On the submenu of your WordPress admin panel, find and click on “Blog2social
  • Once the page loads, you will see all your blog posts with a “share on social media” button right next to them. Click on it.
  • You will be required to choose the social media account you want to share to (if you have not added any social media account to the plugin, you can do so here).

You can also do the following with the tool:

  • Auto-Post and Schedule Your Blog Post with Blog2Social
  • Connect your blog to multiple social media profiles, pages, and groups
  • Keep track of your scheduled and published social network posts

Revive Old Posts WordPress Auto Share Plugin

Revive Old Posts  is a web company that provides WordPress plugins for social marketers. They offer two plugin options – Revive Network and Revive Old Posts. As a blogger looking to get more traffic, what you need is the Revive Old Posts plugin.

Revive Social auto publish WordPress posts on social media

The Revive Old Posts plugin has a lot of similarities with the Blog2social and it does have notably differences two.

Like Blog2social, it allows you auto publish WordPress posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It also allows you to track your posts which is something you will get with Blog2social.

The main difference between the two plugins is its pricing plans. Blog2social offers you a free version that has limited features, but with Revive Old Posts things are so much better.

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Revive Old Posts has a free version called Revive Post Lite. With this version, you can share on Twitter and Facebook, attach hashtags to shares, and share images from your WordPress media library to social media.

Comparing both auto publish WordPress posts on social media plugin Blog2soical offers three pricing plans with $97 for its Smart plan, $130 for its Pro plan, and $270 for its Business plan. While Revive Old Posts also offer you three pricing plans

Revive Social old post pricing

but charges $75 for its personal plan, $149 for its business plan and $299 for its marketer plan.

How to Set Up Revive Old Posts Plugin and Automatically Share WordPress blog posts

The setup process for this plugin is quite similar to that of Blog2social. When you download and activate the plugin, you will find 6 plugin tabs – accounts, general settings, post format, custom schedule (PRO users only), manage queue (PRO users only), and log.

Get Revive Old Posts Pro Now!

On the tabs, you can add as many social media accounts as your pricing plan would allow and decide how you want your posts to appear on social media

Blog2social Vs Revive Old Posts: Which is Better

Blog2social and Revive Old Posts are two useful plugins but you will only need one. As to which is better, I will say you should go for the one you can afford.

  • Usability: When it comes to user experience, Blog2social does a little bit better. Revive Old Posts is pretty good too, but if you’re a newbie, I would recommend you try out Blog2social first.
  • Free Version: This is where Revive Social takes the lead. Its free version allows you to do a lot more and if you’ve got all the time in the world, you could consider forgetting about the pro version.
  • Pricing Plans: Blog2social has cheaper pricing plans than Revive Old Posts and as you would expect, I would go for that one if I was to use it for the long term.

From above, you could easily see that Blog2social is the preferred option for sharing posts on social media. It is sometimes considered as the best revive old posts alternative.

You can also try out the free versions of both plugins and give me feedback on which one works best for you and why.

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