6 Android mobile Games with Million Reviews And Good features

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Happy new year to our mobile Games lovers. Welcome to 2020.

2020 is a new year entirely and it has to come with amazing new stuffs like, mobile Games, Gadgets, Phones, Cars, Computers. Etc, And Games is not left out. In this article, am going to give the list and download links of top 2019 mobile games for android.

Android mobile Games

Gaming is fun, especially when you have nothing do or you feeling lonely. If you have been my previous articles, I keep saying that programmers really make life fun for us. Most of the kids take games to be their best friend.

You don’t see them hang out with other kids, instead, they will be busy with their mobile phone and when you look closer, you find out that he/she is playing game.

2019 mobile games for android are way too interesting.

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Though most of them are old games but there come with wonderful updates, 2019 games have some wonderful features and updates but not all of them.

We have over 1000 games which have been updated and launched also getting good reviews this year while some are also updated and launched but its users don’t seems to be okay with it.

Maybe because of low graphics or error in connection problem. Well, don’t panick yet, am sharing list of those games with good graphics and low errors. *winks

Most of this games does not work on every android phone, most of them are high ends games, which means the graphic are too much for some phones and some drains battery so fast, in this case, if your mobile phone battery is not healthy, we advise you to download low graphics games.

Before I proceed, I want to discuss some of this features and updates with you.

Features of Top 2020 Mobile Games

The following features of 2020 mobile games are what have been tested and confirm. It can also help you determine if you should download or not.

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According to the reviews users gives at play store, It has been confirmed that there offer high users experience.

  • Low battery consumption
  • Low data consumption
  • Fully optimized
  • High graphics
  • Network issues solved
  • Mobile friendly
  • Simple to play
  • It allows multitasking.

List of Top 2020 mobile Games with good features

The following are games you should really be looking out for, some of them are really time consuming because of how interesting it is. Let’s see the list.

Player Unknowns Battle Grounds Mobile Games

Player Unknowns Battle Grounds mobile games

Also known as PUBG is a very interesting game every game lover would watch out for. The graphics of this game is just too amazing, it has some great features every game lover would love and also Player unknown has so many versions.

In this article, am going to give you the link to all the versions. Feel free to download anyone you want to play.

Earn To Die Mobile Games

Earn to die is an interesting zombie racing game, It is an 2d side racing and action game where you can buy sport cars or unlock them as level passes. Though installing isn’t that easy. If you are allergic to horror I advise you not to install this. Am going to guide on how to download and install Earn to Die .

Grand Thefts Auto Mobile Games

Grand Thefts Auto mobile games

If you haven’t heard of the almighty GTA then you haven’t started gaming yet. Grand theft is one of the most popular games in the world.

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It has some cool and amazing features. It also so have some great cheats you can use to get pass some difficult levels. Download below and enjoy.

Download and install GTA 5 for android

Download and install GTA 5 for android mobile video games


This is the last game in the list, Jurasic game is a wild game. It is a very interesting game for wild life lovers just like pokemon GO game. It is available on apple store and playstore. We advise you to download through the link below to avoid in-app purchase.

Download Jurasic world alive Mobile Games

Above are the top 2019 mobile games I have researched about so far. We will always keep you updated on this topic. If you have any suggestion, feel to use the comment box.

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