TikTok vs YouTube: Which Platform is Best For Business?

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TikTok and YouTube are trending and leading social media platforms with millions of active users.

Although they are both video platforms, the algorithms, audiences, and material they offer differ substantially. The brand may wonder whether the video-sharing platform is best for them in an era where video marketing is flourishing.

Unfortunately, there is not a clear-cut solution to that. Different features, possibilities, and audiences are available to the brands on each platform.

YouTube may be a better option for some businesses, while TikTok might be effective for others.

An Overview Of Both Platforms

TikTok vs YouTube

In-depth platform expertise is needed to choose the ideal platform for business. You need to comprehend the audience’s demographics and the material that people on the relevant platforms find valuable.

The platform’s statistics may also be decisive when making the best choice.


ByteDance created TikTok, known initially as Musical.ly, as a social networking platform for sharing brief videos in 2017. It began as a program for creating amusing lip-sync videos of tunes and movie dialogue.

However, practically all types of video content, including dance videos and informational movies on various themes, are now accessible on the site.

The platform’s popularity is mainly because users may post films from their cellphones and modify them using the app’s capabilities. TikTok provides a tonne of filters, sound effects, and music to enhance the appeal and pleasure of the video.

Although it is perceived as a medium for idle material, people have started producing carefully thought-out videos as the audience has increased.

The platform’s audience has also grown significantly. Teens created it as a platform for procrastination, but now people of various ages and backgrounds use it.

As the fastest-growing platform globally, it has forced numerous brands to use its huge audience.

TikTok Statistics

TikTok Statistics

Statistics don’t lie, and in the case of TikTok, the numbers speak loudly about the level of popularity it has attained. Two billion people have downloaded TikTok worldwide, and according to some estimates, one billion users are active.

The estimate considers the users of Douyin, which is TikTok’s Chinese equivalent.

According to another survey, users spend an average of 858 minutes daily on TikTok. It shouldn’t be a surprise because the platform’s captivating short videos keep viewers hooked for hours.


Like most social networking sites, TikTok mostly attracts young adults as its audience. Nearly 41% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24. GenZ is drawn to the platform since it is more than a social networking app.

With the help of TikTok’s technologies, users of all ages may create original content.

An important portion of TikTok’s audience also consists of those over 40. According to the research, 31% of users are over 40.

The audience is not always limited to a specific area or nation. Users can express themselves through short movies on the network, which is active in more than 150 nations worldwide.

India and China are the two countries with the most users, respectively. TikTok users are primarily from the US, UK, and France, among other nations.

The statistics demonstrate that TikTok has a larger, global audience. The platform is used by people of all ages, who utilize it for various expressions. Despite this, the site does not let users under the age of 13, which shouldn’t be a problem for a company as that age group is not often its target market.

Watch Time

According to research from App Annie, TikTok recently overtook YouTube as the most popular video platform in terms of Watch Time. The average user spends roughly 24 hours on TikTok each month, compared to 22 hours and 40 minutes on YouTube.

It’s possibly because TikTok’s short video lengths make them easier to watch. Users don’t need to make an effort to find videos that are related to their interests to watch a variety of content.

Comparing TikTok to YouTube, growth is considerably more straightforward. TikTok’s algorithm also makes it simpler to become viral. Additionally, a positive feedback loop is created when a video becomes popular, getting more TikTok views and engagement.

YouTube Video-Sharing Services

YouTube Video-Sharing Services

One of the original video-sharing services is YouTube. It has more than two billion users worldwide and is the second most frequented website. Because YouTube has been around for so long, its viewership is as broad as they come.

Additionally, YouTube has hundreds of video producers in each genre, giving users more choices.

Regular feature updates on YouTube include YouTube shorts, which function identically to TikTok. Additionally, there are no restrictions on the length of the videos, which is advantageous for companies who wish to post lengthy content.

To keep users interested in the site, YouTube has also launched a production firm that creates content with the assistance of well-known individuals.

Additionally, YouTube enables producers to go live and engage with their fans, which is a creative method to keep the subscribers interested.

YouTube Statistics

YouTube has experienced enormous and unmatched growth. Channels with one billion views have multiplied five times in just three years. Furthermore, YouTube continues to be a top choice for marketers despite the emergence of new channels. 

The most widely used platform for marketing is YouTube, which is used for campaigns by an estimated 55% of marketing organizations. Businesses that use YouTube intend to increase their content investments to grow their following.

By 2024, experts expect that YouTube views in the US will increase significantly to 228.1 million, a significant increase.

YouTube views in the US

Additionally, it is anticipated that YouTube will dominate the short-video genre now that it has YouTube Shorts. Short YouTube videos currently garner an average of 15 billion views worldwide.


Compared to TikTok, YouTube offers a broader range of demographics. The platform is used by older people, adults, and teenagers for various purposes. The key reason is that YouTube has content for various types of audiences. Viewers have access to content for news, entertainment, and even education.

In the US, around 85% of teenagers utilize YouTube. In addition to the population over the age of 65, YouTube is used by more than 70% of people in all other age groups.

In addition, people use YouTube more frequently than they do TikTok, with 81% of adults having a YouTube account compared to 21% on TikTok.

While YouTube has a large global audience, the majority of its visitors are from India. According to estimates, the nation has at least 227 million users, with the United States coming in second with 127 million users.

In addition, YouTube has created translations for 80 distinct languages, another benefit of the website.

Youtube Watch Time

As was previously said, the gap between YouTube and TikTok in Watch Time is marginal. Due to the emergence of new competitors, the platform modified its algorithm by ranking videos based on views.

YouTube now ranks the video based on Watch Time, just like TikTok. The rating is heavily influenced by how viewers interact with the video.

Additionally, YouTube’s algorithm functions a little bit differently than TikTok. After each activity, the latter modifies the feed, but YouTube needs consistency in change before making new recommendations.

Even if users search for a different category, it will continue to suggest niches they have previously shown an interest in. While on TikTok, the feed can radically alter with only a few likes and comments on a few videos in a new niche.

But recently, YouTube introduced a brand-new function dubbed “new to me.” Users who have never viewed these new niches can get recommendations by clicking them.

However, even after clicking on it, some suggestions will be based on the user’s prior behaviour.

Businesses can take advantage of it since, once a consumer has expressed interest in a brand, that brand will continue to appear in feeds in some capacity.

How Does YouTube For Business Work?

The preferred medium for marketers is YouTube for several valid reasons. In comparison to other platforms, it offers a more varied audience. Additionally, it is appropriate for all kinds of information, including short films. 

Additionally, users do not need to open multiple accounts to upload different types of information. To inform followers about the activities of the channels, YouTube also permits postings without any accompanying video.

YouTube also permits postings without any accompanying video.

Additionally, it can be utilized to speak with and engage followers.

Additionally, YouTube users can go live with a live comment section, which is a great way to keep the audience engaged. Because it supports a wide range of business objectives, the platform is also ideal for businesses.

You may inform viewers about the services and goods with long-form videos, build brand awareness, and stimulate dialogue. Companies can achieve this by:

  • To draw customers, short ads introducing new goods and services are produced.
  • Producing behind-the-scenes videos provide viewers with an understanding of how the business functions.
  • Make a list of questions, and in a lengthy video with time cards, respond to each one.
  • Make documentaries about unique occasions, ethnic celebrations, and current social issues.
  • Before the product launches, tease the audience with quick videos.

Advantages of YouTube for Business

Gain Access to a Larger Audience

Since YouTube has been operating for so long, it has attracted many users. It can promote goods and services to teenagers, adults, and even senior citizens.

Individuals use the platform from all groups for various objectives. The point is that, like other platforms, businesses are constrained by demographics.

Additionally, YouTube users may be found everywhere in the world. Businesses that sell their goods and services abroad particularly benefit from it.

Financial gain

YouTube also permits channel and video monetization. In essence, it allows firms to accomplish two goals at once. You must also earn money from the channel’s advertisements and drive visitors to the actual business.

The revenue is sizable and can be utilized to expand the channel even more by investing in content creation.

Additionally, compared to other platforms, YouTube makes it simpler to monetize content.

Targeted Ads

There are numerous types of adverts on YouTube. As consumers watch content on the site, banner ads for your product can be displayed on the video. Additionally, it enables users to produce their films, which are then played before, in the middle, and after the platform.

Even the possibility of making advertising that cannot be skipped exists. YouTube has a variety of ad categories, such as:

  • Ad mastheads
  • As you may skip while watching.
  • advertising for video discovery
  • Ad bumpers
  • Flexible display adverts

Best feature? The effectiveness of each advertisement may be tracked using YouTube analytics. You can determine which kind of advertising has brought in more customers to the company and invest more money there.

Additionally, YouTube enables companies to target particular audiences by using, among other things, specific keywords, locations, demographics, and interests. 

These advertisements can be used to increase channel views or to drive customers to a company website. But the former is preferable because it lowers the investment in the commercials as the channel expands.

The company wouldn’t need to pay for the commercials after the channel had amassed a sizable following. The channel’s posted content will be useful for marketing on its own.

How Does TikTok For Business Work?

YouTube is a great platform for businesses, the type of material on the site necessitates time and financial input. Due to the fact that all other long-form video sites need such, the issue is not specific to YouTube.

However, TikTok gets around it by limiting the length of videos to just one minute. Producing material still requires work, but it’s not as laborious as what needs to be done for YouTube.

Additionally, TikTok is expanding remarkably and has amassed a following of more than a billion users. Although the platform’s age range is not as diverse as YouTube’s, it might be a jackpot for some marketers.

Advantages of TikTok

Easy to Go Viral

Compared to other platforms, TikTok makes it simpler to make content go viral. Users who want to boost their accounts on TikTok artificially can also buy Tiktok likes. To broaden the audience for your material, merely follow the guidelines provided by the platform.

East To Generate Content

Businesses must spend money on graphics and video editing when using other platforms to create high-quality content.

Compared to other platforms, TikTok greatly simplifies the content creation process. It offers customers a variety of options to transform a mediocre video into one that looks engaging and catchy.

Different types of Advertisements

TikTok, like YouTube, offers a variety of ad formats, including brand takeover, branded effects, top view advertising, and branded hashtags. With this advertising, you may advertise to the correct audience and attract potential clients for your company.


TikTok and YouTube are top-notch video marketing platforms, but each has advantages over the other.

TikTok can be used to target a specific audience by individuals who do not want to put too much effort into the video. YouTube is a superior option for companies looking to reach a larger and more varied audience.

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