10 Stores that Accepts Paypal Credit for Amazon Gift Card

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With your credit/debit card, you can easily purchase an Amazon gift card for your friend on Amazon. But things take a turn when you’re trying to using PayPal Credit for Amazon.

Apparently, Amazon is yet to add Paypal to one of its payment options.

Paypal Credit for Amazon

If you still want to purchase an Amazon gift card with your PayPal Credit, there are a few reliable stores with reasonable charges that allow for such transactions.

These reliable stores allow you to buy from Amazon and pay with PayPal without compromising your financial information.

Without further ado, here are 10 Store that Accepts PayPal Credit for Amazon Gift Card.

1. The Card Closet

The Card Closet Paypal Credit for Amazon

No matter where you are in the world, you can trust The Card Closet to get your Amazon gift card to you. On the site, you can buy several denominations of Amazon gift cards and pay with PayPal Credit.

The Card Closet is one of those sites you can trust with your money. The site offers excellent 24/7 customer service via email. When purchasing an Amazon gift card, you can check out the coupon area and make use of the coupon codes to get massive discounts on your purchases.

2. eGifter

eGifter Paypal Credit for Amazon

eGifter is one of the trusted places where you can buy Amazon gift cards with PayPal credit. The site even allows users to pay with Bitcoin through its secure platform.

eGifter is an authorized reseller of Amazon gift cards so you can trust that the gift cards sold by the site are 100% legit.

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On eGifter, you can buy Amazon gift cards between $5 to $100. The buying process on the site is very easy. You can either buy for yourself or for a friend. There are also discounts that reduce the overall cost of the gift card.

3. My Gift Card Supply

My Gift Card Supply

Another place you can buy genuine Amazon gift cards is on My Gift Card Supply. Whether you’re from the US, UK, or Canada, you can surely make a purchase with your PayPal Credit and expect your Amazon gift card promptly delivered to you.

On this site, you can buy gift cards in 5 denominations – $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100. Amazon gift cards bought from this site are digitally scanned and emailed to the recipient.

This means you can purchase a viable gift card from this site regardless of your country. In addition to that, the gift cards offered by the site have no expiration date and they are 100% authentic.

4. Game Card Delivery

Game Card Delivery Paypal Credit for Amazon

On Game Card Delivery, you can buy 100% genuine Amazon gift cards with your PayPal Credit though you would have to do with their high delivery fees.

The gift cards sold via this reseller is delivered through email, however, the site still charges as much as $12.99 for a $10 gift card.

Considering it is one of the few trusted options available, the extra cost is worth it.

5. PC Games Supply

PC Games Supply

PC Games Supply sells Amazon gift cards to customers from select countries. If you’re from the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Canada, France, and Spain, you can sign up on this site and easily purchase an Amazon gift card with your PayPal Credit.

On the site, you will find different gift card prices and values. With this site, you should expect reasonable delivery fees and promo codes.

6. Dundle

Dundle Paypal Credit for Amazon

Buying Amazon gift cards with PayPal Credit gets even easier with Dundle. On this site, you can buy $5, $10, $20, up to $100 Amazon gift cards, and have them delivered to you via email.

The best thing about this site is that the delivery process is instant. The payment system is also secure so you can trust that your financial information is safe.

7. Card Pool

Card Pool Paypal Credit for Amazon

Card Pool is a gift card reseller that deals in gift cards from numerous retailers including the likes of Target, Walmart, Costco, and Lowe.

Here, you can buy Amazon gift cards and expect discounts of up to 2.5%.

8. Card Kangaroo

Card Kangaroo

Card Kangaroo is a gift reseller site where you can buy heavily discounted Amazon gift cards. The site offers the best in terms of prices, delivery, and customer support.

On this site, you would be buying Amazon gift cards sold off by people that no longer need them.

This means that you can only find an Amazon gift card on the site if someone just sold theirs. Also, this means you won’t always find an Amazon gift card on the site. The great thing is that when you do find a card, you can always pay with PayPal Credit.

9. Gift Card Bin

Gift Card Bin Paypal Credit for Amazon

If you’re looking for a gift card reseller site where you can buy Amazon gift cards with PayPal Credit without having to worry about shipping costs and tax, then Gift Card Bin is your best bet.

Here you get a 100% guarantee on any gift card that you purchase including instant deliver on your purchases.

There is also a bulk purchase feature that gives you massive discounts on gift card purchases. Sometimes the store does run out of Amazon gift cards.

When that happens, you can set up a Store Notification Alert to signal you whenever there is a new stock of Amazon gift cards available on the site.

10. Jour-Cards

Jour-Cards Paypal Credit for Amazon

Jour-Cards is an online shop where you can buy Amazon gift cards and pay with a number of banking methods including PayPal Credit.

On the site, you will find Amazon gift cards for France, USA, Japan, UK, and Germany.

Unlike other sites that allow you to buy Amazon gift cards of less than $500. This site offers gift cards of over $1,000. If you wish to go that big, you can simply sign up for their service, add your Amazon gift card to cart, make payment via PayPal Credit, and expect instant delivery.

Wrapping Up

These sites above are the best places you can use PayPal Credit to purchase Amazon gift cards.

All the sites here offer instant delivery on digital Amazon gift cards. Most of them offer no delivery fees and taxes on their gift cards so you can enjoy a hassle-free transaction when purchasing from them.

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