10 Best Voices Search Personal Assistant Apps For Android

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Imagine being able to make calls, send emails, play music and read the news with a voice command:

well, that is simply the main function of personal assistant apps which are one of the greatest inventions of Artificial Intelligence.

Voice search & personal assistant apps

Personal Assistant apps have been gaining much attention ever since Apple installed the first digital virtual assistant Siri, on the iPhone 4S.

Today, we have lots of tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and SoundHound, among others offering various personal assistant apps that are compatible with the iOS and Android OS.

Siri might have been the first digital virtual assistant app but today there are many other apps which perform exceptionally and are available to Android users.

In this article, we are going to share the 10 best Voices Search personal assistant apps for Android

1. Cortana Voice Personal Assistant for Android

Cortana voice assistant apps

Cortana is one of the top virtual assistant apps available on many platforms including Android. The virtual assistant was created by Microsoft in 2009 but was released in 2014.

The first versions of the app were incompatible with Android OS as it was made for Windows devices.

however, in 2015 a version for Android was released enabling Android users to make sure of the assistant.

Features of Cortana

  • Schedule meetings, and alerts by setting reminders
  • Voice-enabled assistance (information and updates are culled from the Bing search engine)
  • Compose Emails
  • Multi-device synchronization

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2. Google Assistant – Voice Assistant for Android

Google Assistant - Voice Assistant for Android

Google Assistant is an upgrade to Google’s previous virtual assistant Google Now.

The voice-activated virtual assistant can perform a number of functions and is also available to iPhone users.

Features of Google Assistant

  • Opens apps with your voice
  • Perform Google image search through voice command
  • Make phone calls through voice command
  • Follow updates and news headlines through voice command

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3. AIVC (Alice) – Voice Assistant for Android

AIVC personal assistant apps

AIVC is another voice-activated virtual assistant that handles various easy commands on your Android device.

The AIVC app has a free version which allows you to perform the most basic tasks, however, you would be subjected to a number of ads.

The pro version, on the other hand, is ads-free and comes with additional features.

Features of AIVC (Alice)

  • Compose and send emails
  • Compose and send text messages
  • Make calls by voice command
  • Set alarm and timer by voice command
  • Open apps through voice command
  • Get weather information through voice command

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4. Hound Voice Search: Mobile Assistant

Hounds voice search apps

Hound Voice Search; Mobile Assistant for Android is a virtual assistant that performs various mobile tasks and answers questions.

According to several reviews by top tech websites, virtual assistant is much faster and more capable than most virtual assistants for Android users.

Features of Hound Voice Search

  • Music search through voice command.
  • Weather reports and news headlines through voice command.
  • Make phone calls and send texts. messages via SMS using voice commands

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5. DataBot Assistant

Databot assistant apps

DataBot Assistant is one of the top personal assistant apps that perform various easy and complex tasks on your Android phone. The App is also available for iOS users on the App Store.

Features of DataBot Assistant

  • Make notes and sets reminders through voice command
  • Composing and sending texts, emails, and messages through social media platforms
  • Answering questions through information from Google, Wikipedia and other web materials

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6. Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant for Android

Amazon Alexa artificial intelligence

Alexa is a top virtual assistant developed by Amazon and possesses the same functionality similar to other top virtual assistant apps. The app was initially developed for Amazon Echo Devices but was extended to Android and iOS users.

Features of Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant

  • Take notes and make to-do-lists
  • Set alarms
  • Stream podcasts and play audiobooks
  • Provide weather reports, news headlines, and other information.
  • Control other smart devices by functioning as a home automation system.

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7. Bixby Voice Assistant for Android

Bixby personal assistant

Bixby also known as Samsung’s personal virtual assistant is another top-level app although it performs similar tasks and has the same functionality as most virtual assistant apps.

Features of Bixby Voice Assistant

  • Download apps from the Play store
  • Search for information on the web by voice command
  • Open applications by voice command

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8. Lyra Virtual Assistant Apps

Lyra personal assistant apps

Lyra is a cloud-based intelligent personal assistant app that is compatible with all Smartphone devices, tablets and computers.

The app is able to understand and translate various major languages like Spanish, French, German, Italian and many others.

Lyra Virtual Assistant performs various tasks and has similar functionality to other virtual assistants.

however, it’s more accurate and a great alternative to top Android personal assistant apps like Google Assistant and Cortana.

Features of Lyra Virtual Assistant

  • Play YouTube videos
  • Set alarms
  • Search the web for information
  • Provide weather reports and news headlines
  • Save notes and set reminders
  • Translate words and phrases through voice command
  • Opens Master gives you directions through voice command

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9. Robin – AI Voice Assistant for Android

Robin personal assistant

Robin – AI Voice Assistant for Android is a personal assistant app that regards itself as the main challenger to Apple’s virtual assistant Siri.

Robin performs basic tasks and has similar functionality to other virtual assistants,

however, the app still requires more work and improvement in its functionality for it to actually top Siri as the overall best personal assistant app for Android.

Features of Robin – AI Voice Assistant

  • Make calls and send text messages via SMS
  • Open maps and get directions
  • Operate social media websites like Facebook via voice command

Check news updates Download The App

10. Dragon Mobile Assistant Apps

Dragon mobile assistant apps

Dragon Mobile Assistant is another top personal assistant app for Android users and it comes with some key features including voice unlock; which allows you to unlock your phone with your voice and others.

Most of the features of the Dragon Mobile Assistant are similar to that of other virtual assistant apps and there is really nothing unique about its functionality as it is also similar that that of other virtual assistant apps.

Features of Dragon Mobile Assistant

  • Book appointments, read Facebook status updates and messages
  • Compose and send emails by voice command
  • Set calendar reminders and alerts

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Wrapping up 10 Best Personal Assistant

Most personal assistant apps we listed above are quite similar although some perform better than others while some are more secure when it comes to storing your information compared to others.

hope you don’t miss our Technology Innovation Posts

Most of the virtual assistant apps we listed are free with no hidden or additional fees except the AIVC (Alice) virtual which charges you for its pro version.

However, AIVC (Alice) also has a free version which performs all the basic tasks you would expect a personal assistant to perform.

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