How To i Stream on Twitch for Beginners

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Twitch is one of the best and most popular game and video streaming platform currently which you can i twitch on stream, on this spectacular platform you can, watch live game any where in the world, listen to live teaching and other related live videos.

Over one million people use Twitch to watch live game and other videos, the audience Twitch get the people want to start steaming on Twitch.

How to i Stream on Twitch

If you want to become a streamer on Twitch then this article is for you because you will learn how to stream on Twitch, step by step, make sure you read to the end.

Twitch is one of the most popular live video game broadcaster, over ten millions of people view games and other videos monthly around the world.

They became popular because they provide good service and the same time they have the large number of streamers.

It’s is very good idea to streaming on Twitch because they most popular live video game broadcast platform which makes it easier for you to reach huge numbers of viewers and at the same time you can convert your viewers to huge amount of money, if you have the ability to build huge followers.

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If you want to become a stream on Twitch these are the important step or process you need to follow before you can become a successful streamer.

How to Become a Streamer on Twitch

How to Become a Streamer on Twitch

Do you want to become professional a i twitch streamer? There are some equipment like computers data subscription and others

Hardware And Software Needed

Make sure your hardware and software is available, the first thing you need to do is to open a Twitch account on  , you can open a Twitch account for free, while the Twitch Prime membership cost $10.99/ month, this Prime account comes with special perks which is not included in the free version,

you can also get the Twitch Prime membership account for free, if you are already member of Amazon Prime member, and also place numerous game for free, allow you to save your pass stream for 60 days while free account can only save for 14 days.

After choose account what next is software and hardware needed for better streaming, the main hardware needed here is good camera,

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it is very important to use good and clear camera when you are streaming, because it will show good and quality image which will attract thousands of people to view your game and this will lead to huge number of views compare it to low or poor quality camera,

How to setup a Streamer on Twitch

if you want to be a better streamer then you need to use good and quality camera always, and mic Twitch recommend a $127 Blue Yeti

Microphone for Better Streaming

Although there is no requirement on Twitch for streaming but you need to use the best camera so that it will produce good results for you and your viewers.

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Then you need to download a broadcasting software, either Open Broadcast Software (OBS) or XSplit, available on Windows, Mac and Linux, these are the best broadcasting software for streaming.

How to Start Streaming on Twitch

After installing your broadcast software Open Broadcast Software (OBS) or XSplit, which is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Then log in to your account on, then search and select the game you want to play on your dashboard, then enter title for broadcast.

How to Start Streaming on Twitch

If you are using OBS, then follow this process.

Configuring Your Stream

1. Open your OBS.

2. Then select Broadcast Settings from the settings menu.

3. Now select Twitch as your Streaming Service and then press Optimize on the bottom-left of the menu.

4. Now return to your Twitch dashboard and then select Stream

Make sure you follow the prompts to receive your special streaming code.

5. Now Copy the code and then paste to the Stream Key box in the Broadcast Settings menu. Then click on OK.

Setting Your Live Game Scene and Going Live

1. At the main OBS interface, right-click the Sources box and

Then press Add > Game Capture.

2. Then select the Game of choice from the drop-down menu and then press OK.

3. Right-click the Sources box one more time, then add any additional feeds. It’s important to add images and text to edit your layout in amazing style, at the same time you can use the Monitor Capture to show everything on your display then select Video Capture to use your webcam or other good camera

4. Select Preview Stream and Edit Scene to tweak your stream blayout to your liking.

5. Then press Start Streaming on the OBS dashboard. You’re now live!

NOTE: You can also download Twitch mobile App for Android and iOS from their respective stores.

Special Room For Streaming

It will not look professional if your background is very rough when streaming, the best way to have beautiful background is to design special room for streaming.

Make sure you design your background, you can use a green sheet or something better.

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You can show numerous live game on Twitch including PS4, Xbox and others.

What You’ll Need to Show PS4 on Live Twitch

  • PS4 console
  • PS4 controller
  • Game to play
  • Fast internet connection
  • PlayStation camera (it will allow people to see and hear you, when you are live)

Connect your Twitch account to your PS4 immediately after you have set up your Twitch account, now get your PS4 can be able to broadcast a Twitch live stream.

  • You need to press the share button when you are playing a game.
  • Then select the Broadcast Gameplay option.
  • Click on Twitch as the service you want to broadcast on and click
  • Then Visit to the Twitch official website.
  • Now you need to login to the Twitch account you created.
  • Additional Settings to check out
  • Select the video plus audio options that you want to use by checking the respective boxes on the Broadcast Gameplay screen.
  • You can also click the options button on the Broadcast Gameplay screen for even more options on adjusting the stream
  • Quality and other settings.
  • Now you’re ready to broadcast

Then, you also set to start broadcasting yourself live on the Twitch. When you’re ready to go into your first live stream.

All you have to do is click the share button on your PS4 Controller, then click on Broadcast Gameplay, select Twitch, and then select Start Broadcast.

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Then you can play your game, you also apply the same method to live streaming Xbox games on Twitch.

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