Gift card Granny Hacks: 10 Tips to Save Money Buying Gift Cards

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Why do you have to pay the full sum for Gift Card Granny? Yeah, it sounds like the right thing to do, but there are different ways to manipulate and bend the system to your favor that you don’t have to pay fully for any gift card you buy.

It is not a tweak, it is simply opportunities created by other sellers that many people have refused to open their eyes to see.

gift card Granny

To save penny on gift cards, here are a few things to do:

Use Gift Card Granny

This could probably be the best decision a person makes when you intend purchasing a gift card for anybody, anytime, any day.

Here are some ways gift card Granny helps you save money on your gift cards.

  • Purchase from the cheapest retailer.
  • Purchase with the greater discount.
  • Earn points to buy gift cards.
  • No transport expense.
  • Secondary sales.

Purchase From The Cheapest Retailer

On gift card Granny, you find different sellers of the same value of gift card. And this is because gift cards Granny website is a secondary website that helps people buy and sell their gift cards.

There are different prices as different retailer website also use gift card Granny, to sell their gift cards too.

These means different website will sell the same gift card at varying prices.

You have the opportunity to buy the cheapest one and this helps you save money and remember, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Purchase With The Greater Discount

Another way to save a penny on your gift card from using gift card Granny is the fact that you get to choose the highest discount.

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It is actually very possible to get a discount as much as you 30percent on a particular discount even though the common gift card discount is usually at 5 to 10 percent.

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To enjoy more from discount, you need to understand that the bigger the value of gift card you want to buy the bigger the discount you are getting.

On gift card Granny, you can get different discounts for the same gift card value and all you just have to do is pick the most discounts.

And remember the bigger the better. You could buy a gift card of 500dollars and you pay just 450dollars for that gift card. That’s a whole lot you are saving if you use a 500dollar worth of gift card every day and remember a penny saved is a penny earned.

Earn points to buy gift cards

One of the reasons why gift cards granny is regarded by many as the best is the fact that they just give you so much room to get the most of any gift card you desire.

This Granny website go as far as giving points while you operate their website. These points later can be used to buy gift cards from gift card Granny itself.

So basically you are getting a gift card without actually paying for you and just using gift card Granny. So you can also say, you are getting gift cards just for buying them.

Other Ways To Save A Penny On Gift Cards

  • Buy in bulk.
  • Use Ej gift cards.
  • Use gift card Zen
  • Use Swagbucks

Buy Gift Cards In Bulk


It is always better to buy gift cards on bulk than to buy in pieces. Buying in bulk helps you maximize discount.

Usually, the best place to buy a discounted gift card is a gift card, Granny, as you get to go through a lot of discounts and pick the highest.

You have to understand that the higher the value of the card you want to buy, the higher your discount. So you spend 50 dollars’ worth of gift card a day, why struggle with buying the cheapest every day.

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When you can get a gift card worth 1500 dollars and get a discount of 20% and only pay 1200 dollars. If you get to buy 50 dollars’ worth of gift cards every day and you save as little as 5 dollars on it, every day by the end of the month you will only get 150 dollars off that’s like double when you buy in bulk.

I will recommended giftcard website to buy in bulk.

Use Ej Gift Card Website

This platform is great when saving a penny from a gift card is concerned we it sells gift cards lower than its actual worth and it also gives you great discount options.

Many times, people who get gifted these cards don’t really want to buy any gifts, they would not want to use them to buy any gifts instead they prefer getting the cash from the gift cards, these take them to sell the gift cards to someone that actually needs them.

This means that they will have to sell at a price cheaper than how much the card is actually worth. All these kind of deals with varying discounts can be found on this website Ej gift cards.

Use gift card Zen Website

Although they are best known for their secured services and trust by the users, they also have a great gift card sales platform too.

Talking about the security, as a user, you need verification by the website to know you are authentic either as a buyer or we a seller this is to ensure no one gets any complaints in the long run. The whole reason why they go these far is that they don’t make refunds.

If you by a gift card that has a problem other than the fact that it’s not working then there are no refunds.

The gift card Zen do not sell gift cards that have an expiration date on it so that is another great platform for people who want to buy gift cards for future purposes.

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In this website, you can get discount up to 8%.

Use Swagbucks Website

Websites like Swagbucks also help you save money on your gift cards simply by giving you additional free gift cards.

Swagbucks amazon gift cards rewards

Earning gift cards at you spare time is not a bad idea, is it? As you carry out different tasks, on the website, you earn points that you can accumulate until you use these points, converting them to gift cards you can use.

Who doesn’t need an extra gift card? None.

Wrapping up the best 10 tips to save penny on gift cards

As mention above in this article you shouldn’t pay extra or hidden fees on buying or selling gift, since money can equally be used for other important.

Following the popular slogan that “The Penny Saver is the Dollar earned” I hope this article has able to reviewed the best 10 tips to save money buying gift cards? If yes kindly share this post on your social media or do you have any question kindly drop your comments we do respond every comment on our blog.

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