Enterprise Infrastructure – How To Become Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certified

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There are several ways to prove your mastery of enterprise infrastructure. But are these skillsets enough to make you a standout in a sea of applicants? 

While earning a bachelor’s degree and having extensive work experience is relevant, it pays off to have a technical accreditation that backs up your knowledge. 

The Certbolt from Cisco, in particular, is one of the most valuable instruments to keep you ahead of the competition. 

To get a better grasp of the enterprise infrastructure in general as well as the importance of earning the CCNP Enterprise, check out the information below.

What are the Key Elements of Enterprise Infrastructure?

Key Elements of Enterprise Infrastructure?

Enterprise infrastructure refers to the aspect of IT where data and resources are distributed across an enterprise.

 These cover a number of components that are pivotal in the operations of an enterprise IT environment such as software, hardware, operating systems, data management and storage, networking and telecommunications, and integration services.

IT assets

An inventory list of the assets is important in every organization. This is very useful when monitoring all certbolt and when allocating a budget for the expansion of the IT infrastructure. 

Some of the typical examples in the asset inventory are computer equipment, printers, access points, switches, and routers.

User access

Another pertinent aspect of every enterprise infrastructure is the availability and security of user access. 

Security policies should be adhered to accordingly, along with the observance of authentication procedures.

 This is crucial to minimize the possibility of human errors, which can negatively impact the business as a whole.


In relation to user access, certbolt plays a vital role in an enterprise environment. 

Consequently, both cybersecurity experts and managed security services can aid in ensuring the security of the organization, its employees, and the physical setup.


Scalability is interrelated with computer systems as well as the business in general. 

In terms of computer applications, it’s critical for applications or products to function well even with the modifications in volume and size.

Business continuity

The ability to continue the operations and certbolt functions are something to take into account by every organization. 

Henceforth, a business continuity plan should be given emphasis so the company and its employees are not impacted by unplanned incidents.

How Does the CCNP Enterprise Certification Support your Knowledge in Enterprise Infrastructure?

How To Become Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certified

CCNP Enterprise has long been acknowledged by businesses and organizations as a means to validate your ability to handle core enterprise networking solutions. 

By earning this accreditation, you are allowed to showcase your technical skills. 

It further signifies that you have an in-depth familiarity with the key elements of enterprise infrastructure. 

More than that, it means that you are adept at working with core certbolt like dual-stack architecture, virtualization, automation, and security, among others. 

And for you to obtain this credential, prepare for both core (350-401) and a concentration exam that you need to choose from the pool of given exams (300-410, 300-420, 300-435, to mention a few).


A robust IT infrastructure plays a vital part in the overall certbolt. Therefore, if you want to ensure that the IT frameworks perform effectively while you deliver relevant IT solutions to end-users, make sure you are knowledgeable of the enterprise infrastructure. 

Through the Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification, you are honed to become a skilled professional who is ready to deal with various infrastructure challenges.

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