Top 10 Reasons to learn AWS In 2020

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In this digital world, cloud computing (AWS) has grabbed a significant position as it takes this technological world to another level so you need to learn AWS in 2020.

It is a system that delivers database storage, applications, computing power, and Information Technology (IT) resources.

Concisely, the demand for cloud computing has been hiking up at breakneck pace. It grants all types of applications, regardless of their integrity. Besides, it is safe to use as it offers secure access to the servers, databases, storage, and also ensures many application services over the web.

Reasons To Learn AWS in 2020

AWS or Amazon Web Services is the name of a service offered by cloud computing. It is adjustable to all companies regardless of their size- A start-up, small-scale, or medium-sized. It has selected as a leader in the cloud computing market in this competitive era.

In the year 2018, AWS provided an income of around $5.40 billion, which has increased during this year. The fact, every prominent company like Netflix, IMDb, General Electrics, and other institutions like NASA have been utilizing this application.

Thus, to move in a reputed company, learning AWS becomes a necessity

Swiftly Developing Public Cloud

No doubt to say that AWS has increased at a rapid speed. In the year 2006, it was introduced, and in the year 2007, around 180000 developers became its part.

In 2015, revenue earned by this service was about $6 billion, which has been getting double every year. Besides, it has enhanced its performance every year.

After analyzing all these and other factors, it is intended that AWS becomes the future.

Massive Companies Turned into AWS

Not only small companies are moving towards the cloud. However, commercial enterprises are transforming towards it.

As per the survey, it has concluded that around 75% of companies have turned towards cloud-based infrastructure.

AWS Free hosting

AWS is the best among other cloud platforms as it has been demanded day by day being got customized and applicable to all technologies.

Highly Demanded AWS Skills by Companies

As per the Google trends, businesses are experiencing a lack of AWS skills. Thereby, the professionals having AWS skills are in high demand as they can enhance their careers.

More than 400000 professionals are demanded in the multi-national companies having excellent AWS skills and experience. The fact, among cloud computing jobs, AWS has grabbed the top attention.

Thereby, if you are seeking to get the best career for you, make sure to learn AWS.

Highly Scalable and Flexible

Once learned for the AWS skills, you will be able to decline the overall time and efforts needed to set you and managing the entire infrastructure. This technology offers flexible pricing, which permits the users to down-scale and up-scale as per your needs.

When technology has flexibility, it is highly demanded. AWS is flexible as businesses can seamlessly scale up and down to fulfill the needs of users.

The flexible system is a significant feature of AWS and also the main reason why should you choose it as your career.

Access to Free-Tier to Learn AWS

When you intend to learn AWS, you can get an opportunity to access free tier to learn AWS. Concisely, those who wanted to learn AWS skills, can practice on the technology that can be flawlessly created in the AWS account.

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You can access the free tier like EC2, S3, Elastic load balancing, Amazon RDS, offered by AWS for one year. Might be, you will find some bounds for using these services. However, access will be free for a year.

AWS API is Wider

One of the brilliant things about learning AWS is that you will experience its application Programming Interface (API) in different programming languages that permit you to control your infrastructure programmatically.

With this app, it will become feasible to launch a new instance along with taking up backups, supports, and cost-effective solutions.

Booked a Place at AWS Community

Those aspirants who become able to grab the AWS certificates get accessed by the AWS certified LinkedIn community. This will give them invitations for regional events along with getting free practice exams to get prepared for other certifications.

Besides, amazon also ensures you an official AWS certified logo usage, along with digital badges, thereby you can show your integrity to the world.

High Packages for AWS Professionals

The best thing about learning AWS skills are, you will be able to get placed at the top company where your average salary will be above $12000 or even higher. It will be above the average salary of the top 10 IT certified professionals.

Therefore, if you are intended to grab higher salary packages along with working at the reputed position, you must choose to learn AWS skills as your next destination.

Speed Up Deployment Time

If you have ever experienced hosting a web service, you surely know the barriers you have faced at that time. Earlier, around 48 to 96 hours are required to host a server. However, the introduction of AWS declines the deployment process to minutes.

Ensures Great Performance

No doubt to say that using AWS technology makes the performance more efficient and worthwhile. In traditional technology, the downtime is always high that made the customers drag their intention to other services.

However, in the AWS cloud-hosted environment, there is sufficient separation between storage and processing that sites can keep online and consecutively generate revenue even during the reduced functionality.

In a nutshell, AWS offers the high availability Performance as when the server is down, another automatically implemented, making the downtime to zero.

Wrapping Up Reasons To Learn AWS

When intended to enhance your employment opportunity in the technical cloud market, it becomes significant for interested aspirants to grab AWS certifications in Pune.

Once earned a certified AWS solution architect, you will get an opportunity to designate for the current on-premise application to the Amazon Web Services cloud. Thereby making the right solutions soon to turn your career bright and secured.

Learning of AWS skills will make you professional in the top company, thereby a little investment in the learning of this AWS skill will deliver you infinite fruitful outcomes

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