15 Skyrocketing AI Image Enhancer Tools (2024)

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The most recent developments in artificial intelligence have made picture editing more accessible than ever. 

You risk falling behind in this rapidly developing technology if you don’t embrace AI-powered tools, which have recently been a massive boon to creators. 

Regardless of experience, all users may benefit from these AI-powered tools, which can enhance low-resolution photos and eliminate unwanted items from the background. 

This post will examine the top 15 rapidly growing AI image enhancer tools in 2024.


Canva introduced AI-driven solutions

CEO: Melanie Perkins

Year founded: Asia-Pacific (APAC), Australasia

Location: 2012

Canva is a well-liked content creation platform that allows users to make presentations, brochures, and social media posts more quickly and easily. It has over 130 million monthly active users from 190 countries.

Canva introduced AI-driven solutions in March 2023 to revolutionize the design process further. Users may now realize their ideas more quickly with the help of AI-powered tools such as the Magic Design and Magic Replace tools. 

Canva has released an AI picture editor in addition to these features; it allows you to make instantaneous changes to images.


Lensa is a mobile-only AI picture editor

CEO: Andrey Usoltsev

Year founded: 2018

Location: Prisma Labs, Inc. 440 N Wolfe Rd Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Lensa is a mobile-only AI picture editor and enhancer developed by Prisma Labs. This all-in-one program allows you to edit your images’ backgrounds and highlights, replace or blur background objects, and retouch images.

In addition to these functions, Lensa allows you to modify exposure, alter colour, and apply bokeh to your images to make them stand out. 

With the picture editing feature, you may correct flaws and improve the texture of your skin in portrait or selfie shots.


Cutout.pro AI-powered tools

CEO: Salman Azeem

Year founded: 2018

Location: 6/F Manulife Place, 348 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hk

Another excellent tool for those wishing to use AI-powered tools to improve their images is Cutout.pro. With this fantastic tool, you can utilize AI to enlarge images up to 200% without sacrificing quality. It can also automatically sharpen and denoise your photographs.

For those in the field of content creation, e-commerce, and graphics design who are not experts in picture editing but are looking for a simple and effective AI tool, this one offers valuable capabilities.

More so, users may improve their self-portraits and even images captured at night or in low light, enabling them to show off their skills whenever possible.

Pixlr AI Image Enhancer Tools

Pixlr AI Image Enhancer Tools

CEO: Ola Sevandersson

Year founded: 2008

Location: Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden

You may use Pixlr, an AI picture editor, on any device, desktop or mobile, to make your pictures seem better. It provides applications that are tailored to specific tasks.

For instance, Pixlr E is an AI-powered picture editor, while Pixlr X is a design tool with an AI image creator. 

At the same time, its Photomash software enables you to alter picture backdrops to generate excellent pictures for your online store’s profile or products. 


Media.io app's enhancing feature

CEO: Marc Antoine Arnaud

Year founded: 2018

Location: Montrouge, France

Media.io provides many tools for editing media files, including photos and videos. But for now, we will concentrate on this platform’s picture-editing capabilities. 

The Media.io app’s enhancing features are apparent, but they make less of an impact than the other products on this list.

Aside from its many useful functions, the program also includes tools to sharpen images, improve portraits, fix colours, recover damaged photos, and even upscale them. 


Remini's tools like Background Enhance

CEO: Raz Wasserstein

Year founded: 2021

Location: Milan, Italy

Remini is an artificial intelligence (AI) picture enhancer that allows you to create AI avatars and repair and improve photos.

Remini will enable you to fix blurry or out-of-focus shots, eliminate noise from your images, and expand them without sacrificing quality. 

With Remini’s tools like Background Enhance, Face Glow, and Face Enhance, you can give old photographs a new lease on life.

You may also use your pictures to train Remini’s AI to create personalized avatars and AI photos that seem genuine.

Fotor AI Image Enhancer Tools

Fotor AI Image Enhancer Tools

CEO: Tony Duan

Year founded: 2009

Location: Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Fotor is a one-stop shop for both beginners and professionals seeking professional-quality outcomes in picture editing because of its wide range of features.

The Fotor user-friendly interface, which provides easy access to every choice, is essential to keep this going.

This program has several valuable capabilities, such as the 1-tap enhance function in the image below, AI enlargement, Magic Remove, Background Remover, and other fantastic features.

AI Image Enlarger

AI Image Enlarger tool

CEO: John Lee

Year founded: 2018

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

The primary purpose of this AI Image Enlarger tool is to enlarge and improve the clarity of smaller images. Its straightforward approach makes it possible for even an inexperienced user to upscale pictures without problems.

People who want high-resolution photos but want to avoid dealing with the hassle will find it ideal.


DeepImage artificial intelligence picture enhancer

CEO: Andrzej Piasecki

Year founded: 2020

Location: Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland

DeepImage is a dynamic artificial intelligence picture enhancer that enables you to upscale images by up to five, improve image quality by removing noise and sharpening images, eliminate objects from your pictures, and fix colours.

You can fully automate the processing of photos for eCommerce websites such as Shopify and Amazon by using the Packshot Pro software, which Deep-image.ai powers.

Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo AI-powered

CEO: Ivan Kutanin

Year founded: 2009

Location: 142 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019, United States

Luminar Neo is an AI-powered, feature-rich picture editor and enhancer developed by Skylum. With its AI-powered controls, novices and experts may swiftly and simply improve their images. 

It has many capabilities, such as removing backgrounds from portraits, an AI-powered picture enhancer with up to twelve basic settings, and an intelligent image composer. 

With the help of this potent AI picture enhancer, you can also automatically retouch skin, increase image lighting, and improve detail presentation in post-processing. 

Vance AI Image Enhancer Tools

Vance AI Image Enhancer Tools

CEO: Flora Zou

Year founded: 2020

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island

With Vance AI, picture editors and photographers have access to a robust and adaptable AI-driven photo enhancer that can dramatically raise the quality of their work in no time. 

The software’s reputation rests on its ability to precisely remove backgrounds, apply filters, and boost image quality.

Vance AI is a good pick if you’re looking for a professional-grade tool to edit photographs to make them more appealing, optimize them for e-commerce, or create engaging portraits.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

CEO: Shantanu Narayen

Year founded: 1987

Location: San Jose, California, United States

Adobe Photoshop is a solid and flexible digital illustration and image manipulation tool. In March 2023, Adobe introduced the Adobe Firefly, a set of generative AI models trained on Adobe Stock images. 

These models grant access to tools like Generative Fill and Generative Expand, allowing users to add elements to their images and expand them using generated content, with or without a text prompt.

These tools are available to Adobe Photoshop users.

Topaz Photo AI Image Enhancer Tools

Topaz Photo AI Image Enhancer Tools

CEO: Eric Yang

Year founded: 2005

Location: Dallas, Texas, United States

Among the many AI-driven picture and video enhancement options Topaz Photo AI provides are standalone applications for improving picture quality. 

By minimizing noise, improving low-light shots, and sharpening photographs, its specialized AI photo enhancer, Photo AI, allows you to achieve maximum image quality. 

In addition, it employs deep learning to enhance the details in your photographs. Photo AI can improve picture quality across various themes and image kinds since its neural networks are trained on many samples.

Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance

CEO: Sofiia Shvets

Year founded: 2018

Location: San Francisco, California, United States

If you want to increase the size of your photos without sacrificing quality, try using Let’s Enhance, one of the top AI picture enhancement tools. Photographers and other artists will find it an invaluable tool because of this.

Users of all experience levels may benefit from this program’s intuitive interface, which allows them to easily crop, rotate, and resize photos without introducing unwanted artefacts.

Whether you’re looking to improve the sharpness of a landscape photograph or upgrade a cherished old family photo, Let’s Enhance will do an outstanding job.



CEO: Hovhannes Avoyan

Year founded: 2011

Location: Miami, Florida.

PicsArt is an enticing software that provides many valuable features, such as tools for creation and the ability to enhance photographs using technologies driven by artificial intelligence.

Quickly enhance and repair your photographs with this app’s superb UI and many effects, overlays, and filters. With PicsArt, you may make styled portraits or bizarre landscapes.

An integral part of what makes PicsArt unique is its active user community, where members can connect, share work, and discover new ideas.

The program has significantly improved the clarity of the previously fuzzy backdrop, even though the image we chose for testing could have been clearer.


Using artificial intelligence to improve images is revolutionizing how we edit pictures. It is now possible to get remarkable outcomes in minutes rather than spending hours manually altering photos. 

A significant benefit of artificial intelligence image enhancers is that the technology is constantly being upgraded. This means that in the future, you will have access to superior and more proficient editing tools and features.

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