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Over the years, the majority of tech companies as well as some organizations created room for students who have a passion for technology, 

to be able to learn and upgrade their knowledge without spending much on some of the products.

Because of this, a lot of companies allow students to enjoy their premium services for free.

 Also, other people in the educational sector can enjoy huge discounts on other products.

Perhaps, if you are a student, for you to enjoy most of these free kinds of stuff, you need to have a school email address. 

This email address will allow you to enjoy discounts and other amazing offers from most of these tech companies.

Moreover, as a student, you can easily obtain a school email ID and use it to get discounts and offers from the majority of these tech companies.

If you cannot afford most of these expensive products and services, obtaining a school email address is quite an alternative for you.

In this article, we will discuss lots of products and services that you can access with your school email address either for free or with a huge discount.

Also, we will show you how you can get a school email address for instance a .edu email address which you can use to access all these tech products and services.

How do College Students get Their Email IDs?

From research, we noticed that the easiest way one can obtain a .edu email address is by applying to a college.

The tricks that are involved here do not require you to enrol in the college. All you need is to apply online and you will get your email address.

Below are the necessary steps that you must follow to get your free college email address:

Method 1: Apply for a Student’s Email Address Right from Your Institution

If you are currently studying in a college, create a student’s email address right from your school website.

For instance, if you are a student of Harvard University, go to your ICT department and request a student email address.

This may lead you to follow certain steps and probably your school may like to verify some of your information like your school ID card and other necessary information.

Depending on the school that you enrolled in, you will be able to have a personal school email address for yourself.

Hint: Ensure that you have access to your school email address because you will constantly access your email address upon using it to get some discounts from top companies. 

Method 2: Get Education Temporary Email Address


To get a free temporary education email address, visit this site 

On this site, you can make your .edu email address that is expected to use as your Education Temporary Email Address.

You will see on the dashboard an email ID that is naturally enacted and legitimate for 10mins.

Generating a free Education Temporary Email Address from is quite easy.

All you need is to visit the website and right from your home page, you will be able to see the already generated .edu email address which you can use for your sign-ups.

If the auto-generated education email address is not comfortable for you, you can click on delete or refresh to have another education temporary email address.

Your generated education temporary email address should look like [email protected]

This education temporary email address has a built-in inbox where you can be able to access all the messages that will come to your inbox when you used your education temporary email address to sign up on different platforms.

5 Main Benefits of Student Email ID

#1. Amazon Prime Student

Normally, Amazon Prime subscription is costly. For instance, their yearly subscription costs about $119 and if you wish to pay monthly, you will need to pay $12.99 every month.

Perhaps, when you sign up for an Amazon Prime Students account by using your .edu email address, first of all, you will get 6 free months of Amazon Prime. 

This is equivalent to $59 out of your yearly subscription and also you will get other discounts as well.

#2. Music Streaming Services

With your .edu email address, you will get a huge discount on some music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

For instance, Spotify has a package that comes with Hulu and Showtime which will cost students only $4.99 to access about three services and also a three months free trial.

Also, if you subscribe to Apple Music as a student, you will only pay $4.99 a month instead of the usual $9.99.

#3. Adobe Suite

By using a .edu email address to subscribe to Adobe suite, 

you will pay $19.99/month for a year instead of the regular price which is $52.99/month for a year.

This in turn will save you about $396 on a full-year subscription to the Adobe suite.

This is quite a huge discount.

#4: Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite

The amazing thing here is that with your .edu mail address, you will get Office 365 for free.

The complete Microsoft Office 365 contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Teams, and Outlook.

Also, you will have access to G Suite which is Google’s counterpart to Office 365.

In addition to this, you will get a free 1TB cloud storage space on Google Drive.

#5. Laptops Discounts

There are always special discounts for students when purchasing laptops. 

For instance, when you sign up to the HP Education Store, you can be able to receive huge discounts when purchasing HP laptops.

Besides this, Apple also gives students discounts when you create an account with your .edu email address on the Apple Education Store.

Sometimes, these discounts can be up to $100; which is quite great.

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Top 25+ FREE Stuff to get using your College Email ID

Main Benefits of Student Email ID

#1. Canva Pro For Students 

When you register on Canva with your school email address, you will have access to their premium features forever.

The reason for this is that the developers of Canva love education and they intentionally created a separate platform for students as well as teachers to access their premium version for free.

This will save a lot of money for students, teachers, or even an individual who has gotten an education email address.

#2. Grammarly Premium For Students 

Grammarly Premium For Students

Grammarly gives students a 20% discount when you register on their Grammarly for Education with your school email address.

Grammarly is currently offering a 54% discount for ACAP students to purchase a premium subscription at the price of around USD 65.00/year.

The Grammarly for Education is specifically tailored for schools and institutions.

So as a student, you will have a lot of access to the use and correct English with the help of the Grammarly AI tool.

#3. Amazon Prime

When using a .edu email address, you will get a six-month free trial on Amazon Prime in the United States. 

On a normal Amazon Prime account, the free trial is only 30 days but with your student email address, you can be able to get up to 6 months of a free trial.

Moreover, when the free trial period expires, you will automatically become eligible for the Amazon Prime student discount.

These students’ accounts will give you access to subscribe to Amazon Prime for just $6.49/month.

#4. Adobe Creative Cloud


In Adobe Creative Cloud, all students with their school email addresses are eligible for a 60 per cent discount for their first subscription.

Later when the first year is over, they will be eligible for a 40 per cent discount.

 This implies that students are to pay $20 a month for 12 months, then $30/month following the initial period.

This will give you access to a whole lot of Creative Cloud suites as a student just with your student school email address.

#5. Spotify

Spotify gives a student a huge discount when they create an account on their platform with their school email address.

Unfortunately, this discount is unavailable to teachers because Spotify will verify if you are a student or not through SheerID.

Spotify gives a student a discount of about 50% which means that students are to pay just $4.99 per month for the duration of their study period.

 Moreover, this discount is only for four years.

Perhaps, you will enjoy your discount after 12 months of your graduation; that is if you graduate in the middle of your plan.

#6. Office 365


 The good news here is that Microsoft doesn’t use SheerID to track everyone that creates an account on their platform to confirm if they are students or not.

Moreover, everyone that creates a Microsoft account as a student (that is using a .edu email address) will receive the basic version of Office 365 Education for free.

This also implies that you will be able to access online versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams.

Also, you will have access to some education-specific classroom tools that aren’t available in the regular versions of Office 365.

#7. The Washington Post

Although we have been seeing that almost all the companies and platforms we have shared so far are majorly tech companies.

The good news here is that mainstream media companies also have amazing packs for students for all students and teachers.

Also, students and teachers are to pay only $1 for the first month on this platform.

The regular piece of a plan is $10 per month.

#8. GitHub Student Developer Pack


Another fantastic thing here is that GitHub offers students a package known as Student Developer Pack.

 Unfortunately, GitHub will track your identity with SheerID to confirm that you are a student.

Moreover, if you are a teacher or a student, you can easily access this package for free.

This amazing package offered by GitHub contains both free and high discount tools which will help young coders and programmers, including Canva,, Microsoft Azure, Educative, MongoDB, and more.

#9. The New York Times

The New York Times is another amazing platform that gives students a huge discount for using the platform.

For instance, students will receive a one-month free subscription upon their signing up on this platform.

Then later the students are to pay $2 every four weeks, which is quite amazing.

Moreover, teachers and other people in the educational sector will enjoy a whole lot of services on this platform for only $4 per month.

#10. Cell Phone Plans

A whole lot of big companies sell cell phones, for example, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.

 offer students huge discounts upon their purchase when they sign up with the .edu email address.

Unfortunately, this discount is sometimes institution-specific, if you want to go for their huge discount.

#11. Google Drive


Another good news here is that if you are a student in a school that uses Google Workspace which was formerly known as GSuite, 

then you will get an unlimited amount of storage on Google Drive for free.

This is the only way you can be able to get unlimited storage for free with Google Drive.

Unfortunately, when you lose access to this school email address, you will not be able to access your unlimited storage again.

This means that you will roll back to the normal 15GB plan.

#12. Apple

Apple is quite an amazing platform that offers a huge discount to its students. 

This discount is available on the Apple store, Apple Music as well as MacBooks and iMacs, and other web services.

By using this student email address, you can get up to a $100 discount when purchasing a MacBook Pro.

Also, you can save up to $50 on an iPad and you will be able to get Apple’s Pro Apps Bundle for about $199.

Perhaps, as a student, you will enjoy Apple Music free for six months and later you can now pay $4.99 per month.

#13. Samsung


If you are using the .edu email address on Samsung, and you are able to verify yourself as a student on, 

you will be allowed to enjoy up to 10% savings on any Samsung offer that is ongoing.

For instance, as a student, when buying a product that has a 17% discount, you will be given a 27% discount because you are a student.

#14. MLB.TV

MLB, which is a platform for baseball fans, gives a huge discount to students when accessing their platform.

When it comes to the sporting world, this is quite a huge discount given to students.

This platform gives students up to a 35% discount depending on the plan they choose.

Moreover, this platform will verify your claim to be a student with before giving you this discount.

#15. Skillshare


Skillshare is another education website that allows students, teachers, or other people in the education sector to either learn new skills or broaden their knowledge of existing hobbies.

This platform has about two different programs that are designed for students.

Another amazing thing here is that Skillshare offers a 50% discount for a Skillshare premium membership for people that have a valid .edu email address.

Also, Skillshare has Skillshare Premium Scholarship which is available to students who cannot afford to pay their bills.

#16. Student Advantage

This is another amazing platform that costs $30/year for anyone with a .edu email address.

If you are a member of this platform as a student, you will give access to lots of amazing student discounts.

Some of the amazing things you will enjoy on this platform include:

  • 25% discount in Sunglasses Hut
  • $30 off in Sam’s Club
  • $60 discount at DisneyWorld
  • 10% off UPS shipping fees

Besides this, there are other lots of things that you will enjoy as well.

#17. Norton


Norton is quite an amazing platform that allows students to connect to an unlimited number of public Wi-Fi networks throughout their studies.

Although public Wi-Fi networks are notorious for hackers who want to steal your identity, this amazing platform known as Norton will help you stay safe when you are connected to public Wi-Fi networks.

Also, with your .edu email address, you will only pay $20 instead of $60 if you intend to purchase their entry-level Antivirus Plus plan.

#18. General Motors

This is a motor company that gives discounts to students.

 Although in some cases, students may not be able to access their top cars.

Moreover, as a student, if you intend to participate in this discount, you need to be a current college student or a graduate student that has graduated within the past two years.

Students can as well find many vehicles in this program which includes new and unused Chevrolets, Buicks, and GMCs in 2020 and 2021 models.

#19. Best Buy


Best Buy is quite an amazing platform that offers varieties of discounts to students both on their physical stores and online stores.

Before you can benefit from these discounts as a student, you will need to create an account on this platform with your .edu email address.

Students can get hundreds of dollars discounted off the price of high-spec laptops, tablets, and other productivity gear.

Also, they offer a discount on hardware products most especially during the “Back-to-School” period.

#20. Autodesk

Autodesk, which is a well-known company for computer-aided design software, 

also gives an amazing discount to students who create an account and purchase products with their .edu email address.

This platform allows users to create 2D and 3D drawings which can be used in the architecture and engineering industries.

Also, students who study another related field can as well access AutoCAD in their course at the same time.

With your .edu email address, you can be able to access other products and services by Autodesk.

#21. AVG

AVG is an outstanding anti-virus app that gives students a huge discount when they verify their .edu email address; proving that they are currently enrolled for a study in an institution.

Students can get about a 30% discount on their products and services.

AVG is quite a great alternative to Norton and AVG offers webcam protection, ransomware protection, and a VPN as well.

You can as well get a mobile antivirus app when using AVG.

#22. ASOS


In this platform, students who have a .edu school email address and are residents of the United States will qualify for about a 10% discount upon their purchases at ASOS.

Moreover, you will need to, first of all, provide your email address and then confirm that you are a student in a school. 

Also, you will provide the year you are to graduate before this platform known as ASOS will send you an email with a discount code that is valid until you graduate.

#23. Amtrak

This is quite an amazing platform that gives students discounts on train travel. 

Although train travel may seem old-fashioned, some areas in the United States still value it as they value motor transport.

Here students can be able to get up to a 15% discount on Amtrak rides in certain regions.

#24. Your School Library

School Library

The library is as much a collection of resources as it is a service, but it can provide you with lots of helpful perks. 

Sure, there are books and databases to help you write research papers, but did you know that your library likely has access to movies, magazines, online training libraries like LinkedIn Learning, and even rare historical artefacts?

The cost of these services alone would be thousands of dollars if you bought them individually, but you’ve already paid for all of them with your tuition. So take advantage of them.

#25. Museums

The majority of the museums offer lots of discounts to students. In some cases, they even give free admission to some students.

For instance, the museum in Nashville, TN offers about $10 to every student with a valid school email address.


We detailed how you can obtain a .edu email address and lots of platforms where you can utilize your free school email address to enjoy discounts while making purchases or even just as you create an account.

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