Wyoming LLC Truth – Why you Shouldn’t Form an LLC in WYOMING

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According to statistics, the formation of limited liability corporations (LLCs) in Wyoming has recently seen a surge in popularity. 

But it’s essential to consider the possible downsides before making a choice.

This article provides an unbiased analysis of why not everyone would benefit from founding a limited liability company in Wyoming. 

Readers will learn a lot about how to form a Wyoming LLC by looking at how complicated business structures can be, how limited rewards can be, and how complex business structures can be. Let’s dive in.

Possible Tax Drawbacks

Wyoming LLC Truth

Setting up an LLC in Wyoming has a lot of benefits, but businesses should weigh those benefits against any possible tax downsides. 

Many companies can gain from Wyoming’s lack of personal and corporation income tax.

Still, sales and property taxes are significant ways for the state to make money. Also, Wyoming businesses only have a few tax breaks to choose from. 

This could be bad for companies that want to lower their tax bill.

Asset Protection For Wyoming LLC

When protecting the assets and ownership of an LLC from creditors, Wyoming’s charging order protection statutes work well for members. 

Nevertheless, that safeguard does not apply to areas outside of Wyoming.

 To prevent creditors from garnishing their LLC assets, members who live out of state must comply with several requirements.

The member’s assets or ownership stake in the Wyoming LLC might be taken by creditors if they reside in California, a state without a charging order protection provision.

 The member’s residence in Alaska or another foreign country may preserve the protection.

Legal Requirements Are Not Flexible

Those considering incorporating an LLC in Wyoming may need more flexibility to comply with the criteria.

 Some specific examples that show how hard it is to follow the rules and how they affect personal liability are listed below:

Inflexible Process for Dissolution

The procedure of dissolving an LLC in Wyoming can be difficult and time-consuming. 

This rigidity could be detrimental to companies that need to close down soon.

Strict Guidelines for Operating Agreements

Wyoming mandates that LLCs have a documented operating agreement that specifies how the business will be run.

 This might be a hassle for entrepreneurs who would rather have more flexible operations.

Obligations for Annual Reporting

The Secretary of State of Wyoming requires all limited liability companies to file a report and pay a yearly fee. 

This increases the administrative workload and could be viewed by some organizations as needless spending.

Limited Liability Protection

as mentioned earlier, Wyoming offers LLCs excellent asset protection, but the state’s laws place stringent restrictions on maintaining this protection. 

If these conditions aren’t met, personal assets may become vulnerable to liabilities, and limited liability protection may be lost.

Low Population

When you realize that Wyoming has the lowest population in the US—just 580,000—the concept of founding a Wyoming LLC sounds like a brilliant idea. 

From an exclusively statistical perspective, it reduces the size of any business’s local market.

Since we live in an online shopping and shipping time, a Wyoming LLC can expand its customers to those in Wyoming. 

As long as the Wyoming LLC conducts interstate commerce, it is lawful for the LLC to have clients and consumers outside of Wyoming without facing fines, penalties, or additional taxes.

If you are conducting all of your business inside the boundaries of the state of Wyoming, you are considered to be conducting interstate commerce.

 The LLC only sends the goods to individuals or companies in other states. 

For instance, Wyoming cannot control your firm or levy taxes on you if you create things in your factory and ship them to clients in California.

Business Incentives and Grants are Hard to Get

One thing to think about when setting up an LLC in Wyoming is that few business handouts and rewards are available. 

Wyoming is known for being business-friendly, but there are fewer ways to get money there than elsewhere.

Unfortunately, this can hurt businesses trying to get money to start or grow.

 Wyoming LLCs may not be able to get the money they need for growth and development if they can’t get funds and other benefits.

LLCs in Wyoming may only be able to reach their full potential if they are limited in how they can grow. 

Before setting up an LLC in Wyoming, entrepreneurs, and business owners should carefully consider the available funding options and the possible limits on business growth.

Expenses for Setting up Wyoming LLC

Expenses for Setting up Wyoming LLC

The last reason you should wait to make an LLC in Wyoming is for people who live in another state but form an LLC in Wyoming. That’s when the costs start to matter.

 A person who doesn’t live in Wyoming but owns an LLC must also register it as a foreign LLC in their home state.

 So, the person who doesn’t live in Wyoming has to pay fees to file and renew their license in both Wyoming and their home state.

Let assume Terry lived in Texas but set up an LLC in Wyoming, in that case, he pays the $100 filing fee. 

But because he lives in Texas and does business in Wyoming, he is breaking the law by doing business in Texas. 

That’s why he paid the $300 fee and filed his Wyoming LLC with the Texas Secretary of State as a foreign LLC.

There is still an LLC in Wyoming. However, Terry does have to file for an LLC and pay fees in both states. An attorney in both places may cost him money as well. 

Most LLCs in Texas also have to pay a license and income tax, which Terry must also pay.

 If Terry had decided to file his LLC in Texas from the start, he would not have had to pay any of these fees.

These warnings only apply to people who don’t live in Wyoming. You likely won’t run into Terry’s examples if you live in Wyoming or outside the US.

In short LLC in Wyoming is best fit for those residing in Wyoming or those Outside the United States. 

It’s recommended you start Texas LLC to avoid any unnecessary fees. 


Wyoming has a high rate of LLC formation per person, so the pros and cons of starting an LLC there must be weighed against each other.

 It has some great benefits, like protecting your assets and making taxes easier for businesses, but it can be hard to understand and use, so it might only work for some companies.

People can make intelligent choices about the best place for their LLC by thinking about these things and getting professional help. 

The fact that Wyoming has the most LLCs per person in the United States is an interesting fact that shows how popular it is as a place to start a business. 

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