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Search Engine traffic is one of the most important traffic sources for webmasters and to get to rank high in the Search Engine Result Page (SERPs), you’ll have to write high-quality, SEO-optimized articles with high reputable SEO Writing Assistant.

Writing SEO articles is no joke. There are lots of rules and tricks you’ll have to put in place if you want your article to best many others to the top spot in Google.

For most webmasters, writing comes easy with SEO tools like SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant which optimizes articles for search engine and boosts the readability of content.

In this article, we are going to review the SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant and all its features.

What is SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant?

The SEO Writing Assistant is an SEO tool by SEMRush which gives a writer the ability to write SEO optimized articles and to check the originality of an article.

When it comes to ranking on search engines, you have to provide SEO optimized content, or you wouldn’t be able to rank well. The SEO Writing Assistant takes care of this while making sure your content is free of plagiarism and making readable for the users.

SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant Setup

SEMRush’s SEO Writing Assistant can be used on Google Docs and your WordPress site

To install on Google Docs, you’ll have to download the Add-on from the Chrome Web Store. You’ll then download the add-on and give it permission to run in your chrome browser.

To download and install on your WordPress account, you’ll have to log into your WordPress admin account and search and install the plugin from the Plugins section. You can also download the plugin here.

Once activated, go to a post you want to optimize and click on “Connect SEO Content Template”. You’ll be required to log into your SEMRush account before you can start using the tool.

SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant has the following features that help you optimize your article for search engine.

  • Overall Score
  • Readability
  • SEO
  • Tone of Voice
  • Originality

Overall Score

Once activated, the SEO Writing Assistant will provide an overall score whenever you’re on a page on your WordPress site. This score grades the quality of your content and tells you just how possible it is to rank on Google with such content.

This score is based on metrics like SEO, Readability, Originality, and Tone of Voice. You’ll also get to see the metrics affecting your score and ways to improve the score.

A score between 8 and 10 indicates that your content is well optimized to rank on Google. If you hope to rank on search engines you should always target an overall score close to 10.Before you can be provided an overall score on your content, you’ll have to create recommendations (target keywords, location, and device) for that content.

The SEO Writing Assistant uses these recommendations to give your content an overall score.


Readability refers to how easily a reader can understand the written text of your content. The SEO Writing assistant uses the Flesch reading-ease score formula to determine just how readable your text is.

On the readability scale, you’ll find metrics like the readability score, title issues, word count, and content issues. You’ll also be provided with a target score which is aimed at making your text more readable, thereby increasing the chances of the reader reading through the entire content.

You can set your own target by manually changing the set target.

The readability feature is only compatible with the following languages; English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch.

Words: the number of words in your content will be calculated using the Flesch reading-ease score formula to determine. A goal will be set according to the average word count of your competitor’s content.

In SEO, the more detailed an article is, the higher the chances of it ranking over many others on SERPs. To rank above your competitors who have almost the same content, you’ll have to provide more details and more value which means longer articles.

Title Issues

The title of your content will be checked to ensure that it does not exceed the Google character limits.

Content Issues

The SEO Writing Assistant will check your content for issues like long paragraphs, complex words, and hard to read sentences. These issues affect the readability of your content and should be rewritten or replaced in order to boost your score.


Your SEO scale is based on your target keywords, recommended keywords and the link quality of your article.

This scale tells you how well your target keywords are integrated into the article. It also tells you how well you fit related keywords in your content. These related keywords are highlighted in green color in the document.

You’ll find you find out if you used your target keyword too frequently in your text (a warning pops up if this happens).Keyword stuffing is a black SEO practice that could make search engines to rank you lower. Whether this is done intentionally or not, you should ensure that your target keyword doesn’t appear too frequently in your article.

Usually, your target keyword should not appear more 3% of the whole text.

Tone of Voice

This feature helps you to use the perfect tone of voice for your document. Depending on the type of post you’re working on, your tone could be casual, neutral, or formal. This feature will show you where your content lies on the tone of voice scale.

It also shows you formal, casual, and neutral sentences on your document. This way you can be able to make changes to ensure that the tone of voice of your document is uniform.


This is SEMRush plagiarism checker that ensures the authenticity of your text in real-time. It determines how original your text is by comparing the text with other articles found on the web.

If your text is plagiarized, this feature will identify the original sources of the content across the internet so that you can easily make changes.

Before posting your article, you need to ensure that it is 100% original. Plagiarized content has a lower chance of ranking high on SERPs. However, the plagiarism checker feature is not free. You’ll have to upgrade to the Guru plan if you want to use this feature.


While you can get to use the SEO Writing Assistant for free on your chrome browser, you’ll have to subscribe for a plan if you want to access some features like its plagiarism checker.

As said earlier, you’ll have to create recommendations (target keywords, location, and device) for your content before you it can be assigned an overall score. These recommendations create your content template through which you can check metrics like readability, SEO, tone of voice and others.

As a free user, you get to generate this template only once. If you want to get access to more features on this plan and generate more templates (SEO ideas units), you’ll have to sign up to a plan.

SEMRush offers 4 pricing plans namely; Pro, Guru, Business, and Enterprise. These plans have different limits and provide access to different features.

Below are the number of SEO ideas units, you’re allowed to generate per month based on SEMRush plans.

  • Pro users can generate 500 SEO Ideas units in a month
  • Guru users can generate 800 SEO Ideas units in a month
  • Business users can generate 2.000 SEO Ideas units in a month

There are also limits on the plagiarism checker. Depending on your plan, you should have a few checks for this feature.

  • Pro users get 1 check on the plagiarism checker per month
  • Guru users get 5 checks on the plagiarism checker per month
  • Business users get 10 checks on the plagiarism checker per month

You could also purchase additional checks based on your subscription.

Languages Supported By the SEO Writing Assistant

The SEO Writing Assistant supports a number of languages, however, you will be able to get the best results only if you use this tool in English. The tool also supports the following languages


Unfortunately, using any language other than English means you’re less likely to get accurate metrics and scoring. Also, the readability analysis is only available for English French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch

Wrapping Up

The SEO Writing Assistant is a great tool for writers and webmaster who wish to rank their articles on the front page of Google. It is also great for beginners who don’t know how to write SEO content.

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While this tool has a lot of useful features, it also comes with some flaws. The tool doesn’t clarify its target word count. Although it states that it’s based on an average of the top 10 articles (your competitors’ word count for the same content) on Google, there is more that should be done make things clear on how long your article should be.

Also, while you get a good number of recommend keywords to fit into your article, you don’t get any directions on how to fit your text with these keywords. If you’re a newbie to optimizing your article for SEO, you might find it hard to do so.

Still, SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant still remains a great tool for writing high-quality SEO content.

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