What To Include in an Email Resignation Letter – Resigning Do & Don’t

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A resignation letter is an essential written document that must be sent to your employer to inform them of your decision to quit working for the company. 

This letter should include several things, including your reason for resigning, any terms you wish to communicate about your departure, and what you plan or hope for in the future after leaving this position.

While it is not necessary to include all of these components in your letter, 

it is strongly encouraged that you consider them to be sure to adequately express yourself and your feelings about leaving the company for good. 

Resignation Letter Examples + Template For Writing a Better  Resignation Email Message

Resignation Letter Examples + Template

Here are essential things to include in an email resignation letter.

1. Describe Your Experience With the Company

One way to begin your email is to describe your experience with the company and the people you worked with. 

You can mention what department you were in or what level your position was, but try not to go into too much detail about the nature of your work.

2. Mention Your Goodwill Toward Coworkers and Company

Let your employer know that although it is time for you to leave, you still hold goodwill towards them and your coworkers. 

List the positive things you have experienced while being employed with the company.

3. Briefly State Your Reason For Resigning

 Briefly State Your Reason For Resigning

If your reason for resigning was that you found a better job or changed career paths, briefly state this information in one sentence or less.

 The reason for leaving can be anything from a personal reason to a problem with your manager.

 Quitting a job should always be done professionally to avoid confrontation or bad feelings.

4. Give Appropriate Notice

Although you may not be required to notice when quitting, it is courteous to do so.

 If you plan to work for two weeks or less after your notice period, state this in the email resignation letter you are writing. 

This will allow your employer time to find someone else for your position before you leave. 

If you have decided to work for two or more periods after your notice, mention that you will continue employment with the company until later.

4. Discuss Any Conditions You Require for Your Notice Period

Discuss Any Conditions You Require for Your Notice Period

Include conditions in your letter if any special circumstances are surrounding your resignation.

 For instance, if you need to be available during the notice period but plan to take vacation time at another time, communicate this information in your letter.

Make sure that any terms you discuss are within reason and would not make it impossible for them to find someone else to fill your position while still working there.

5. Offer to Help with the Transition of Your Replacement

Offer to help your employer transition into finding someone else for your position. 

Discuss in your email resignation letter what you can do before you leave and how long it will take you to complete tasks related to finding a replacement. 

The transition period should not interfere with your notice period, so be careful to state everything in a way that will all work out for both parties.

6. Thank Your Employer For Providing You With This Opportunity

Thank Your Employer For Providing You With This Opportunity

As mentioned at the beginning, thank your employer for all they have done for you during your employment with them. 

Even though this may not be an easy letter to write, you must show good manners throughout the process.


In your resignation letter, end the letter by thanking them again for hiring you and wishing them good luck finding a replacement. 

Do not forget to sign off from your full name as well. This shows professionalism and leaves a good impression on your future employer.

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