15 Best Mobile Phone Accessories Compatible Gadgets To Use With All Mobile Cell Phones

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Mobile phone accessories make using phones a lot easier and they also make some phone parts last longer.

15 Mobile Phone Accessories

We have compiled a list of some of the best mobile phone accessories compatible gadgets that you can use with all cell phones whether they are iOS or Android devices.

Below are the 15 Best Mobile Phone Accessories Compatible Gadgets To Use With All Mobile Cell Phones

1. Headphones Best Mobile Phone Accessories

Headphone Best Mobile Phone Accessories

Headphones are a small pair of loudspeakers that are designed to be placed close to the user’s ears. The smaller and more portable version of headphones is a pair of earpiece which does not offer the same audio quality as headphones.

There are many types of headphones and they come with different features. Some make use of Bluetooth to play music while others could require a cord with one end connected to the music device and the other end connected to the headphone before you can listen to music.

Some of the top headphone brands include

2. Headsets Phone Accessories

Headset Best Mobile Phone Accessories

Headsets are quite different from headphones. Like headphones, they are designed to fit the user’s ears, however, headsets come microphones that allow the user to speak. A headset could either be a single-earpiece or a double-earpiece.

You can go for a refurbished handsets at Phonebot that doubles as a headphone or get another device that has headphone functionality.

3. Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless phone charger Best Mobile Phone Accessories

Wireless phone chargers do away with cables and allow you to charge your phone anywhere and at any time. Wireless charging is usually faster and easier than charging with cords, however, you can only use them over short distances.

Many smartphone brands have included the wireless charging feature in their phone models, but you should check if your mobile phone is enabled for wireless charging before going ahead to buy a wireless phone charger. Amazon one the top rated United States ecommerce store.

4. iPhone Repair Kit

IPhone tool kits Best Mobile Phone Accessories

An iPhone repair kit consists of tools and devices you will need if you want to make some adjustments or repairs to your iPhone. There are several minor phone problems that wouldn’t require you taking your phone to a phone repairer. However, without this iPhone repair kit, you wouldn’t be able to get anything done.

iPhone repairs kits contain tools such as iPhone precision screwdriver set and opening pry tools.

5. Phone Cases Best Mobile Phone Accessories

Phone cases are very important phone accessories every mobile user should have. A phone case protects the back of the phone from cracks due to falls. It also protects the color of the back of the phone from washing off. This is usually something normal that happens after long periods of usage.

6. Bluetooth and WiFi Speaker

Bluetooth speaker Best Mobile Phone Accessories

Bluetooth and WiFi speakers do away with audio cables and make use of radio frequency to receive audio signals. These loudspeakers are completely different from headphones as they cannot be worn on the ear but have to be set down on a surface.

7. Power Bank Best Mobile Phone Accessories

Power Banks mobile phone accessories

Power banks are portable battery chargers that can charge any device through the use of a USB cord. Power banks have become really popular especially in areas with low power supply.

This accessory can be used to charge any mobile device, however, the power bank has to be charged first before it can charge another device.

8. Smartwatch

Smart Watch Best Mobile Phone Accessories

SmartWatch are wearable-technology devices that do more than tell the time. Depending on the manufacturer and the features in the smartwatch, you should be able to receive calls, mail messages, notifications, check your fitness level, monitor your heart rate, and monitor your sleep activity.

9. Screen Protectors

Screen Protector for iPhone and Mobile Phone Accessories

A broken phone screen is something that every phone user wants to avoid. However, the chances of your phone slipping off your fingers and smashing on the floor are really high. This is why you get extra protection for the phone screen no matter the cost.

Usually, phone screen protectors cost less than replacing the phone screen and they do offer enough protection that should protect the phone screen from minor falls. While phone screen protectors will keep your phone screen safe, they are not 100% efficient. Your phone screen and the screen protector will crack if the phone experiences a major fall.

10. MicroSD Cards Best Mobile Phone Accessories

Memory Card Mobile phone accessories

MicroSD cards offer more storage options for your phone. If you’re a heavy phone user, you will definitely need a microSD card with a large storage capacity. Unfortunately, if you’re an iPhone user, you wouldn’t be able to directly slot in the microSD card into your phone. You’ll need to use microSD adapters to connect the microSD card to the phone.

11. OTG Cable

OTG cable Mobile phone accessories

OTG cables allow you to connect your phone to laptop or computer and transfer files. This device might not be useful if you have a USB charger as it performs the same function.

The most popular OTG device is the OTG flash drive. Flash drives are storage devices for data, videos, audio, and other important files. With an OTG flash drive, you can connect the flash drive to your phone and transfer files to the drive.

12. Phone Stand Holder

Phone stand holder mobile phone accessories

Watching movies on your phone could be a tedious task if you’re holding the phone with your hands. For those who love watching movies with their mobile phones, the best phone accessory will be a phone stand holder. It make you comfortable and free hand strains.

13. Selfie Stick Best Mobile Phone Accessories

Selfie Stick mobile phone accessories

A selfie stick is a very popular phone accessory that almost all mobile phone users own, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one. Selfie sticks allow you to take selfies from a far distance without having to strain yourself.

14. Phone Armband Sleeve

Phone Armband Sleeve mobile phone accessories

While running, you will have to keep your phone somewhere safe. This could either be at home or in your pocket. Unfortunately, keeping your phone in your pockets might not be the best decision as you would smash it during the exercise. The best option is to get a phone armband sleeve that keeps your phone intact during exercises.

15. Finger Strap / Ring Kickstand

Finger Strap / Ring Kickstand

To prevent unexpected falls, you should get a finger strap/ring kickstand to hold your phone in place while you’re operating it. This device offers protection and makes your phone to look fashionable.

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