What is Tailwind? Checklist To Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing in 2020

Although there are several social media marketing tools that can supercharge your social media marketing strategy in 2020. What is Tailwind? for the sake of this blog, we shall focus on the most outstanding social media scheduling tool that can aid your marketing plan.

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Many social media marketers tend to undermine the effectiveness of the social media scheduling tool that we would be reviewing in this blog.

What is Tailwind

Remember, for your business to get quality engagement, traffic, and a high conversion rate, you need efficient, reliable, and useful social media scheduling tools like this one. The best and most outstanding social media marketing tool to supercharge your social media post this year 2020 is Tailwind.

We believe most social media marketers have heard of this compelling social media scheduling tool, while others may not have known how it works. Throughout this blog post, we shall be reviewing what is Tailwind as the top social media marketing tool and its works.

You may be surprised that you can use this unique scheduling tool without paying a dime as a beginner. Yes, Tailwind offers a free trial version based on 100 scheduled Pins or 30 scheduled Instagram Posts – NOT 14 or 30 days if you engage on single Instagram and Pinterest posts on a daily bases.

What is Tailwind?

So much has been said about the number one social media marketing tool to supercharge your social media marketing. It’s time to know how what is Tailwind and its works, and how best it can improve your social media strategies.

What is Tailwind

Tailwind has become a social media scheduling tool that works best for your social media marketing and campaigns. If you do like to supercharge your social media marketing in this competitive, Tailwind is the right and perfect tool to utilize.

It enables to record and keeps time frame for all your post, thereby driving traffic and engagement to your site. In a simple term, Tailwind is one of the best social media scheduling tools that guarantee excellent results to all your social media marketing within the shortest possible time.

You have to worry about your credit card as a beginner. You can supercharge your social media marketing for free with Tailwind.

Can Marketers use Tailwind on Pinterest and Instagram?

If you have been trying so hard to crack the Instagram and Pinterest marketing code to grow your monthly traffic tailwind is the remedy. You don’t have to spend huge time sand energy to advertise your social media posts on different platforms.

Tailwind app helps you schedule your posts and ensure you attain quality traffic and engagement with your potential customers.

When you are using Tailwind for your Pinterest and Instagram scheduling post as never been easy, the tailwind app does not only schedule your social media post. Instead, it also makes sure you get real engagement from your target audience. If you are be going through the hassle on how to schedule your daily post on Instagram , Tailwind is the answer for you.

Typical Results Disclosure —

These are my personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind for Instagram Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members with link 

What is Tailwind

All you need to do is arrange your marketing posts in the order of how you want it out. The Tailwind app makes sure your post gets optimal engagement in each of your social media platforms.

Does Tailwind Cost Money? Tailwind Free Trial

As stated earlier, as a beginner who desires to supercharge your social media marketing, you need not worry about your credit card by using the Tailwind free trial version. If you are the type that is scheduling a single post per day on Instagram and Pinterest, you enjoy based on 100 scheduled Pins or 30 scheduled Instagram Tailwind free trial version.

Is this not wonderful? For with Tailwind free trial , you can use this social media marketing tool for free. What you need to do is to schedule 100 Pinterest pins daily and 30 Instagram. Tailwind remains one of the best social media scheduling tools to bring about quality traffic to your business. To gain access to more features, subscribe to any of the monthly packages.

What is a Tailwind Tribe?

Tailwind tribe offers your Pinterest marketing strategy a powerful feature to bring about quality traffic. Tailwind tribes also allow bloggers, website owners to drive maximum traffic to their web page. Now, what is Tailwind tribes: it refers to groups of Pinterest members with similar niches who agree to work together as a community? It enables business owners and marketers to publish viral and multiple pins.

Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind can increment your marketing goal within a short period. You can easily access tribes from the Tailwind app.

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It’s like a community pool to upload pins, and you can share other pins.

Tailwind Pricing

Despite the free trial of Tailwind, if you desire to get the best out of the tailwind app, you need to subscribe to any of their monthly packages. What is Tailwind pricing You may want to ask how much monthly Tailwind plan is. Don’t be scared; the monthly package fee won’t empty your credit card.

Tailwind cost ranges from the following:

Tailwind Plus Package

costs $9 per month.

  • You have smart pin scheduling
  • Ability to measure pin success
  • Unlimited pin scheduling
  • Single account
  • Basic profile and board metrics.
  • 30 days history archive

Tailwind Lite Package

Tailwind lite package cost $99 per month with these features:

  • Full profile and reporting board
  • Ability to track organic impressions
  • Ability to analysis trending pins
  • Export data
  • Include all plus features
  • You have 90 days history archive and more
  • Involves two collaborators

Tailwind Professional Package

The monthly cost is $799. Here you have a full profile and board reporting

  • Optimize content strategy
  • You have a brand monitoring suite
  • Ability to analyze the sources of ROI
  • Suitable for industry
  • All lite features inclusive plus one-year history archive
  • Involves five collaborators

Tailwind Enterprise Package

You have to contact tailwind support for price information. This offers more features, plus all the features in a professional package.

What is Tailwind? Bottom Line

Depending on your needs, you choose any monthly package. The good thing is that all packages offer users maximum returns on investment.

Get Started Free. No credit card required

In supercharging your social media marketing goal, the Tailwind app is the right tool to use. The increase and engagement it brings to bloggers and users are enormous. Try it out today and give your feedback on our page.

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