2019 Reliable International Payment Gateways For Online Transaction

Reliable Payment Gateways

Background To the reliable International Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is very vital when it comes to online service. The act of buying and selling is incomplete without the help of reliable payment gateways. Also as we know, the world has become a global village. A system allows you to conduct business from the comfort of your home.

No matter how effective a business or service is, without a reliable payment gateway it would amount to nothing. For instance, a freelance writer needs a reliable payment gateway to receive his or her earnings.

On this note, a reliable payment gateway is sine-qua-non to online business. We should understand that payment gateway is not restricted to a particular nation, race, tribe, rather it is all encompassing. In other words, it is a global phenomenon. Hence, this necessitated the need to list the most reliable payment gateway in 2019.

The following are some of the most reliable payment gateways in 2019:

Most Reliable International Payment Gateways


Skrill International Payment Gateways

Skrill is kind of new payment gateway. This reliable payment gateways tops our list in the most reliable and efficient international payment gateway in 2019. This company is based in The United Kingdom. It is designed for both business owners and individuals. Skrill enables you to make international transactions, buy products and pay for services globally.

This payment gateway allows you to transact business from the comfort of your home, even in your bedroom.

it mobile enable, that is, you can easily download the app on your Google play store. Having an account with Skrill is less of hassle and it is free.

User pays a sending or receiving fee which is minimal compared to other payment platforms. This fee is as low as 1 per cent of the total transaction value. This low transaction fee as make skrill a popular and reliable payment gateway among others.

It is very safe and easy to link to your bank account, it is a worldwide payment gateway. Location is not a barrier for the effective transaction. They ensure deep security measure over your funds.

You can sign up here.

Unique Features

  • It allows mobile account and ATM services
  • The fast and efficient online payment system
  • It allows multiple transactions methods
  • It is a global payment service.
  • It is transparent in nature
  • There is safety in carrying out the transaction
  • It is one of the most reliable payment gateways you can rely on.


Payoneer International Payment Gateways

This is another reliable payment gateways. This payment provider has been around for a while now. Its headquarter is based in New York, United State of America. Payoneer is not for an online seller, rather is meant for the online service provider.

Payoneer is vocal among freelancer and affiliate marketer. If you work with Freelance, Fiverr and you do not know how to withdraw your earning, worry no more.

Just click here register for a Payoneer account, and you will be given Payoneer master card to withdraw your revenues anywhere around the world.

It is an alternative of PayPal, most especially if you leave in a country like Nigeria, India were freelancer or individuals are not allowed to use PayPal to receive funds. You can also use Payoneer master card to make a purchase online.

What Makes Payoneer Reliable Payment Gateways Unique

  • Payoneer Master Card allows you to receive Your online earnings without the hassle
  • It is the fast and most reliable payment gateway for a freelancer
  • It aid your affiliate marketing endeavours, like Clickbank and Amazon.
  • It is secure and reliable
  • It is the most viable alternative of PayPal


Bitpay International Payment Gateways

This is another 2019 reliable payment gateways. BitPay owns an outstanding position among payment gateways. They tend to support a new payment system. This payment gateway gives support to bitcoin payments. If you are a bitcoin trader or buyer, Bitpay is the right payment gateway for you.

It allows you to accept and send bitcoin with ease. Also, you can save and spend bitcoin in their platform or covert bitcoin into the dollar, it is that simple.

They ensure you can perform transaction anywhere under planet earth by introducing a mobile app. This mobile app offers a wide variety of services to e-commerce, billing, and donation tools. There is room to resolve bitcoin disputes with your own local currency. BitPay Card allows you to load US dollar using any bitcoin wallet without charges.

Unique Features

  • Bitpay support new payment gateways
  • It operates internationally
  • Most of efficient and reliable payment gateway solution
  • It has a low processing fee
  • it supports over 40 languages
  • it is safe and secures.
  • it is primarily designed for sellers and online merchant.


Reliable Payment Gateways payu

This payment gateway is one of Indian payment processor. Its relevance cannot be overemphasized. It is a simple and reliable payment gateway design to bridge the gap between people and rigorous payment processors. Individuals, experts around the globe are fond of PayU due to the low and best conversion rates it offers.

PayU accepts over 45 payment methods. It has PayUBiz API and SDKs that enables it to link different websites. PayU platform is seen internationally as the most reliable payment gateway you can rely on come 2019. It enables the user to submit OTP without stress. The platform read, and submit OTP on client behalf. They ensure that payment is protected.

The Unique Quality of PayU

  • It offers over 250 local payment methods
  • It is a quote based payment system


Reliable Payment Gateways

This is an online payment solution establish by experts. This company is one of the most reliable payment gateways you can trust in this year 2019. They are efficient and reliable in service delivery. They have a partnership with wider payments industry around the globe. Such as Card networks, local and international banks, and many more.

Strip is highly modernized with new tools. They focus on customer satisfaction. Using strip implies less stress. It processes fees and display prices in client choice of currency in order to aid customer from incurring conversion costs.

Feature of Strip

  • It safe for reliable payment gateway and processing
  • It allows for multiple payment options
  • It is also the most reliable payment gateway you can trust.
  • It guarantees a customer’s satisfaction


Reliable Payment Gateways payza

This is another reliable payment gateway. It is the world fastest and simplest online money transfer service provider. It is designed for both private and professional user. It uses to send and receive money around the globe.

It enables secure money transfer from your mobile phones. It also aids you to receive money from credit cards, bank accounts, and bitcoin accounts.it processes payment straight to your online store. It also includes varieties of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies services.

It supports 25 currencies, and it enables fast and stresses free transactions. You can also use your Payza credit to pay bills online. You are also entitled to dispute resolution centre if you are a user.

Why Is Payza Unique

  • It is highly secured payment gateway
  • It is user-friendly
  • It allows multiple of currencies
  • It is bitcoin and altcoin friendly.
  • It is a simple payment form.


The above 2019 reliable payment gateways is unique and a must use service. There is no geographical barrier associated with the above international payment gateways.

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