What is Chromecast For Smart TV

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What is chromecast for smart TV? With $35, you could buy a portable blender off Amazon or even a phone mount for your bike, or you could get yourself a Chromecast.

But what is a Chromecast and what does a Chromecast do? In this article, you will find the answers to all your questions on what is chromecast for smart TV and other streaming platforms.

And in the end you’ll be able to decide for yourself if a Chromecast is best for you.

What is Chromecast For?

what is chromecast for

It costs just $35, but what the heck is it? In the simplest terms, a Chromecast is one of the cheapest and best streaming devices on the market. Like you can go round the market and you’d barely get a device that can do all it does.

Let’s dive deeper into what a Chromecast truly is. A Chromecast is an HDMI device that you plug into your television. With the aid of the integrated WiFi receiver, the device can send content from a mobile device or laptop to your TV or monitor.

This means you can send images and sound to your television from apps like Netlfix, Spotify, HBO, and Youtube with just one click.

What is Smart Tv

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A Smart TV works like every other TV out there, except that with it, you can connect to the internet. Smart TVs come with a platform that allows you to connect to the internet and watch movies, videos and shows from apps like Youtube and Netflix.

Depending on the type of Smart TV you have, you should be able to find apps, games and several other applications on the platform.

What is the difference between Chromecast and Smart TV?

what is chromecast for smart TV

With Smart TVs, you don’t need any extra devices to view any of the apps available on the smart platform. With your remote control, you can navigate to Youtube and search for any video you want to watch and you should be able to view it on your TV. You can also watch films and series that are on your computer or hard disk by connecting a DLNA device.

What is chromecast for, on the other hand, works differently. First, you can’t use your Chromecast device without a mobile device. You will have to connect your mobile device to your Chromecast via the Google Cast app. Once connected, you can view anything on your smartphone on your TV.

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In the end, the main difference between the two of them is that a Smart TV lets you view your favorite shows, movies and possibly play games without the intervention of an external device like a Chromecast.

However, a Smart TV does cost a little too much for most people and if you travel a lot, it is less likely that you would take your Smart TV as you go. In the end, both devices have their benefits and it all comes down to your preference.

Chromecast Ultra

Google Chromecast Ultra

The Chromecast Ultra is the upgraded version of Google Chromecast. This version comes with all the features you can find in Google Chromecast, however, it does come with a little extra.

With the Chromecast Ultra, you can stream 4K content which means clearer and better pictures. But does this make for the doubled price of the device? It all depends on the picture quality that suits you. If you love extra clear images, then the cost shouldn’t be a problem. If not, then you can stick with the Google Chromecast.

Chromecast Price

As said earlier and explained what is chromecast for, you can get Chromecast for just $35. But if you want the Ultra version, you would need a spend a little more. The Chromecast Ultra costs about $69.

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Chromecast Frequently Asked Questions

We have time our time to research most of the important what is chromecast for most asked question and provide appropriate answer to those question below;

What Apps are Compatible with Google Chromecast?

Chromecast provides you with access to a lot of streaming apps. Below are some of the apps that work with Chromecast.

  • Google Play Movies
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Kids
  • BBC iPlayer Kids
  • Disney Life
  • Twitch
  • BT Sport
  • BBC Sport
  • WWE
  • MTV Play UK
  • TalkTalk TV
  • Spotify
  • Soundcloud
  • Vevo
  • TuneIn Radio
  • Facebook
  • Google Chrome
  • Dailymotion
  • BBC iPlayer
  • All4
  • ITV Hub
  • My5
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • NOW TV

Do smart TVs have Chromecast Built-In

No. Chromecast is an external device that is bought separately. A Smart TV can operate without a Chromecast, so it doesn’t need one.

Do you Need Chromecast If you have a Smart TV?

That depends on you. If you own a Smart TV, you can watch movies off Netflix and Youtube, play games and use other applications which is just about the same thing that a Chromecast allows you to do.

Chromecast is best for those who don’t own a Smart TV or those who own a Smart TV but need a way to stream their favorite shows, movies, and games on other people’s non-smart TVs. What is the benefit of Chromecast?

What can I Watch for Free on Chromecast?

With Chromecast, you can do a lot and if you don’t own a Smart TV, you would really enjoy the benefits. Some benefits of using a Chromecast device include

  • Versatility; With a Chromecast, you can stream from your Android and iPhone, also it allows you to mirror your laptop on your TV with your Chrome browser.
  • Affordable: At $35, it just about the best media device you can get, though its ultra version comes with more features, but you will have to spend more to get it.
  • Guest
    Mode – The guest mode allows other users to cast their movies, games or shows on your screen.

Does Google Chromecast Allow 4k Content Streaming?

Unfortunately, No. Google Chromecast is yet to offer this privilege to users. But if you want to stream 4k content, then you should be ready to spend a little more.

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The Chromecast Ultra allows you to stream 4k content including several other benefits that make it a worthy buy.

Does Chromecast Come With a Remote?

With Chromecast, you won’t need a remote like you would with your Smart TV. Since you will be mirroring movies, shows, and games from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, these devices act as the remote.

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