Most In-Demand Web 3.0 Developer’s Jobs that will Trend in 2023

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Are you a web developer? If yes, then you need to know the most in-demand web 3.0 development jobs that will trend in 2023.

 If you have the opportunity to know the most in-demand web 3.0 developer job at the moment, then you will be able to put yourself in the right place to get those jobs.

Aside from that, you will be able to learn more, in case there’s any aspect of your web development career that you are lacking some skills or knowledge especially when it comes to web 3.0.

Most in-Demand Web 3.0 Developer’s Jobs in 2023

Most in-Demand Web 3.0 Developer's Jobs in 2023

What are the opportunities in Web3? Hare’s Web3 will quickly be creating new job opportunities with its own set of in-demand skills. In 2022;

#1. UI & UX Designer

UI & UX Designer

UI & UX design is one of the web 3.0 jobs that will trend in the year 2023, although it has been around for long periods and it will trend so well in 2022. 

If you are a UI & UX designer, then you should be ready for a new job opportunity and career elevation in 2023 but it is so important to seek employment from a reputable company so that you will be able to earn a good salary. 

Aside from that, securing employment might be difficult in most start-up companies at the moment. 

User interface (UI) design or user interface engineering is the kind of design that is available for user interfaces both machines and software, like computers, home appliances, mobile devices, and more devices, with the focus on increasing the usability and the user experience.

UI & UX design is one of the few professions in the web 3.0 industry that does not require coding. 

If you are new to UI & UX design, then you can learn it and you will be able to join the web 3.0 industry so that you can be part of a trend.

There are several online websites where you can get regular UI & UX design job offers. 

You can make use of the available online job website such as Jobberman indeed jobs.

 Likewise, you can use the Cryptojoblist and more. 

Product (UX) Designer Requirements

  • 1-year work experience as a product designer or a Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) in UX/UI design
  • Strong writing skills for web development specifications and surveys about investing research and crypto
  • Proficiency in software like Adobe Photoshop or equivalent (Illustrator, Figma, etc.) for mock-ups and creating images to explain concepts in crypto
  • Attention to detail
  • Real interest in crypto is shown by owning crypto / NFTs and using crypto products like Ledger, Metamask, or Brave browser

#2. Blockchain Software Developer

Blockchain Software Developer

Blockchain software development is also one of the job opportunities that are available in the web 3.0 industry in 2023. 

Even though it is currently among the most popular job opportunities in the web 3.0 industry currently.

If you are a software developer, then it is a bit easier for you to become a blockchain software developer, but you need to learn more because as a software developer main responsibilities are front-end and back-end development, design, and more. 

This is more than what software developers can do because software developers are trained to fix issues and bugs

So you need to learn more programming languages, especially Python.

Python is one of the best and most popular programming languages in the world at the moment,

 So if you are new to blockchain software development, then you need to learn Python programming language so that you will be able to do well in the web 3.0 industry.

Blockchain software developers are professionals that are trained to build applications onto existing blockchain platforms. 

They will be able to carry out any project that is related to front-end and back-end development, design, maintenance, and more. 

Frontend Developer – Desktop/React REQUIREMENTS

  • Native-level fluency in English (spoken and written)
  • 5+ years of professional development experience
  • 5+ years of professional development experience in React
  • Working knowledge of TypeScript, JavaScript
  • Working knowledge of DOM, HTML5, CSS3, SVG
  • Working knowledge of DDD, BDD, TDD
  • Working knowledge of Git flow and GitHub
  • Working knowledge of Electron, Webpack, Babel
  • Working knowledge of Agile software development


  • Working knowledge of React Native
  • Working knowledge of React Query, React Hook Form, Charts, Testing Library, Cypress, Eslint, Styled Component, Redux, mswjs
  • Basic knowledge of releasing applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Basic knowledge of blockchain, cryptography, distributed networks
  • Basic knowledge of Lisk, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other protocols

3. Blockchain Engineer

blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineers are professionals and special engineers that are trained to create and maintain decentralized digital databases, or blockchains, to store and share information, securely without intermediaries. 

If you are a professional blockchain engineer, then you should expect a job trend in 2023. You can make use of the available job website to seek blockchain engineering jobs.

 Likewise, if you are new to blockchain engineering, you can learn a few programming languages to become one.

You need to master several programming languages like C++, SQL, JavaScript, and Python before you can become a professional blockchain engineer.

Full-Stack Engineer (React + Node) What You’ll Do:

  • Work directly with our Lead Software Engineer on applications.
  • Design beautiful, engaging and performant UIs.
  • Build Back-End layers to support individual applications.
  • Work closely with the engineering, product, and design teams to plan, architect, and launch features within our applications.
  • Grow technically in the Web3 space through research and product initiatives.
  • Develop and own high-quality code across all levels of the stack that allows us to scale to millions of active users.

What You Must Have:

  • Degree in Computer Science, a related discipline, or commensurate experience.
  • 2+ years of professional software engineering experience.
  • A demonstrable passion for web3 and the future of the decentralized web.
  • Prior development experience with web3.js or ethers.js.
  • Understanding of web3 chains, protocols, and languages (Solidity and Ethereum).
  • Mastery of web development using JavaScript, Typescript, React, Redux, and NodeJS is highly preferred.
  • Experience in agile project management processes.
  • Thrives in a remote work environment and is comfortable with digital communication and productivity skills (Slack, Notion, Zoom, etc.)


  • Experience with Solidity and the EVM.
  • Experience building a Chrome Extension.
  • Familiarity with next-generation L2 chains and protocols is a plus.
  • We are focused on building a diverse and inclusive workforce. If you’re excited about this role, but do not meet 100% of the qualifications listed above, we encourage you to apply.

4. Solidity Developer

 Solidity Developer

Solidity developers are professional blockchain developers that only work with smart contracts on Ethereum-based applications.

Before you can become a solidity developer, you need to have enough knowledge of the Ethereum blockchain. 

Apart from the basics of Ethereum, you also need to know about EVM and its working in detail. 

You need the EVM to learn the development of smart contracts with Solidity.

Senior Smart Contract Engineer (Solidity) Primary Responsibilities

  • Lead smart contract and solidity development
  • Drive the design, development, and implementation of new features
  • Work collaboratively across workstreams to rapidly iterate, experiment, and grow the protocol
  • Design and build systems with an eye for performance, scalability, and resilience
  • Deploy, operate, and maintain services in production
  • Ensure best practices across development, testing, and security


  • 2+ years of professional work as a smart contract engineer
  • Experience with ReactJS and frontend development
  • Significant experience with Solidity, TypeScript, Hardhat, foundry, and smart contract development
  • Deep understanding of blockchain and Ethereum/EVM
  • Experience developing, maintaining, and scaling Web3/crypto/DeFi/distributed infrastructure & services
  • A passion for technology and learning modern best practices in web development
  • Desire to keep up with modern best practices in software development/crypto, and shape our tech stack as we build out new systems and services
  • You lead with intellectual curiosity, strive for excellence, play as a team, and take pride in your work
  • You’re comfortable working autonomously whilst ensuring excellent communication within the team, and constantly pushing to solve problems proactively
  • You have an innate curiosity about Digital Assets, Web3, DeFi, and the Blockchain.

It is very important to read and understand all the necessary information about the job description, requirements, and more before you apply so that you will be able to increase your chances of getting the job. 

In Conclusion

There are several job opportunities in the web 3.0 industry in 2022 and there will be more in 2023 and years to come. 

If you don’t have any of the skills that are required to take advantage of the web 3.0 industry, then you should start learning one today so that you will be able to get employment in the web 3.0 industry in the future.

If you have any of the skill or knowledge that is needed to get employment in the web 3.0 industry, then you should start seeking a job today.

There are several websites or online platforms that are designed to showcase the available job opportunity in cryptocurrency, web 3.0 and other related industries. 

Cryptojoblist is also a trusted and popular website where you can get the latest cryptocurrency web 3.0 and other related jobs at the moment.

 Likewise, you can make use of Jobberman, indeed, and other trusted job websites in the world.

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