Facebook Vs Google Secrets to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

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As an entrepreneur who is sorrowed about low website traffic, and to drive traffic to your website using facebook you should be thinking all day about how to skyrocket your website traffic both socially and organically Knowingly that without good website traffic no earning, no fame, Nothing to show how hardworking you’ve been.

This will eventually lead to searches such as “how to use facebook ads to drive traffic to your website, how to drive traffic to your website using facebook without charges, How to get more google traffic for free or how to get more conversion via google AdWords.”

All these searches are made in regards to finding suitable means of growing your website traffic and sales pages from Zero to Hero.

There’s always need to get traffic to your business as entrepreneur apart from popularity and the very few others we have listed earlier, but getting this traffic becomes the whole problem on the online world today and this makes becoming a successful entrepreneur a very difficult task to achieve.

In this article i will only be concentrating on two things which are;

  • how to drive traffic to your website using Facebook
  • Tips to increase your website organic traffic

But before we get started with the above, let me specifically show you the main reason why traffic is a key to successful online business.

Website Traffic and Online Business

drive traffic to your website using Facebook

Have you ever taught of starting up your business online? if yes then am very sure the first thinking that should hit your mind is “how to get people to know about your business online”

Getting people to know about your business online is what we call website traffic, which requires to be responsive and mobile friendly PracticeBloom’s website design team is awesome to help you create awesome new website

Am sure you know that’s not gonna be very easy creating awareness for newly setup businesses especially in Nigeria.

Without getting people to know about your business it’s very certain you won’t be able to make success: Even if you have the best products for sale who will buy from you? Who will review your products?, Who will read your blog, Sponsor posts on your blog, Make your business lively?

Automatically traffic means everything in the online world and this is why it must be your number one priority in any online business you venture. Traffic means money, It also means fame.

There’s no doubt there are many ways to send website traffic to your online business however am going to talk about the essential two “how to drive traffic to your website using Facebook and Tips to increase your website organic traffic.

Let’s take them one after the other.

how to drive traffic to your website using Facebook

Did you know that even without google you can still create awareness about you business on Facebook social media?

Let me quickly share some helpful tips with you on how to drive traffic to your website using facebook am sure they will help grow your business when carefully utilized.

There are two ways to send paid traffic or free traffic to your website using facebook: We have both free and paid facebook traffic.

  • Free Facebook traffic:

    This is the kind of Facebook traffic you send to your website without spending money. it’s totally free of charge.

  • Paid Facebook traffic:

    Here you will need to advertise on Facebook before getting this kind of traffic. They all serve the same function on your business but the difference is the the name ” free and Paid “.

Facebook Free traffic VS Paid traffic

Facebook Free traffic VS Paid traffic

Like i said ” they both serve the same purpose which is creating awareness via Facebook” However, paid traffic have a common advantage over free traffic which is “Facebook targeting.

When you promote your business for free on Facebook you can’t target the particular audience you need at a time but when you go via paid adverts you can reach your Targeted audience from any location worldwide. Check this out for how to promote your business online in nigeria using facebook Ads

When you use paid Facebook adverts, You can even go to the extent of picking your country of target, State under the country, Areas and cities under the state that’s if you want to narrow your targeting. This is one reason why paid ads are better than free Facebook traffic.

However you can still get good traffic on Facebook even without spending when properly used. I will show you some drive Traffic helpful tips below.

Tips to Free Facebook traffic

Getting Facebook traffic is more than must sharing your site links on Facebook: Sometimes you might end up sharing and sharing and at the end no good conversion and you’re wandering if people are even seeing your links at all.


Facebook is a large social media with all type of human being with millions of daily updates. They will never pay attention to your post unless you do it strategically. let me show you how i do mine.

  • Setup your Facebook business Page:

    This page should be descriptive and niche focus “it should only talk about your business”.

  • Update the Page:

    every update you should be making on this page should be the ones regarding your business alone.

  • Join As many Facebook groups as possible

    If am a blogger who shares blogging tips you will have to join blogging Facebook related groups many of them. You can use the Facebook search to find groups and Join as many as possible.

  • Promoting your business

    This is where the works comes in. Let’s say i make a new post on my Blog e.g how to get website traffic for free.

    I will only write a good Facebook post description that will attract more audience while i post my link along.. see Demo below.

    The quest for getting traffic is going higher as the competition grows everyday: Now getting paid traffic is becoming more and more expensive.

    Did you know you can get the same number of traffic you’re paying for without spending money? Let me show you how i grow my website traffic for free. (your post Link)

    When you post with this description on your page with also a good image perhaps descriptive one you will notice changes in conversion rate unlike when you just share links.

It doesn’t end there

Having posted on your Facebook page with your images plus good and attractive description, it’s now time to get your post noticed by audience.

Click on share via the post you want to get traffic to which you have posted on your fan page. Now select the option to share on groups. Start sharing your post repeatedly on all the groups you’ve joined earlier.

drive traffic to your website using Facebook- zenithtechs.com

Am using Facebook lite just in case you can’t see the above option on your Facebook. you can download Facebook Lite. apk

Let’s say you shared your well descriptive post in 20 groups which you joined earlier and each group contains 10k members that means you have increased your reach instead of just posting it on your page and leaving it there.

Having done that, The next thing is to Share the same post repeatedly on your timelines. Let say you shared it on 20 of your friends timeline and each of your friend got 2k followers. With this you have increased the reach of that post again.

By the end of the day you will see good result especially when your description is very tempting to click. that’s why you need to learn how to write attractive descriptions for your posts which will make readers click on your links.

These are the very simple method to gain Facebook traffic: Just as you share around, don’t forget to also share on your timeline.

With the above tips, i do do get good Facebook traffic to my sale pages and other parts of my website even without spending on Facebook adverts.

Tips to increase your website organic traffic

One thing about getting google traffic is finding the right keywords to blog about and using the keywords strategically.

hope you don’t miss our Marketing Series Posts

Unfortunately this post about getting google traffic is large as it entails keywords research skills and many others. Am not gonna talk about that here in as it will only make this page unreadable and too lengthy.

In my next article i will be discussing about the tips to increase your website organic traffic so don’t go far away. Just subscribe to this blog using our newsletter box to get you updated when the post it made available.

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