How to Get a FREE Virtual Credit Card For Free Trials Sites In 2022

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Be protected no matter how secure or safe online services or websites you use. It’s always safer to make use of a randomly generated credit card. 

Most of the main reasons for getting a virtual credit card is for verifications online, use on free trial websites, running paid ads or recurring payment… especially PayPal verifications.

It helps to have full control of your spending limit, and avoid unauthorized money deductions. 

What are Virtual Credit Cards?

Unlimited Virtual Credit Card In Africa

Virtual credit cards are sets of 16 digit plastic cards that are randomly generated; also, they have a CVV code that helps in making payments for goods and services online.

These virtual credit cards have advantages over our normal bank accounts as they can be used digitally to transact some activities;

to the point that you can connect your telephone charges to be deducted from your virtual credit cards.

It is also a unique card number that one can use to transact on his/her main credit account without the user leaking his credit card account number to others.

Moreover, while using a virtual credit card, you can set some features such as limiting the maximum money you can spend with your virtual credit card for a period.

Online Virtual Cards vs. Physical Virtual Credit cards: What’s the Difference?

Online Virtual Cards vs. Physical Virtual Credit cards: What’s the Difference

Virtual credit cards and physical credit cards are almost the same in functionality, Which is for making payments but there is a slight difference between them;

Virtual credit cards are used to make online purchases since they are designed to be used digitally,

 while physical credit cards are also used to make both online payments and other payments in the real world.

Moreover, you can make use of the physical credit card as plastic electronic cards to make purchases, but the virtual credit card can only be accessed online over websites or other online platforms that enable the payment methods.

While physical credit card process traditional purchasing card features the cardholder’s name, card number, and a magnetic strip,

On the other hand, virtual credit cards have some advantages over physical credit cards. 

In the sense that it is easier to control, simple to use, more secure than physical credit cards as people will never see any details of your virtual credit card unless you give them access to it.

Meanwhile, in this digital age, virtual credit cards seem to be more popular for making online payments, 

to the point that major banking institutions and digital wallet services issue virtual credit cards to their customers.

Types of Virtual Credit Cards

Types of Virtual Credit Cards

When it comes to credit cards – be it virtual or physical, there are three major categories of credit cards. They are; 

  • Small business owners.
  • A broad consumer population. 
  • Students with credit cards.

Moreover, these card types are related to each other just that they have small differences that distinguish one from the other.

Small Business Owners Credit Cards

This credit card which is designed for small business owners comes with rare quality features for business owners which support high credit lines.

The small business owners’ credit card also has advanced tracking features,

 and also help users to customize their spending limits for companies and organizations that have access to their credit cards.

Requirements for getting small business owners credit cards. 

  • You need to own an existing business. 
  • Your business should have a Tax ID number (TIN) or Employer ID Number (EIN). 
  • The owner should present his/her Social Security Number (SSN). 

If you’re a business owner who is seeking a small business owner’s credit card, you should be aware that the CARD Act will not cover your small business credit card.

The Broader/General Consumer Credit Card

This general consumer credit card is also called the normal credit card. This is because it is majorly used in the digital market today.

Users in this category are protected since this card is being governed by the CARD Act.

Moreover, the general value of this credit card depends on several factors which include: the issuer of the card, the card network, etc.

Students Credit Cards

This type of credit card is designed for students whose income is limited because of some factors.

 Though the student credit card has some unique features on its own as students are seen as people that have several opportunities to make more money in their youthful age.

Hence students have attractive credit cards that their financial circumstances will support.

Also, students’ credit cards are governed by the CARD Act which means that the cards are protected.

Pros of Physical Credit Cards

  1. They are used to receive payments from merchants or employers instantly. 
  2. You can make use of your card at different shopping centres. 
  3. They are not limited to online payments only. 

Cons of Physical Credit Cards

  1. Physical credit cards are easily exposed to fraud and theft. 
  2. Some physical credit cards have limited settings. 
  3. The plastic card may occupy space in your wallet. 

Virtual Credit Card Pros

  • They can’t be stolen or gets loss
  • The information that is encrypted in virtual credit cards is limited to only one purpose and this is for security purposes.
  • Although virtual cards are not 100% secure, fraudulent activities that are carried out with virtual credit cards can be cancelled within seconds. 
  • Virtual cards can be paired with a spend management platform and this is to speed up their performance. 
  • It helps employees to receive payments instantly. 
  • Virtual credit cards help companies to have control over non-payroll spending.

Virtual Credit Card Cons

  • They are not 100% secure – as some of your details can be exposed online. 
  • It can only be used online. 
  • They attract interest and fees. 

What is a Virtual Credit Card Generator? 

What is a Virtual Credit Card Generator? 

A Credit Card Generator or VCC Generator is an online tool or software that uses algorithms used by banks, To quickly generate fake but valid random credit card numbers that work for shopping online, verification and testing free trial websites. 

Pros of Online Virtual Credit Card Generator

  • They can be used to avoid losing money from untrusted platforms. 
  • You can obtain them for free. 
  • Most of them have unlimited trial times. 

Cons of Online Virtual Credit Card Generator

  • They are only used for free trials. 
  • They may likely be rejected on some platforms like Google, Facebook, etc.

What Can You Do With a VCC?

What Can You Do With a VCC?

Below are what you can do with the VCC you generated online:

Testing – if you’re a developer, you can generate a free virtual credit card online and use it to check if your payment method is working the way you designed it.

Free Trial – When you come across some websites that allow you to use their services for a few days, they will charge you from your credit card when your free trial period is over. 

You can generate a free virtual credit card and use it on such websites without tampering with your real credit card.

Registration – When registering with some platforms that you don’t fully trust, we recommend that you generate a free virtual credit card and use the card info to finish your registration. 

Verification – If some companies want to verify your info such as an address, payment, you can use a fake credit card that you generated online to verify such. 

You should do this when completing verification from untrusted sites. If you’re working with Google, feel free to use your real verification details.

Online Submits – When you come across untrusted websites or platforms that demand your credit cards, make use of fake virtual credit cards that you generate online to avoid saying that fraudsters scammed you.

Online Purchase or Shopping – Shopping from sites that don’t have ratings and user reviews from their past sales is quite risky.

 If you see a product that gets your interest, why not use a fake virtual credit card to test run such platforms before using your real card details to purchase the product.

Which Free Trial Sites that Accepts VCC to Spend Virtual Card?

Below are some examples of free trial websites that you can use the free virtual credit cards you generated online:

  1. Semrush
  2. Netflix
  3. Spotify
  4. Iofod
  5. Amazon Prime
  6. Hulu
  7. HBO
  8. WSJ
  9. Sling TV
  10. YouTube Red

Top 5 Real Virtual Credit Card Generators That Work With Money. 

Today there are several virtual credit card generators online but we’ve tested most of them that allow funding, and can issue users free physical virtual credit. (if user need it) 

These virtual credit card generators come with a decent amount of money that you can use for making trial purchases online.

So we decided to bring to you the best top 5;

#1. DoNotPay – Free Trial Cards Generator

DoNotPay - Free Trial Cards Generator

DoNotPay is a platform that offers a free trial credit card generator which you can use on many untrusted websites to avoid risk.

The credit card that this platform will offer you has everything you’ll ever need in a free credit card and their VCC is approved by an online service provider,

Although it is not connected to any of your bank accounts and also it doesn’t bear your data.

Are you afraid of using your real credit card to opt for streaming services that give users a free trial period? 

DoNotPay credit card generator has all the features that you need and it’s free. While they offer free quality credit cards, it is quite easy to obtain your online credit card. 

To proceed, go to their website DoNotPay and get one for your free trials. When you obtain your free credit card, you can use it on any platform for free trials. 

Moreover, when the free trial period expires, the platform cannot access your money since the free credit card is not linked with any of your bank accounts.

#2. Skrill – Online and Physical VCC

Skrill - Online and Physical VCC

To get a virtual card with Skrill, you have to create an account with them or log in if you already have a Skrill account.

Skrill prepaid cards will allow money to be added to it through transfers or top-up. Skrill card does not demand your local bank account before you can activate it, unlike other credit and debit cards.

Moreover, Skrill virtual cards have some limitations depending on the currency you are using. 

These are the limitations and their currencies 7,000 USD, 6,3000 EUR, 23,000 PLN, 4,550 GBP. 

Getting Skrill virtual card is quite free but using it to make transactions attracts some decent charges, 

which are about 3.99% and 10 EUR as annual fees Checking online statements, making online purchases, changing or requesting new transaction PINs with skrill are all free. 

but you will be charged €2.50 for requesting a second card (another card).

While your Skrill card is fully virtual, and a physical plastic card it can only be used to make online payments with the help of the card number (16 digits), CVV, and expiry date.

Other features of the Skrill virtual card are security, it quite easy to get, You can have control over your online payments. And also request to ship your plastic card to your address. 

#3. Payoneer – Physical Virtual Credit Cards

Payoneer – Physical Virtual Credit Cards

Payoneer virtual credit card is rated as the best option for the majority of freelancers today.

Moreover, the Payoneer virtual credit card is mostly used for mass payout by the majority of companies out there; for example Upwork, iStock, Fiverr etc.

To check if the company you’re working with supports Payoneer mass payout, log in to your company’s account and check if Payoneer is listed among their payment methods.

You just request for a free Payoneer master debit card, which will be shipped to your address without any fees. 

#4. Wise – Physical Virtual Credit Cards

Wise – Physical Virtual Credit Cards

The wise virtual credit card that can be used to make digital transactions.

 This Wise virtual credit card enables you to make purchases online, spend online, and also it helps you save money that you’ll use to convert currencies during online payment.

Unlike physical credit cards, Wise virtual cards cannot be stolen and there is no need to bring your wallet before you can be able to make payment.

When you’re done making transactions with your virtual credit cards, you can freeze the credit card. 

making it more secure, easy to use, smart, etc. regardless of the platform, you’re using it on.

A wise virtual credit card allows you to hold more than 50 different currencies at a time and convert to any currency of your choice when making online payments in stores or internationally.

Moreover, requesting your Wise virtual credit card demands that you’ll first order a real card. 

You’ll need to have a real card before making use of your virtual card – although both cards are from Wise.

#5. Netspend – Physical Virtual Cards

Netspend – Physical Virtual Cards

Netspend virtual credit cards are popular credit cards that require no minimum balance or credit check.

Netspend cards are all secured and every single transaction that is performed with Netspend is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). 

And they offer assorted cards such as Visa, MasterCard, etc. which you can use anywhere.

If you get a Netspend physical credit card, you can use it for shopping, withdrawal, etc.

On the other hand, Netspend debit cards allow you to spend money that you’ve already loaded in it.

 Using a prepaid card is equivalent to you using your own money but using a credit card is like you using borrowed money.

When using Netspend cards in stores, it attracts a transaction fee of $1 which will be deducted from your card balance.

Using Netspend virtual cards will give you some benefits which are: 

  • you’ll be able to manage how you spend funds,
  • it will help you to have separate business and expenses accounts,
  • It will help you to have a payment card for your business.

5 Best Free Virtual Credit Card Generator For Free Trial 

Best Free Virtual Credit Card Generator For Free Trial 

Some of the Instant Virtual Credit Cards for free trials are (Does’t work with money; very difficult to fund it)


They give you full control on your card; any company or third party that can charge you and how much they can charge from your card.

#2. DoNotPay’s Free Trial Cards Generator

The DoNotPay’s free trial card functions differently since it’s a VCC-based online card.

 Since it’s free, you can use it with a 16 digit card number as well as its expiration date.

#3. – Credit Card Numbers Generator

By using GetCreditCradNumbers, you can be able to generate unlimited free credit cards for your online free trials and also for testing purposes.

#4. Prepostseo’s Credit Card Generator

The prepostseo tool helps people to generate fake credit cards and also you can as well generate fake names, email addresses, etc. 

which will help to avoid using any of your real details while getting a fake credit card.

#5. Get Virtual Credit Cards for free trials with CardGuru

With CradGuru, you can generate valid credit card numbers which you can use when requesting free trial products. Their card comes with instant card details such as name, zip code, etc.

Virtual Credit Card Generator FAQs

Do Virtual Credit cards allow money funding?

When using a virtual credit card, you are able to send and receive money; meaning that you can fund the virtual card and use it for online purchases without spending directly from your local bank account.

Is a free credit card generator legal or you can go to jail?

Using free credit card generators has both positive and negative effects. When you use it for free trials and testing purposes, it is quite legal and nobody will fight you for that.

On the other hand, when you use it for official purposes to fake your online payment, it may attract the user to land in jail or pay fines for such illegal activities.

Can you use VCC to shop online?

Of course! You can make use of Virtual credit cards to make online payments, shop, pay bills, etc.

Moreover, if your virtual credit card is linked to your existing credit card, charges may apply on a monthly basis based on the number of transactions you performed with it.

Why should you use VCC on free trial sites

We recommend using virtual credit cards that you generated freely online on free trial sites.

Avoid being charged from your real credit card when your free trial expires. Use it on untrusted sites to avoid falling victim to a fraudster.

You can use it to save money on some sites like Hulu, HBO, Disney+ that demand subscriptions.


We covered all you should know about free virtual credit cards, how you can generate unlimited free virtual credit cards for your free trials and testing purposes.

The benefits of using virtual credit cards were discussed in this guide. Also, the differences between virtual and physical credit cards were elucidated.

Without much ado, this is your ultimate guide to understanding virtual credit cards, what they are all about, their pros and cons, and we answered some questions that you might have been looking for.

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