Comprehensive CPA Marketing Ultimate Guide for Beginners 2020

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Are you a newbie to online Digital marketing? And you will love to have deep knowledge and understand of CPA Marketing in 2020.

Then you are in the right place to reveal the ultimate marketing strategy for mostly popular Advertising campaigns such as Facebook Ads, AdWords, Ads Email Marketing and Much more.

You will get the solution just after going through each and every word of this article. So, keep calm and read this article with full concentration.

In the beginning, you need to learn a lot of things about CPA Marketing techniques. After a particular time when you will be highly skilled and experienced then you apply then techniques so that you can make 5 figure and even 6 figure income from CPA networks.

What is CPA Marketing?

Cost Per Action (CPA) Marketing is an affiliate model where a commission is paid when a user takes a specific action. The term CPA stands for Cost Per Action. It’s also called Pay Per Lead, in short PPL. CPA marketing is quite easier than selling products. The main idea behind CPA affiliate marketing is getting people to take particular action from your traffic.

CPA Marketing Ultimate Guide for Beginners

If you have might involve in the world of affiliate marketing then it is likely you’ve heard of CPA but you are not how it works

These actions include when you make people take some action filling out a form, getting a quote, signing up for a trial, or making a purchase, submit an email, or register an account etc.

Types of CPA Offers

Here are a few examples when a CPA offer can pay you:

  • A product purchase
  • Email submit (lead)
  • Zip code submit
  • App install
  • Free account registration
  • Trial registration
  • Downloads
  • PIN submits
  • Short forms
    Long forms
  • Free trials
  • Sales

People are more likely to get free products rather than spending their earned money. Thus driving your traffic to a particular task can lead you to money. Generally, you can make $0.50 – $50 per CPA offer. However, there also some high-end CPA offers that pay $1000 or even more for a particular action by your traffic.

How CPA Marketing Works?

CPA marketing is a good way to earn good revenue, it’s easier than affiliate marketing, the main idea behind CPA affiliate marketing gets a particular action from your traffic.

CPA offer creators submit their particular job or product to CPA networks and those CPA networks promote those offers via CPA marketers or Publisher (affiliates Marketers, blogger, Freelancer etc.)

How CPA Marketing for beginners

For example you take a CPA offer about XYZ and you need to bring people to only leave their email and you will earn $3 from that, this is a good way to promote free offers or trials, so driving your traffic to a particular task can lead you to money normally you can make from $0.50 to $30 per CPA offer.

Likewise, some CPA offer pays higher as much as $1k or even more for a particular action by your traffic. CPA is a must have in affiliate marketing and it can bring a big revenue.

Your work is very simple; firstly you have to apply to a CPA network and after getting approved, browse the existing offers and select the offer that suits your interest. After determining the offer just promote it as much as you can to the targeted online visitors.

As people come to your site then click through to the offer that you’re promoting, you’ll earn money as they complete whatever the action is that the offer owner has specified, whether that is subscribing to an email list, purchasing a product, test a product (trial) or filling out a lead form.

CPA Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing Comparison.

They both work well, But the success of each individual marketing depends on your working Strategy. If the appropriate strategy is rightfully implemented, then you will succeed, there are some people who are making $5,000+ per day via CPA marketing. On the other hand, some people are doing great will affiliate sales and making up to $15,000 per day. You just have to do whatever you are good and enjoy doing most.

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CPA marketing is different from Affiliate marketing. However, there are some similarities. Above two terms are different because selling a product and making someone to take an action (such making downloads, completing surveys, providing Email or Pin etc.) while Affiliate marketing is the online business model in which you can earn commissions by promoting other people’s products.

CPA Marketing Ultimate Guide for Beginners

For newbies, it’s highly recommended to start with CPA marketing because it’s much easier than Affiliate marketing, getting sales in CPA marketing is not mandatory to make a profit. On the other hand, with Affiliate marketing, you can earn $30 to $100 per sales

CPA tasks may offer you to distribute free offers, trial products, apps to your audience etc. You can make a profit for their particular action like asking them to download a free eBook, join an email list or make a phone call. Another option is to share your free eBook or join your email list.

One great advantage of CPA marketing over affiliate marketing is that people can grab offers or Product for free and without the intention to buy anything but they may want free information.

Likewise, the publisher should put into consideration the problem with CPA offers is that once you stop advertising, your income stops too. It’s all fun and games till you run out of money for ads or something along those lines.

Recommendation: you master and implement your traffic wisely so you can look into both CPA Marketing and affiliate programs that can earn you residual income and an income from upsell

Final Taught: making money with CPA became very easy comparing to Affiliate marketing.

What Is CPA Networks vs Affiliate Networks?

A CPA network is a company or network that focuses mainly on Cost-Per-Action or Cost-Per-Acquisition advertising that allows advertisers and web publishers (internet marketers) to find each other and connect. In other words, it’s a type of Affiliate Marketing, but often focuses on leads over sales, but not exclusively. It’s a little complex, but it’s a great way to generate a lot of leads or sales really fast.

A CPA network is very similar to an affiliate network, but there are a few differences between these two networks. One of the most significant differences between a CPA network and an affiliate network is that approval to most CPA networks are harder unlike Affiliate Networks

Unlike most affiliate networks where publishers are accepted automatically without having more knowledge about CPA promotion, but acceptance to CPA networks requires several years’ experience in marketing and your past CPA network working experience.

CPA Network requires you to provide detailed information on how you going to promote the offers, which medium or tools you going to use for the promotion and most importantly you must have a website before your application can Be Approved, they can reject your application if are you’re beginner, or your application is incomplete. So you have to be sincere with all the information you are providing because some CPA networks conduct interviews to verify all your claims.

The second significant difference between a CPA network and an affiliate network is that Most CPA networks have traffic restrictions Rules either to a particular country or specific traffic sources which publishers are to follow strictly. Breaking these restriction rules constantly you may get your account banned with your all earned money.

CPA Leads Network marketing

Beginners are to start with CPA Networks that are a little bit lenient in acceptance of their publishers such as CPALeads and other out there.

The Top CPA Network

Although there are thousands of CPA networks and Affiliate networks in the world providing some CPA offers, CPA networks specialize in cost-per-action campaigns. Publishers are to totally avoid CPA affiliate networks with bad reviews, then embrace Reputable CPA affiliate networks that provide knowledgeable affiliate managers, numerous offers, and competitive payouts are the ones to try.

The list of best and highly reputable CPA networks to start your CPA marketing and earn handsome amount of money include:

High Paying CPA marketing

I have already written about Highest Paying CPA networks with Guides to get started with CPA marketing I hope you will check it out it get of great help.

What are the Benefits of CPA Marketing

1. CPA marketing is very effective, low-risk investment to help expand your marketing efforts beyond a small business’ traditional bandwidth, the most obvious advantage of the CPA model is that you don’t have to sell a product to earn a commission. Your only goal here is to encourage someone to take action and complete it.

For instance, you want a visitor to be redirected to a particular free-sample diet kit landing page.

2. The amount you will earn from CPA marketing is absolutely high If you are properly market your CPA offers different CPA offers in various niches, who are more than willing to pay you with lucrative commissions.

For instance, many of these programs pay their particular affiliates between $1 and $50, a country mile off from exactly what CPC and CPM affiliate programs are having to pay their particular affiliates.

3. CPA marketing is much better than usual ads like AdSense that places ads banners that don’t belong to them at all it is a reasonably simpler task to ask someone to offer their particular.

4. CPA marketing does really require much investment you can use free method to promote your CPA offers and get a lot of sale or conversion.

CPA Network Terminology

Here are the top CPA and concepts that are much relevant to CPA marketing, we have broken down into how it works and who’s involved because you are going to come across the terms during CPA promotion.

1. Business or Advertisers are the company or band who partners with CPA networks to get the conversion for their offers by driving quality traffic to the business’ website. In turns increase sales, generate leads.

2. Trial: When a user signs up for a free trial of a product or service.

3. Affiliate or Publisher: The influencer (blogger, brand, business) like you and me that promotes a business or offers of CPA network in order to drive traffic to the e-commerce site and make money.

4. Affiliate Manager or AM: is your go-to person in the network, they are the person who manages an affiliate program for a merchant. They are responsible for recruiting, engaging with affiliates, and generating revenue for the merchant.

5. CPA Network: The marketplace that that focuses mainly on Cost-Per-Action or Cost-Per-Acquisition advertising, that brings together the publishers who want to make money by promoting products and the businesses that want their products promoted.

6. ROI: Return On investment refers to the measure of a company’s profitability. It’s the amount of money made with a campaign. It is the revenue divided by the ad spend, multiplied by 100. In e-commerce, the term retains its financial sense, but more often than not, its definition is simplified to the evaluation of the money earned (or lost) against the amount of money invested.

CPA Marketing

7. Offer Type: CPA networks included offers of various types such as Pin submit, Email submit, Downloads, Survey, Installs, Mobile, and Purchase etc.

8. Offer: Offers are created by affiliate managers and they usually contain all relevant information about the payout model and marketing prices. The alternative name for an offer is a campaign.

9. Incent: Short for “incentivized”. Incent means that you can “bribe” users with a free product or download, in order to get artificial actions/leads from people.

10. US/FR/CA: CPA networks offers are categorized based on country code and Offer only valid in that specific country.

11. Cost per action (CPA): this is how much it costs you to get that conversion. It’s relevant when you pay for advertising such as Google AdWords to drive traffic to your pre-selling page, as you’ll want your CPA to be as low as possible to ensure your profits remain high.

12. Sale or Rev Share: You get a cut of every sale (one-time or recurring)

13. Earnings per click (EPC): The average amount and publishers earns every time a user clicks every link. Although the abbreviation stands for earnings per click, this is often misleading. In reality, EPC numbers more frequently reflect EPHC, or earnings per 100 clicks sent by affiliates to the merchant’s website. The formula for calculating EPC is EPC = Profit ÷ Clicks × 100.

For example: If a CPA offer of $1.70 got 500 clicks from 20 different publishers and among them 90 clicks converted into leads. So, its EPC will be ($1.70*90)/500 = $0.306.

14. Lead: The most common “action” in the CPA marketing world. Usually, someone submitting their name, email, phone, address etc.

15. Commission: The payment an affiliate receives either a flat rate or percentage once a successful conversion is tracked.

Top E-Commerce Acronyms Terminology

As abovementioned I have compiled popular Advertising campaign’s acronyms that seen to be hard in e-commerce. The most popular acronyms include

  • AOV- Average Order value
  • ATC – Add to Cart
  • ATV- Average Transaction Value
  • ATP- Average Time to Purchase
  • CA-Custom Audience
  • CBO-Campaign Budget Optimization
  • CLV- Customer Lifetime Value
  • CPA-Cost Per Acquisition
  • CPM- Cost Per Mil (1000 Impressions)
  • CPC- Cost per Click
  • CRR- Customer Retention Rate
  • CSB- Courier Shipping Bill
  • CTC- Cost to Company
  • CTR- Click Through Rate
  • DABA- Dynamic Ad?
  • DPA – Dynamic Product Ad
  • KPI- Key Performance Indicator
  • LAA-Look Alike Audience
  • LAL-Look Alike Audience
  • LLA – Look Alike Audience
  • LTV- Lifetime Value
  • MAU-Monthly Active Users
  • PPC- Pay Per Click
  • PPE-Page Post Engagement
  • PUR-Purchase
  • ROAS- Return on Ad Spend
  • ROI- Return on Investment
  • RVR- Repeat Visitor Ratio
  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM- Search Engine Marketing
  • SMO- Social Media Optimization
  • SKU- Stock Keeping Unit
  • USP- Unique Selling Proposition
  • WC-Website Conversion
  • WCA- Website Custom Audiences
  • VA-Virtual Assistant
  • VC- View Content
  • VTP- Visits to Purchase

How do I get started in CPA marketing

In just simple steps Wikihow to get started

Build up an affiliate marketing “portfolio.”

Launch some marketing campaigns and keep records on your most successful efforts. …

Pick out your niches. …

Submit an application to the appropriate CPA marketing website. …

Incorporate the CPA marketing into your website.

Other websites to keep you up-to-date and learn more about CPA Marketing are:

How do I verify a tax identification number?

Before you can successfully operate any small business in the United States and the Non-United States, it’s mandatory for every publisher or Affiliate account to get their tax identification Number approved before such publisher can be payouts.

The approval for tax info is more easily for US legal Residents unlike publishers residing outside the USA.

Cpa Network tax verification

So are facing the challenge of getting your publisher approved like USA AdSense account, Amazon affiliate account, ShareASale Account, Commission junctions Account Stripe and other CPA Networks.

Then contact us today we will surely help you out with little Fees.

Send your request at [email protected].

Best Payment Gateway to withdraw CPA Earnings

Don’t Wait 30 Days to get payment most CPA networks earnings most pays Daily & Weekly for top converting CPA offers. Although their thousands of payment options are available to withdraw your CPA earnings we have compiled the best and most reliable payment options below:

PayPal: It’s a super well-known payment method basically an e-wallet that allows you to receive payments and transfer money between individuals and businesses. There, you can also make any online by promoting CPA offers, purchases products and withdraw cash.

PayPal for cpa withdrawal

One of the significant challenges people most publishers face with PayPal is it’s based in the U.S. and available worldwide but restricted in some countries.

Payoneer: Most of the affiliate or CPA Networks program pay via direct deposit, Payoneer provide global payments service is available in more than 210 countries. Help you get paid faster, likewise help you save on fees.

You can receive the money you earn online directly onto your bank account as local transfer and save on fees; you can also opt to withdraw money via local ATM.

Start now, Get $25 Welcome Bonus when you accumulate $1000 in incoming revenue.

Sign up to use Payoneer Global Payment Service for most of your CPA Networks.

Payoneer for cpa withdrawal

These above two payments are not the only payments gateways for withdrawing CPA earnings I have explained the top payments gateway

Best ways to promote CPA offers

  • Paid methods
  • Free methods

Some of Free Methods include:

  • SEO
  • Forum Posting
  • Classifieds
  • Chat Rooms
  • Facebook Pages
  • Video marketing (YouTube)
  • Instagram
  • And so on.

Although Free Method of CPA Marketing is a little bit tough if you properly Share your offer on relevant groups and communities in various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn etc. There’s a high tendency for high conversion rates.

Social Media for cpa Marketing

SEO: Websites that are SEO friendly will provide constant results in the long run, but it needs a lot of time and hard work. Having a website with SEO are the best free options I have seen. If you are doing SEO, that comes with some skill if you are able to find niche-targeted keywords.

Try finding these by testing different long-tail keyword strings. It takes creativity to figure out what people are thinking.

Social Media CPA Marketing: If the offers that you intend to promote are allowed social media traffic, therefore you can use YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook Fans page and Groups. All of these social networking sites are so popular and you can get a lot of traffic by using any of them.

Facebook Group Posting is one of the best free ways to promote your CPA offers in niche related Facebook groups. You have to be cautious with this and be creative. Do not post links often, but mostly ask persons to inbox you? You create more posture that way.

Don’t promote offers in a way which indicates that you may be getting paid to do so. Creativity.

YouTube Video CPA marketing: You can use YouTube by creating high converting Video that is related to the CPA offer you promote (maybe a review of the offer you promote) then insert your affiliate link in the video description or add it as a clickable link on the video (annotation).

Then start the promotion on popular sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

SEO Friendly Article marketing: Original SEO article writing is the key to engage the audience, to boost your website or Product Awareness. Write articles of high-quality contents that are somehow relevant to your chosen CPA offer, either publish the article on your blog that matches with any offers of CPA networks or promotes via other blogs, Web 2.0 sites and article directories. To get your first leads or sales.

I write SEO friendly Articles Original, Unique and captivating Blogs Articles to Reviews Products website Check Out My Fiverr Gig Offer

Paid Methods for CPA marketing

  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Adwords Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Fiverr Gigs

Paid methods of CPA promotion are quick and you see results very quickly,

Facebook Ads: Promoting CPA offers with Facebook Campaigns should done with care so that you will end up wasting your time and money, you have to set up your lead magnet, CPA campaign correct whether using an actual “lead generation” campaign or setting up a landing page and using a “conversion” campaign where you optimize for leads.

You should create fan pages/ communities in your CPA niche with interesting content and investing in building a niche following is the best way to do it. You can now direct all this following traffic to a blog, landing pages and promote your offers through advertorials there.

A lot of people are using Facebook to promote CPA offers and they show awesome results and bring good revenue.

Email Marketing: it’s a great channel to utilize and promote CPA offers and affiliate links. Email marketing offers many advantages because you can build an Email list to get high-quality leads.

Here how it works in a few easy steps:

  • Get a domain name and hosting…
  • Buy autoresponder (Aweber or Getresponse is good)
  • Create a squeeze page (email catching page)
  • After someone opts-in on your squeeze page redirect them to a pay per lead offer
  • Make follow-up series (basically a sequence of emails that is sent to each lead systematically)
  • Pull traffic to your squeeze page
  • Profit

Fiverr Gigs CPA Marketing: According to The Suvo of digital Point of view and tested Fiverr Gigs tend to convert more than other free methods of CPA Marketing.

All you have to do is visit and search for “Sign Up”. You will find some good amount of gigs offering sign-ups. Chose and order a Gig which has some good feedback. If you order a gig that was offering 50 sign-ups for $5.

Just imagine you would have $75 by spending just $5. Net profit of ($75 – $5) = $70.

Ads Bing: its Marketing Strategy that debuts Target CPA, Maximize Conversions smart bidding strategies with Bing Ads cost less per click.

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Paid social, display and retargeting for Search Engine Land, Marketing. Beginner or new Bing users can run a campaign with newcomer promo ads codes and earn a lot of money without investment.

AdWords: This method is mostly not recommended for beginners because it requires a lot of money and hard work, in order to use AdWords for CPA marketing you need to make your landing page or website unique, not just pages with text and offer and with lots of high-quality content.

CPA Marketing Ultimate Guide for Beginners

You can focus on 10+ keywords with high monthly searches and link the google ad back to your WordPress blog. Of course in the WordPress blog, you will have a pre-sell review of the product (free trial CPA offers per example).

Potential Joint Ventures: One of the untapped for marketing CPA offers or other affiliate programs is finding Potential Joint Ventures on every platform like Facebook that has many popular fan pages and groups that could be monetized, Blogs with a lot of organic monthly searchers, YouTube channels with a lot of active subscribers, Twitter, Instagram so on.

Because mostly the owners simply don’t know how to make money from the blog or pages (some of them have never thought about it!). After you have set up your higher payout offer, now you just have to contact the fan pages blogs YouTube channel owners.

You have to approach them without an “excessive excitement”, just says that you work with internet marketing and have a good opportunity for them. (Note: they are not business people or internet marketers)

Explain how everything works, what they will be promoting and how much easy money they can making. Then, if they demonstrate interest tell them how you will pay them (PayPal, check, etc… choose the one that’s better for you and your partner).

You should send requests to a different page and keep you waiting till getting responses from the different page and start the deals.

hope you don’t miss our How to Make Online Posts

In addition to finding Potential Joint Partners find a blog with a lot Monthly Organic searcher and buy banner ads and spread you CPA offers without having your own site.

Other Profitable Business Models in 2019

Aside of CPA and Affiliate marketing business models, there alot of business models working perfectly to make 6figure in 2019 but among them is dropshipping, blogging, Freelancing and App Development etc.

DropShipping business Models

DropShipping business models is such a promising business ideas you need to learn about in 2019, You have chance of making huge profits right from home. Do you need to learn more dropshipping then Read all dropshipping articles below:

Blogging & Android Development business Models

Another trending make money online business to embarked in 2019 are both blogging and apps development, you will get paid by serving ads on your website or Android Apps. Learn how to convert your website or application into earnings platforms below:

Wrapping Up Comprehensive CPA Marketing Tutorial

One of the main reason why most people remain poor is the fact they depend solely on their normal income, why you don’t try out CPA marketing today to be your side hassle, I hope am able to cover the most area you need to start making residual income right from home without much work.

Thus share our post on social platforms and kindly drop your comment or suggestion in the comments section below we reply to every comment.

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