17 thoughts on “How to Open Account on Paypal that Receive Money in Nigeria Without Using VPN Service.”

  1. hello there,
    Thanks for this priceless information, my questions is, is there a compulsory limitation to any account opened this way? because you said one may need further professional documents to lift any limitations on the PayPal account.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Note that you can open multiple accounts, provided you can provide the required documents to verify the account.

    1. Yes!!! any bank debit, or Credit card is accepted expect VerveCard and other bank cards which does not support international transactions thanks for dropping your comment

  3. Thanks for this men…. Am trying this out right now.. Have been looking for this system for almost one year now……
    Pls can the PayPal be used for eBay dropshipping and can I also used it for payment gateway such as shopify and clickfunnel

  4. Followed your tips and I was able to create the account, sent some money into it from fiverr, linked my (Access Bank Visa Card) debit card and now I’m having problems withdrawing the funds into my card. It keeps saying “something isn’t right” when I try to withdraw

  5. Olaitan Oyeleye

    Please I received this message 👇What’s the limit?
    You’re about to reach your account balance limit. Please provide more information to confirm your identity by providing the required documents.

  6. Nice post admin… I’m waiting for this day I will get this article for free, the other time I asked for how to create PayPal that send and receive in Nigeria… I was asked to pay

  7. Please since the article uses a business account as an example. Does it mean we cannot create a personal account using this same format.
    Cause I want to create a personal account because it won’t need all these documents required by business account.

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