10 Similar Apps Like Dent To Get Free Mobile Internet Data

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Are there similar apps like Dent that give free data? Luckily, we were able to find 10 of them. Dent is one of the major apps that offer free mobile internet data to its users.

While Dent offers a huge amount of data to its users, some heavy data users might find themselves running out data and in need of more Dents.

The more dents you have, the more data you can get for free.

Fortunately, you wouldn’t have to spend hours playing games, watching videos or completing surveys just to get free dents but if have much time to complete those little task on dent app then you can download the app below.

Download Dent App

Although there are many dent app alternatives you can try out and still get enough data to surf the web.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the apps that give free data in 2019.

These free data apps for android will let you surf your favorite websites at no cost.


Here are the 10 Similar Apps Like Dent To Get Free Mobile Internet Data

1. Gigato Dent Alternative Apps

Gigato is one of the most popular dent app alternatives. If you’re looking for similar apps like dent that can allow you to browse without qualms, then the Gigato app is what you need.

As in the photo above, Gigato lets you find promotions from your favorite apps. These are apps already on your phone or other apps that you’re yet to download that are offering free data to their users.

By the side of the apps, you will see how much data you can earn. All you need to do is install these apps on your mobile device to enjoy uninterrupted internet access. It is that easy.

2. Hike Messenger

Hike Messenger is one of the free data apps for android that gives you uninterrupted internet access. The free data is only usable by users of the app so you will have to sign up to its platform to get your share.

To get free internet access, you will have to install Hike messenger on your mobile device. Once you sign up, you will be given 20MB of data as a bonus reward. But there’s more.

Hike messenger offers users free data when they refer their friends to the app. You can get your friends to install and use the app by sending them to your referral link. If they do so with your referral link, you will receive a certain amount of data that you can redeem on your mobile number. You can use that data to surf the web whenever you like.

3. Databack Dent App Alternative

Databack is one of the few free data apps that allow you to browse on a 4G broadband. The app follows the same system as seen in Hike Messenger.

To get free data on Databack, you will have to install the app to your mobile device and sign up. When signing up you will have to input your personal details and verify your phone number.

Once you have signed up successfully, you can start inviting your friends. When a friend signs up to the databack app through your referral number, you will earn free data that you can use to do anything you like.

4, Kickbit Similar to Dent App

There are few similar apps like dent that allow you to enjoy free internet access doing without anything. Among those apps is Kickbit.

Kickbit allows you to enjoy free 3G data on your android device. To get access to this data you will have to download the app from Google Playstore. Then sign up to the service and verify your phone number.

After successfully signing up, you will receive 10-50MB data as a sign-up bonus. You can use this data to browse as many sites as you want. To get more data, you will have to refer to your family and friends. ‘

You can send your referral code via text or post it on social media platforms. When your friends sign up on Kickbit and earn 100MB data, you will earn 10MB data. That way you can get as much free data as you want without doing anything.

5. Earn Talktime

Several similar apps like Dent offer you data when you visit sites or perform surveys. Only a few dent alternatives pay you money when you download apps.

One of those apps that pay your money which can be used to pay for prepaid recharges is Earn Talktime. On this app, you can download various other apps and earn funds which you can use to buy data to browse the internet.

Another way to earn on this app is to refer your friends. The more friends, you refer the more you earn and the more data you can buy.

6. Paytunes Dent Similar Apps

Paytunes uses a very different method that you won’t see in other similar apps like dent. This app replaces your ringtone with adverts and you get paid for each call that you get. You can use these payouts to buy data and browse.

On Paytunes, there is no limit as to how much you can make. The more calls you answer, the more money you make and the more data you can buy.

7. Freebascis Dent App Alternative

Freebasics is Facebook’s offering to provide internet access to everyone all over the world. Through the Free Basics Android app, you can browse popular websites for free.

Free Basics is by far the best dent alternative and one of the best apps that give free data in Nigeria.

8. Taskbucks Dent Similar Apps

With TaskBuck, users can get both internet data and free talktime. Just like other similar apps like dent, this app offers users free data when they sign up.

You get additional data when you refer your family and friends to the platform.

9. Jumia One Recharging App

This apps works just as it sounds. By recharging your phone online, you get special deals and cashbacks.

The deals vary and you could hit a free internet access deal if you’re lucky.

10. Mcent

Through Mcent, you can get free data that you can use to browse the internet. The service offers users free data after they have used the apps listed on the platform.

You can also get free data from the site by completing surveys.

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