Shared Hosting Vs Managed WordPress Hosting- Which Choice is Better?

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Shared Hosting Vs Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is a web hosting that has been optimized for the requirements of the WordPress site.

Shared Hosting Vs Managed WordPress Hosting

It is vital to understand that this is not a sort of plan in a similar way that shared hosting is. WordPress web hosting can be dedicated and shared completely.

What matters is that WordPress web hosting better meets the efficiency, performance, and security needs of websites built using the platform.

You will also get access to platform-specific functions such as WordPress auto-updates, installed sites, and dedicated support.

The data of your plan will depend on the hosting provider. In addition, several hosts also offer both managed/unmanaged WordPress hosting plans.

Unmanaged plans leave website optimization and server management up to you and a managed hosting or cloud hosting plan is a little more expensive but gives you benefits and ensure your website is up and running.

10 Managed WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting is very famous with smaller blogs and sites, as it is an extremely affordable option.

Managed WordPress hosting or Cloud hosting on the other side, suits those who wish for an extremely optimized, secure site, and have a bit more room in their budgets.

Shared hosting is very affordable compared to Managed WordPress hosting services. Most startups tend to go for shared hosting at the beginning stage of their businesses and later switch to managed WordPress hosting for better performance and smooth running of their businesses.

Finally, managed WordPress hosting can be a fine middle ground, as it is a well-optimized platform.

Top 10 Cloud Hosting Providers For WordPress

Here we shall be looking at the top 10 cloud hosting providers for WordPress. This includes the following:

Google Console Platforms

Google clouds platform hosting

This Platform provides managed WordPress hosting, it’s one of the many services offered by Google Cloud. It comes as no surprise that a few of the top brands are using their cloud platform.

Google-managed WordPress hosting provides you complete liberty to make alterations to any of your root files.

If you are new to Google Cloud and are seeking a simple option for deploying your WordPress site, select Click to Deploy.

If you need to harness the complete power of the cloud for your WordPress site and do not mind the learning curve, pick the Bitnami option.


Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting

When it comes to hosting services, Bluehost has also come to compete with several top leading servers.

Powering over two million sites globally, the website has provided consumers with the option to set up their sites via their plans for each type of hosting service.


HostGator Managed WordPress Hosting

HostGator is a popular shared hosting solution among small businesses and bloggers. One of the services of Hostgator for extreme traffic websites is Hostgator Cloud.

Clouds hosting services provide that load with your site two times quicker than your usual shared host. If you desire huge traffic, then Hostgator would be a viable option to utilize.


Namecheap Easywp

While Namecheap no longer has Sub one USD/ monthly prices, they are still an amazingly affordable host which offers cheap pay monthly hosting plan.

They allow you to pick the UK or US-based data centre. You acquire up to twenty GB of SSD disk space, and limitless bandwidth, and you can run up to 3 websites.

In motion hosting

In Motion hosting

When it comes to the list of finest cloud hosting firms for WordPress websites, surely in motion hosting will feature in the list. If you wish to switch managed WordPress hosting to upgrade your WordPress site, then you’d surely check out the website.

Hosting servers comes with a one-month money-back guarantee if you need to try it out first as well as a 100 per cent network uptime guarantee. So what more can you possibly look for?


Hostinger cloud hosting

One more site we suggested getting your website a cloud hosting is Hostinger. Here you’ll find rock-solid hosting servers tuned especially for WordPress.

With their sophisticated platforms, you’ve exciting features like GIT, WP-CLI and SHH integrated within your site. With Pre-installed caching plugins, the quickness and performance of your site will be just amazing!

A2 Hosting

A2 hosting Hosting

A2 hosting is quite the latest in the WordPress hosting field. They become more famous only lately. They claim twenty times faster than their competitors.

Somehow, they managed to achieve a quicker load time than Hostgator and SiteGround. They averaged 382ms in a term of one year.

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That’s basically instant page loading, creating impatient people happy because they would not have to wait for pages to load.


Dreamhost Managed WordPress Hosting

DreamHost is a remarkable website if you are looking into getting WordPress hosting services for your site.

Form a dedicated cloud to manage and share WordPress hosting, this website provides you with all the benefits cloud hosting can offer.

The managed or cloud WordPress hosting that DreamHost gives is completely rooted and comes with SSH access. Not Just this, but it also features limitless bandwidth.

Their system is supported by Perl/PHP/Python or Ruby Support! And the great part is the simple and quick installation procedure once you pick the plan for your WordPress website.

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