Best Ways to Pay Tuitions Fee in African Countries Easily For International Students

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Have you been searching for the best ways to pay tuition fees abroad from Africa? 

Then you’re in the right place.

Paying school fees abroad is most difficult since the African currency is quite different from the currencies they use abroad.

If you intend to study abroad or probably you have someone from any of the African countries that wish to study abroad, I know that you might have asked yourself – 

How Can I Pay The Tuition Fee Online?


Moreover, in this digital age, everything is possible. So you can comfortably pay your tuition fee abroad without travelling outside your own country or first exchanging your money to the tuition fees equivalent.

Paying tuition fees from any of the African countries is like sending money abroad, 

And to achieve this, certain methods are involved while paying tuition fees or sending money abroad.

If you’re from any of the African countries and you gain admission to study abroad wishing to acquire greater knowledge, you may be stumped when trying to make payment for your tuition fee.

Meanwhile, each African country has its separate means of sending money abroad.

So in this guide, I’ll be teaching on the best ways to pay tuition fees abroad from Nigeria.

Although if you’re not from Nigeria, you can still follow the steps and use your country’s central bank instructions.

What Are the Tuition Fees Prices In Most International Universities?

Regardless of your country, you should always consider tuition fees for any international School you wish to study.

Also, tuition fees vary from one institution to the other as this depends on how popular and the quality of their standard.

Below are some schools and their tuition fees:

#1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) being one of the top universities in the U.S accepts both domestic and international students in their graduate and undergraduate programs.

Although this school has given numerous awards to its students, they tend to reduce their tuition fees so that an average individual can afford to pay it.

Their undergraduates including domestic and international students in all programs pay a tuition fee of about US$55,450.

Also, their postgraduate students (including domestic and international students) pay a tuition fee of about US$53,450.

#2. Harvard University, US

 Harvard University, US

Harvard being one of the prestigious universities in the U.S offers admission to thousands of students including international and domestic students.

Harvard University offers financial aid to their students, although most international students are restricted from this offer.

Their tuition fee for undergraduate programs including domestic and international students is US$49,653.

While postgraduates pay the sum of US$48,008 (for years one and two) and US$12,484 (for years three and four).

#3. University of Oxford, UK

University of Oxford, UK

The University of Oxford is a famous global university that charges different tuition fees based on the student’s country, course of study, the program the student is applying for, etc.

Moreover, Oxford University charges higher tuition fees when it comes to international students.

For instance, their undergraduate (UK & EU students) pay the sum of £9,250 while international students pay UK£36,065 for the same course.

Also, their postgraduates (UK & EU students) pay the sum of £7,970 while international students pay £26,405.

Can University Tuition Fees Be Paid In Installments or Monthly?

Several international universities out there allow their students to pay their tuition fees in instalments or monthly as the case may be.

Also, several factors determine the cost of your tuition fee as we discussed in the section above.

You can use below payment methods below to pay your tuition fees in instalments or monthly.

How To Pay Your Tuition Fee In Installments, Monthly, or in Full

#1. Deposits

If you’re paying your tuition fee via deposits, the international school you applied to demands that you pay some decent amount at the first stage to secure your admission.

You can make these deposits in person or even online; especially for international students from African countries.

After making some deposits, do well to contact the university to send proof of payment so that it will be confirmed.

#2. Installments

As an international student who doesn’t have complete money to pay for the school’s tuition fee,

 Almost every international school accepts instalment payments, especially when it comes to paying the tuition fee.

Depending on your school, you can pay instalments like four times; which will be 25% for each agreed period you are to pay the fee.

What Happens if I Don’t Pay My Tuition On Time?

What Happens if I Don’t Pay My Tuition On Time?

When you don’t pay your tuition fee on time or don’t pay it, there are certain problems that you’re going to face which will surely hinder you from graduating with your certificate from that school.

Allowing your tuition fee to accumulate to the point that in your final year, you are still owing a huge amount of money for tuition fees.

If you didn’t pay your tuition fee, there is no way the school will certify you because you have serious debts that you must pay.

So in the long run plan on how to pay your tuition fee even while studying to make sure that nothing will hold your certificate back.

Can I Graduate Without Paying a Tuition Fee

Yes! When you don’t pay your tuition fee, the school will allow you to study till your final year even to the point of graduating.

But they will hold back your certificate until you pay every debt you’re owing in your tuition fee.

How Do I Pay International Tuition Fees From African countries?

There are diverse ways to pay international tuition fees from African countries which we will be discussing here.

In this digital age, you don’t necessarily need to travel out of your country before you can pay up your tuition fees. 

There are many ways to send money out of your country regardless of the currency you are paying with.

Below are assorted ways to pay your tuition fees:

#1. Paying via Flywire

pay your tuition fees through Flywire

Most of the international universities partner with Flywire to accept payments from international students who may find it difficult to use other payment methods to claim their admission.

Flywire has gained the heart of millions of people all over the world as they are trustworthy and deliver transactions within a few minutes.

By using Flywire, you can avoid the following:

  1. Making payment through credit or debit cards or virtual debit card 
  2. You will no longer be charged unnecessarily from banks. 
  3. Sensing funds to assorted countries will be possible for you without stress. 
  4. The platform is quite secured. So all payments are landing at the exact destination. 

#2. WorldRemit

WorldRemit | International Money Transfers - Send Money Online Today

WorldRemit is another popular platform that can be used to pay tuition fees, especially for international students.

With WordlRemit, you can send funds in over 100 countries including tuition fee payments, business transactions, etc.

Below are other things you can use WorldRemit to achieve:

  1. Payment for computers
  2. Books
  3. Tuition fees

Which Country Gives The Most Scholarships to International Students?

Below are the top countries that give scholarships to their international students regardless of their courses:

#1 Germany

Over time a lot of international students picked interest to further their higher education in Germany, The main reason being that they don’t have any tuition fee in the German public schools.

This tuition-free school in Germany is for domestic and international students. Also, Germany has several online universities that are tuition-free too.

#2 Norway

The majority of schools in Norway – including their state universities do not pay tuition fees.

Their tuition-free schools are not just for the undergraduates alone but also the master’s students, Ph.D. students, etc.

Which Country Gives The Most Scholarships to International Students

Moreover, there are other semester fees that students are mandated to pay which are not categorized as tuition fees.

#3 Iceland

From our research, a lot of universities in Iceland don’t collect tuition fees from their students (both domestic and international).

Although when you get admission into any of their tuition-free schools, you will need to pay a non-refundable fee which will cost the student some decent cash.

If you prefer private universities, then you have to pay a tuition fee which is compulsory for every student.

Best Ways To Source For Funds To  Study

Best Ways To Source For Funds To  Study

Below are the legit ways you can use to source the funds you need for your international study:

#1. Search For Merit-Based Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships are those scholarships that are awarded to candidates based on some criteria such as talents, academics, achievements, etc.

Most of these scholarships are offered by state governments and it’s quite competitive.

#2. Need-Based Scholarships (A.K.A grants)

This can be seen as gift aids that have been given to students who wish to further their higher education in some international schools.

Need-Based Scholarships (A.K.A grants)

Comparing this type of scholarship with merit-based, need-based are being awarded to students based on the need they want it for.

#3. Student Loans

Like every other loan, this is a long-term loan that allows students who wish to further their education but don’t have the money with them.

When you collect such a loan as a student, you may be required to pay it back in some time frame; which will normally extend to years.

Just have in mind that this is not a scholarship that you don’t have to pay back. Moreover, the loan officials may give you the grace to pay back when you graduate.


This guide explained the best ways to pay tuition fees abroad from Africa, top international universities that are tuition-free based, how to pay tuition fees for international universities from Africa, etc.

We also explained the best ways to source funds for your studies abroad.

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