Do You Need Office 365 Backup Solutions for Backups & Recovery?

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Office 365 which is one of the popular products from Microsoft is a cloud-based application that offers professional, business as well as personal services to its users.

The services that are contained inside Microsoft office 365 include Microsoft Office applications, OneDrive cloud storage, Microsoft excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.

Microsoft Office 365 being a complex software can contain lots of users’ data especially when it is used by organizations to handle some of their projects.

Because of the data that is being stored in this software, there is a need for users to backup their data to avoid loss when malware enters their devices.

Moreover, if you are not using office 365 to handle lots of projects which will in turn create lots of data, there may not be any need to perform a backup for your office 365 software.

We recommend that users should back up their Microsoft office 365 often to avoid any form of data loss to their project that is in progress.

It is important that you regularly backup your office 365 data because the retention periods for storage of deleted data are normally short and you may end up losing a piece of important information.

Another reason is that a hacker can delete data in Microsoft 365 software which may eventually affect your existing projects with Microsoft office 365.

Also, your accumulated data can be encrypted by some untrusted software on your computer.

 Moreover, Microsoft Office 365 can’t restore all the data that has been deleted from the software. 

In this guide, we will show you what office 365 backup is all about, why you need Microsoft 365 Backups solutions, and other info you should know.

What is Office 365 Backup Solution?

What is Office 365 Backup Solution?

The Office 365 Backup solution is simply a cloud-based method that helps to deploy or configure our projects with Microsoft Office 365. 

The Office 365 Backup solution is quite easy to manage as it has a central cloud management console which makes it possible for users’ data to be stored and also be restored as when due.

This amazing feature helps admins, organizations as well as individual users to configure both full and granular data restorations remotely from any location.

Does Office 365 provide Safe Backup and Recovery?

The short answer to this question is YES!

 By using Office 365, you are sure of safe backup and safe recovery; although you will need some software that will assist you in properly backing up your data in Office 365.. 

The security in Office 365 is very strong and does not demand extra protection since the platform is cloud-based. 

With Microsoft Office 365 backup solution, you can be able to retrieve your data from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

The safe backup and data recovery service offered by Office 365 is quite exceptional and users are able to restore data that was permanently deleted through backup.

If you accidentally delete an important file in your computer which is contained in Office 365, you can easily recover it through Office 365 safe backup and recovery.

 It has a recycle bin that can store deleted data for about 30 days before it can be deleted completely.

Why Do You Need Microsoft 365 Backups Solutions?

Why Do You Need Microsoft 365 Backups Solutions?

Microsoft 365 Backups solutions provide easy collaboration of users’ data in the cloud. 

Organizations that handle most of their projects with Microsoft Office 365 are sure of not losing any data as long as their data is backed up.

The Microsoft 365 Backups solutions have lots of advantages over our work with office 365 on a daily basis.

 Below are why you need Microsoft 365 Backups solutions:

#1. Recover from Data Corruption With Microsoft 365 Backups solutions

Users can easily recover their data when it gets corrupted from their computer end.

When you regularly backup your office 365 data, you won’t be bothered whenever any data that is stored in your Office 365 gets corrupted.

We have seen over and over again how one may accidentally install software that is infected by malware and it will corrupt or even delete your already existing files on your computer.

In an instance like this, if your office 365 data is often backed up, you can easily recover those files with just a few clicks.

#2. Revert to a Previous Point in Time

If you regularly backup your data in office 365, there are lots of benefits that you can obtain from it.

For instance, if a new version or layout is being released, and after so much hype about the wonders that you can do with the new version. 

You upgraded and later felt that the former version is more compatible with your existing projects. 

you can easily revert to the previous version at any time you wish without losing any form of data from your projects.

This is quite amazing as users can easily revert to any version that gives them a satisfactory user interface.

#3. Recover from Malicious Action With your Office 365

Recover from Malicious Action With your Office 365

Project files are backed up in their cloud-based database, you will never be scared of losing your Office 365 data that is on your computer

 since they are being stored in a well-secured database. So while others are looking for premium antivirus software to protect their files, 

you are already sure that you can easily recover any data that is contained in your Office 365 even when they are affected by malware.

By using Microsoft 365 Backups solutions, all your projects in office 365 can be recovered even when they are being deleted by malicious action.

#4. Recover from a Physical Failure

Here physical failure can be that your computer is being stolen, burnt, or any other form of damage that can deprive an organization, company, or individual access to their already existing project with Microsoft Office 365.

In conditions like this, if you regularly backup your Office 365 data, All you need to recover your data is to sign in to another computer and follow the necessary steps to recover all the data that you backed up in your office 365 account.

This instance can be elucidated with Facebook social media; even when you lost your smartphone,

 you will be able to recover all the data in your Facebook account once you got a new device and sign in with your account details.

#5. Accidental Deletion

Since mistakes are what we usually encounter in our everyday life, we have seen several occasions where users accidentally delete some important data in their Microsoft office 365.

For instance, if you accidentally delete a user, it will be deleted across the entire network. 

So imagine if you don’t have any backup for the user’s data, all the data that the user has been working on will just vanish like that.

In situations like this, if you don’t have a backup of your data, there is no other way you can be able to restore those files that you accidentally deleted.

This is why it is very important to always back up your data not just in Microsoft Office 365 alone but also to other software that contains most of your important project files.

Is Office 365 Backup Solutions Backup the same as OneDrive?

Is Office 365 Backup Solutions Backup the same as OneDrive?

We can say that both Office 365 and OneDrive are quite similar when it comes to backup. 

Both services allow users to manually back up their data in a straightforward process.

Moreover, from our findings, a lot of people recommend that you backup your important files as well as documents with OneDrive. 

This will allow you to easily access those backed-up files from any computer of your choice when you sign in with your account details.

With this, you can omit to store data in your hard drive and prevent any form of loss due to physical disaster.

Does Office 365 Require a Third-Party Backup?

The short answer to this question is YES!

Moreover, a platform like Veeam is a trusted platform that delivers Modern Data Protection for virtual, physical, cloud, SaaS, and Kubernetes workloads.

 These services are highly recommended by users who have participated in Microsoft Office 365 backup. 

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 is a thorough arrangement that permits you to back up and reestablish information of your Microsoft 365 associations,

 Including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams information,

 as well as information on on-premises Microsoft Exchange and on-premises Microsoft SharePoint associations.

Microsoft 365 offers strong types of assistance inside Office 365 programming however an extensive reinforcement of your Office 365 information isn’t one of them.

With Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365, you can have the option to wipe out the gamble of losing access and command over your Office 365 information, 

including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams.

By utilizing Veeam, your information will be secured and open 100% of the time.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 empowers clients to safely reinforce Office 365 to any area, for example, on-premises or in cloud object capacity which incorporates Amazon S3, Azure Blob, IBM Cloud, or S3 viable suppliers on-premises.


To avoid losing data while working with Microsoft Office 365, it is important that you backup your data to Office 365 cloud-based storage of which you can use our recommended services like Veeam to achieve this with ease.

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