New & Improved Tailwind for Instagram Features To Skyrocket Engagements & Leads

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Building a profitable Instagram following just got easy with these new and improved Tailwind for Instagram features.

If you’re already using Tailwind for Instagram or you’re considering joining its list of ever-growing subscribers, you would know that software already has a lot to offer.

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Once subscribed, you get to use awesome features like Smartchedule, Auto-Publishing, Hashtag Finder, and more.

Tailwind for Instagram new features

Well, the software has revamped its offering and you’re going to be getting a lot more to help skyrocket your Instagram exposure and even double the sales.

Everything You Should Know About Tailwind

Nowadays, you won’t have to spend hours posting pins and crafting new Instagram ideas to get a huge following. You’ve got lots of tools available both free and paid to take a lot of time off your hands and give you the results you need.

While all of these tools offer a lot of promise only a few live up to the hype. One of such is Tailwind. This marketing tool is perfect for blog owners with Instagram and Pinterest accounts looking to build their following, gain more exposure, and skyrocket their sales.

When you sign up with Tailwind, you will enjoy many Pinterest and Instagram features.

Here are some Instagram features to enjoy from Tailwind

  • 1-Click Hashtag Suggestions
  • Schedule Photos & Videos with Auto Post
  • Analytics for Every Post and Click
  • Summary Reports on Profile Performance

Pinterest Features

  • Create 10 Pins in 1 Click
  • Analytics for Every Pin & Board
  • Schedule Pins on Pinterest
  • Easily Reshare Pins to Drive Traffic
  • Reshare Seasonal Content
  • Endless Supply of Relevant Content from Tailwind Tribes
  • Meet New Influencers

Tailwind Pricing

Tailwind for Instagram Pricing

If you want to use Tailwind, then you’d have to sign up for a subscription plan. Before that, you can sign up for the free trial.

With that, you can use most of their basic features until you’re convinced that it is the right tool for you.

Tailwind monthly pricing is $15/month. If you signup for an annual plan it’s $120 for the year, which comes out to be $9.99/monthly.

This gives you unlimited sharing and unlimited use of most of the features the tool has to offer.

How New & Improved Tailwind for Instagram Features Works

Smart Bio

New & Improved Tailwind for Instagram Features

Your bio is a space right below your Instagram handle where you can talk about yourself, what you do, and how you can be contacted. For web marketers, blog owners, and anyone looking to land more sales, this is where you sell yourself.

Tailwind’s Smart Bio allows you to do a lot more than crafting a catchy bio. With this feature, you can create a whole page for links.

All Instagram users have the ability to use their link in bio but only users with more than 10,000 followers can use links in their Stories

 If you’re not yet there, you can get a tool like Tailwind for Instagram to get you there.

The feature allows you to add links to your bio and to specific Instagram posts. Best of all, you can add as many links of you want.

This means you can add a blog link, affiliate product link, and mailing list sign up link in one page. That quadruples your chances of getting free targeted visitors and building your blog following.

To see how well your links are performing, you can always check your dashboard.

Smart Assistant

Smart Assistant

Smart Assistant is another feature you can enjoy when you sign up for Tailwind. This feature has three perks that are needed by any Instagram marketer looking to grow their following and drive qualified leads.

Smart Schedule; While posting the right content is important for driving the right type of leads, so is posting at the right time. Normally, you would have to study your audience to know just when they are interested in your type of content so as to get the best responses.

With Tailwind, you won’t have to do all the hardwork yourself. Tailwind’s Smart Scheduler will pick the times when your audience is most active to boost the engagements of your post.

So you can sit back and relax while the tool sends your traffic and boosts your sales.

Hashtag Finder: These days, you find more businesses on social media associating themselves with several hashtags. This is because hashtags help to reach more people.

Better still, the right hashtag will help you find new customers that are looking for your product or service.

With this Hashtag finder tool from Tailwind, you can reach out to more people using the right Instagram hashtags in your posts

Time Saving Shortcuts: You also get to save all your best-performing Instagram hashtag lists, tag important users and destinations in one place.

Drag-and-Drop Scheduling

This Drag-and-Drop Scheduling tool is a fun and sure way to keep your Instagram posts in order. It features a 9-grid preview that lets you see just how your Instagram feed will look like before you post. The best thing here is that it is very easy to edit and schedule your post with this tool.

Instagram Planner

Instagram Planner new features

Your Instagram planner is where you find the drag-and-drop builder that allows you to preview your feed and determine how it would look before you post. There are also a bunch of other tools here that allow you to customize your posts ideas.

With these tools, you can choose and customize templates to suit your audience. You also get templates with caption examples that would help you craft the right captions for your photos.

New Dashboard

Your dashboard is where you see how well your posts and links on your Instagram page are performing. Here, you can check the following details.

Profile Performance: Your profile performance refers to how well your profile is performing. That means your follower growth and the likes and comments you are getting on your posts. From here, you can track, the best performing posts and release more content related to these posts.

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Post Inspector: You shouldn’t just track which posts are performing well, but also why they are performing well. You should check hashtags, captions, templates, and themes to know how they contribute to the performance of the said post.

With this post inspector tool, you can pinpoint not just the top-performing posts but why they are getting you your likes and comments. This way, you know how to reproduce these posts to reach more people and get more leads.

Summary Reports: Summary reports are very important since you won’t be able to digest all the metrics you find on your dashboard.

On your dashboard, you can set Tailwind to send you a summary report of your account. You can also choose how the breakdown will be. You can either receive daily, weekly or monthly reports of your Instagram metrics

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Other Features To Enjoy From Tailwind For Instagram.

While those are the new and improved features to enjoy from Tailwind, there is so much more the tool has to offer.

Post From Desktop

With Tailwind, you won’t always have to use your mobile phone to make a post. This is of great convenience since you can make major edits and you get a lot more options working with your computer.

While posting from your mobile phone means you can post anywhere you go, you can’t always carry edit with Photoshop or any other useful editing software on your mobile device.

With Tailwind, you can easily posts from your desktop after making edits and designing the graphics of your post to reflect the message and your brands.

Post From Any Website

Post Instagram posts From Any Website with Tailwind

With this classic feature, you can post right from any website including yours. To do this, you would have to install the Tailwind extension on your browser and activate it. Whenever you want to share an image on a webpage, click on the browser extension. It will appear on all the images on the webpage.

To share, you can then click on the icon on any image and then set it up as your Instagram post as you would when setting up an Instagram post with your mobile.

If you’ve ever shared Pin to Pinterest on any image you find on the web, then you should be able to easily post from any website you want to Instagram.

Identify Influencers and Build Partnerships

To succeed at Instagram marketing, you would have to associate yourself with people that have already succeeded. These people are influencers in your niche that could turn out to be partners. Tailwind helps you to identify the right ones and attract them to your business.

While a lot is being said about influencer marketing today, it is just as important as any other type of marketing. By building relationships with influencers, you can gain their followers and gain more exposure. In some cases, this would save you a lot in advertising costs. So what you would basically pay for, you get for free.

This way you will be able to save a lot of time searching for the right influencers to tag and follow.

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