Disney Ride 2022 – New Technology on Your Next Trip To Disney World

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Today, Disney uses fast technology to engage and interact with consumers consistently across its amusement parks, studio entertainment, entertainment media platforms, and physical stores. 

As a result, Disney World is a place of consistent change, particularly with regard to innovation and technologies.

The Imagineering department is continually attempting to think of ways of consolidating new innovations into the parks. 

That is the way, throughout the long term, we have gotten things like trackless ride vehicles, MagicBands, and interactive queues for attractions.

 Today, we are probably sharing the coolest new tech that Disney has added as of late and examining what it will mean for your excursion!

Alongside the quickly propelling advances, like artificial intelligence and virtual reality, Disney is taking significant steps in the realm of Artificial intelligence AI.

Disney Ride 2022

 Disney is utilizing the innovation of A.I to make the parks and the visitors’ experiences more compelling.

Disney is accomplishing the organization’s productivity goal through the MyMagic+ program.

 This program incorporates the Magicband wristbands and the My Disney Experience application

However, the average cost to make an app like this significantly depends on the technology application holding in its core.

Magicbank Wristbands

Magicbank Wristbands

The Magicband wristbands permit the visitor to interface up their ride quick passes and their park entrance tickets just as gather the connections to their personal photographs for their Photopass.

While the My Disney Experience application permits the visitor to have simple admittance to their food reservations and access their photographs from their Photopass. 

It can be considered the best mobile app development in the world of Disney so far.

AI has turned into a way that the Walt Disney Organization can make solid associations with their visitors. 

Just like running Walt Disney World park without a hitch.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Magic Kingdom tested a new type of innovation from Spring 23rd to April 23rd, 2021, where visitors could use their faces to help filter into the parks!

 This system was in the beginning phases and had a few bugs to work out, so investment in the preliminary attempt was totally optional.

Before the pandemic, the parks used a mix of park ticket/MagicBand and a biometric filter (finger check) to give park access. 

Appending that biometric to your ticket helps ensure that different visitors don’t attempt to use your ticket.

 At the point when the parks resumed, the finger filter was left for wellbeing and security reasons (it wouldn’t be extremely clean to have everybody contact a similar scanner the entire day). 

Yet, presently the facial acknowledgement could be the following huge thing!

How Does Facial Recognition Work?

How Does Facial Recognition Work?

You simply have to take a walk towards the entrance, scan your ticket, then look up at the screen with a camera. 

Once your faces are correctly scanned, the cast member will allow you to go- easy as that! 

It is too early to mention whether the innovation will be all the more generally utilized in the park entry process or introduced fully yet, so we will be standing by to hear more. 

Disney World Security Changes

Disney World Security Changes

Assuming you came to Disney World before the pandemic, then, at that point, you realize that security Cast Individuals used to look through all packs and buggies physically.

 Visitors without packs could basically stroll through metal finders. 

Indeed, when the parks returned, the cycle (fortunately!) started to change.

Last year, Disney got shiny new scanners and gradually introduced them across every one of the four parks and Disney Springs. 

These days, you stroll through the scanners, packs what not! Of course, if you have specific things in your backpack like metal water containers, umbrellas, or huge battery packs, you’ll need to eliminate them.

 Yet, in any case, the interaction is straightforward.

Assuming the scanner signals when you stroll through, you’ll be coordinated to a singular sack search.

 However, that shouldn’t take long by any means. 

People Counter in Gift Shops

People Counter in Gift Shops

Assuming you’ve been to Disney World since the resuming, then, at that point, you realize that Cast Members have been positioned at each gift shop entry and exit to count visitors and control the limit inside.

 While this is useful for the wellbeing and security of visitors, it would be advantageous to have a method for counting visitors naturally, and presently there is!

We have begun to see electronic counters introduced above doors and ways out of different Disney gift shops.

Magicband and MyMagic+

Magicband and MyMagic+

The MagicBand and MyMagic+ is a kind of wearable innovation that permits guests to alter their amusement park insight. 

This band could be worn on visitors’ wrists and adjusted and modified like a smartwatch with their amusement park and inn exercises. 

The MagicBand innovation turned out in 2013 yet just for Walt Disney World guests and Disney Voyage lines.

That is about the change. The new cycle of MagicBand, the MagicBand+, is, at last, showing up in Disneyland.

The MagicBand+ will permit guests to adjust their amusement park tickets and enter the recreation area, fill in as their lodging key, interface with a photo pass, charge food and product, and the sky’s the limit from there.

“MagicBand+ will have another usefulness to open wizardry all through your visit,” said D’Amaro, chairman of Disney Parks. 

“In an amusement park, it may wake up at key minutes in lights and haptics and signal acknowledgement to add a pristine aspect to Disney storytelling, and it allows visitors to find new innovations like possibly playing a bounty hunter in a universe far away… 

It’s a really wonderful method for connecting us with the enchantment.”

Alongside MagicBand+, Disney carries out a “Hello, Disney!” voice assistance that works with Alexa on Amazon Echo gadgets

The innovation will start carrying out visitor rooms across the three inns at the Disneyland Resort one year from now.



One of Disney World’s newest features is the MagicBand alternative, MagicMobile. 

This new element in the My Disney Experience application permits you to get your park tickets on your cell phone, putting them away in your phone’s Wallet. 

Thus, you will not need to get a Key to the World card or a MagicBand to enter the parks — all you’ll require is your cell. 

You basically pull up the pass-on screen, hold the phone close to the touchpoint, and there you go!

 The feature likewise permits you to gather your PhotoPass photographs straightforwardly in your record instead of tapping the scanner underneath the showcase screen toward the finish of the ride.

 You can use magic mobile for almost everything you’d use a magic band for. It is appropriate to say that MagicMobile is a kind of digital MagicBand.

Moreover, it is an advantage for guests who do not want to use MagicBand and anybody who simply does not like to wear things on their wrists like a magic band.

This new feature could open up the My Disney Experience application to a universe of potential outcomes. 

Of course, we would already be able to use it to check standby times, Portable Request food, reserve eating spot, thus considerably more what’s next?

The initiation of the Walt Disney Company was just black and white cartoons. 

Then they produced the first coloured-length animated movie named Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. 

Once Disney entered the world of technology, the Imagineers went running. 

This is only a glimpse of technology in Disneyland; there are many more ahead because soon, the Imagineers will be working on other incredible innovations that we have never heard of before.

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